News from American Greyhound recapping August and looking forward to September.

August by the Numbers
In July we had 5 adoptions and 4 new arrivals. Our new arrivals were all lurchers who entered TGIE on September 3rd.

That makes our year-to-date totals 44 adoptions and 38 brought in.
Lurcher Love

This is Casey. She's a lurcher and one of AG's newest hounds to enter The Greyhound Inmate Experience program (TGIE). As you can see in the photo, Casey has mastered the "greyhound lean" and knows the meaning of "lurcher love." American Greyhound takes pride in being there for lurchers when they retire from field trial or swim trial racing. They may not retire from a racetrack, but they are deserving of loving forever homes just the same. Have you adopted a lurcher? We want to share the "lurcher love" so prospective adopters can see how wonderful these hounds are! Please send us a photo or two and tell us what makes your lurcher(s) so wonderful to to have your lurcher featured on our social media outlets. Casey and her friends appreciate you spreading the word about what wonderful companions lurchers make!
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