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CCS Presentation Systems New England

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CCS will be at MHEC! Stop by our booth!


CCS will be attending the Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium (MHEC) on September 18th at the Sturbridge Host Hotel. Stop by our booth, (#54/57), check out some of the latest and greatest audio visual products and take home a mini LED flashlight!

Featured Booth Products:

  • SMART Podium
  • Da-Lite Snap Screen
  • Chief KD120B Arm
  • Epson G6770WU Projector
  • Mersive Software
  • Wolfvision Cynap 

If you'd like to speak with a CCS representative before the show, call 339-227-6181.


SMART Notebook Software Updates - 15 & 15.1
Check out the updates SMART Technologies has made to its collaborative Notebook Software - versions 15 and 15.1.

Information and photos taken from Teq's blog
Notebook 15:

Lesson Activity Builder (LAB)

LAB allows the teacher to add interactive activities like flash cards and sorting activities to review lesson content. Don't forget about the use of fun game components like the buzzer, timer, or dice directly within LAB to get students excited for a new type of lesson review.

Built-in Math Tools
SMART Notebook 15 is bound to make math instruction easier and increasingly fluid with built-in features to create irregular polygons and divide shapes into equal parts. You can also choose to have shapes labeled with side lengths and angle measurements to increase visualization of geometric concepts.

Concept Mapping

Whether planning for a writing assignment, or doing a compare and contrast activity, the ability to create concept maps within SMART Notebook is an excellent addition. Have students come up to the SMART Board and collaborate by adding in ideas that will automatically be linked to a desired concept.

Notebook 15.1
Information and photos taken from SMART

Shout It Out!
Gives voices to students and validates their ideas by sharing them with the class. Students are actively engaged by using mobile devices to add words and pictures to lessons. With optional attribution, teachers can understand their contributions.

Presents images and concepts in two categories for students to match those that are related. Students quickly demonstrate knowledge of a topic, and identify similarities.
Rank order
Students evaluate a set of topics and synthesize them into the correct sequence. Teachers can practice and reinforce concepts around an order of items.
Fill in the blank
Focus on understanding sentences, reading for purpose and uncovering clues from context. Students place words in blank spaces in sentences - a tremendous support for lessons on reading and comprehension.

Interested in receiving a basic training on the software?
Reach out to a specialist today: 339-227-6181 extension 202. 


1. Remember the eyes have it: 

A visual connection improves communication and collaboration. Video enabled conferencing is a simple way to establish a visual connection when you can't be face to face.

2. Plan to succeed:

Have a purpose for your meeting, define your objectives and provide an agenda to attendees in advance with clear expectations.

3. It's all about timing:

Be strategic in picking the best time, date and place for a productive meeting.


4. Less talk, more action:

Share information such as previous meeting minutes/updates in advance so that attendees show up ready to dive into essential agenda items.


5. Save the doughnuts, take a walk:

Get out of the conference room and hold meetings in non-traditional places. The change of physical space can energize creativity and enhance collaboration.


6. You can be on the road AND in the meeting:

Video meetings can happen from any device and can expedite your agenda while maximizing collaboration.


7. Make sure everyone has a voice:

Limit participants to only those who need to be there, and brief others via email. A meeting with essential participants will ensure that you optimize time.

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Da-Lite Parallax Screen

Finally. An ambient light-rejecting technology worthy of Pro AV. Introducing the latest surface from Da-Lite, which features an advanced optical lens system that rejects light. This new technology mimics the look of a television when it is on and when it is off, but without the glare from windows or lighting fixtures.
Call 339-227-6181 today for more information.
Front Row
What is Front Row you ask? It's common core aligned math practice for K-8 classrooms.

Common Core Aligned
With Front Row, you can be sure that every single problem your students are working on is based on the Common Core. Our advanced break-down of the Common Core ensures that a student doesn't miss any part of a standard that would later prevent him or her from advancing.

Questions Read-Aloud
Are your students still too young to be comfortable with reading word problems? Are there ESL scholars in your classroom? Front Row is able to read every single question aloud in order to help your students move on as they work on their reading skills.

Instant Feedback
Front Row comes with hundreds of videos custom-tailored to provide your student with the right help at the right time. Unlike videos you might have used before, our videos are extremely short and right to the point, ensuring the student can pay attention and gets help on the specific problem he/she is facing.

Great in all classroom settings
Working in a 1:1 environment? Great! Each student can work on his or her own device independently. Only have a few iPads, Chromebooks or Laptops? No problem! Front Row is built to work well in classrooms where students share devices. A student can use Front Row from any device, even at home!

Individualized Printables
Ever tried making a personalized worksheet for each one of your 30+ students? With one click, Front Row generates individualized printables for each student in the classroom saving you hundreds of hours throughout the school year, and making sure each young scholar is working exactly on what they need to advance quickly.

Scratch Paper & Manipulatives
Front Row allows your students to use their device as scratch paper for quick computations and to help them master subjects more naturally. Front Row also comes jam-packed with dozens of virtual manipulatives that help your students solve problems.

Standards-based Report Cards
With Front Row, you no longer need to generate math report cards by hand. The application knows where each student stands with respect to the Common Core and gives you immediate access to their report cards. Use this feature to save hours that you would otherwise need to individually test every student. Front Row takes care of it for you!
Learn more by calling 339-227-6181 today for more information.
InFocus MVP100 Video Phone

The MVP100 (My Video Phone) enables effective visual communication with the ease of a standard phone so you can be more productive in your business interactions.
  • Enhances collaboration and productivity within and between offices
  • Affordable enough for mass deployment
  • Significant reductions in travel costs
  • Maintains effective face-to-face communications   
Call 339-227-6181 today for more information.
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