Ready Set Go! Winter On The Way

September 2022 Newsletter

Ausblick Ski Club - President’s Message

Our Ski Club’s Annual Membership Meeting was held at the lodge this past Wednesday evening. On behalf of the Board of Directors, I thank those who attended and those who participated by returning their proxy ballot. With two of the four incumbent Board Members deciding not to be on the ballot, as a result the Nomination Committee was tasked to find replacements. My sincere thanks to Scott Grady, Nomination Chair, Dan Johnson and Mike Senkbeil, Committee Members. After the votes were counted, incumbent Directors Bob Turowski and Rick Ludwig, plus members Phil Laning and Jeff Minor were elected to a three year term on the Ausblick Board. Congratulations and Welcome Phil and Jeff.

October’s nearly upon us, and many are already making plans for the snowsports season not far away. Part of the process for many will be attending the annual Ski Sale at Ausblick, scheduled for Saturday, October 15th. Watch for details on all our events this season. Dennis and Lynn are working on all the events at the club and once determined, the events will be posted on our calendar on the website. And speaking of the website, there are improvements being made in several areas of the website which you may appreciate. I’ll defer to Dennis & Lynn to disclose more information as the improvements become available. Just to catch your interest, watch for an upgrade and additional web camera very soon.

Looking back at last season’s 50th. Anniversary of Ausblick and General Manager Dennis Evinrude, there’s no doubt that our ski club is more than a “snowsports place to hang” during the winter months. Families learn & strengthen their snowsports skills, many build lasting friendships, and some get involved and often leave behind memories of their contributions over the years. Two such Friends of Ausblick have decided to leave the Board, however will remain as Ausblick Members.

Our Sincere Thanks to Bob Kuelthau (37 years) and Jim Stein (32 years) for their Ausblick Board Service. They gave of their time, experience and resources to help make the Ausblick Ski Club what it is today. Please extend your appreciation to Bob and Jim as you see them over the course of the upcoming season.

Bob Turowski – President, Ausblick Ski Club. 

Robert Kuelthau 37 years Ausblick Board Member

Robert Kuelthau – Ausblick Member since 1978. Before joining Ausblick, Robert was an officer and director of the US Ski Association. Bob was primary draftsman of the 1967 law governing the installation, maintenance and operation of all ski lifts in Wisconsin. Bob became Ausblick Board Director in 1985 and remained on the board until now. He served as President in 1987 and 1988. Along with being a director, Bob was corporate secretary and unofficial legal counsel. Bob and his family donated the yurt in 2019 for the Snowsports school. 

James Stein 32 Years

Ausblick Board Member

James Stein – Ausblick member since 1985. Jim was a NSPS ski patroller, retiring in 2004 after 25 years of service. Jim joined Ausblick Board in 1990 and served as President in 1993. Jim’s passion for snowboarding was instrumental in the hill’s decision to allow boarding. Jim also served as the membership chair and is our Club historian both at the club and on our website.

Outdoor Operations  Report:

Kyle, JP and Tyler are busy getting the hill ready for colder weather and the upcoming ski and snowboard season. Here are some of the current projects going on:

  • The chairs will be installed on the lift soon.

  • The new 300hp motor is here and the pump is set to arrive later this week. 

  • The electrician is wiring up the controls for the new pump and motor.

  • The tracks are going on the PistenBullys this week.

  • The terrain park features are getting their final maintenance.

We are currently hiring in Lift Operations, contact:

Ausblick Snowsports School Report:

Ausblick Snowsports rolled out this season's programs recently. We are accepting registration for members currently. 

New programs this season:

  • New Learn to Turn for all ages 3- adult on Friday Nights

  • Tips and Sips for Adults on Wednesday Nights

  • Junior Professional Clinic

  • Two Day Woman's Clinic 

  • New Day and Time, Snowboard Development Team

To see all programs and private lesson options please visit our web page. 

Visit Ausblick Snowsports Website For Details and Pricing

Ausblick Race Report :

Ausblick Race is busy preparing for the season and looking forward to a winning season once again. Check out their flyer for important dates and information. 

 Ausblick Race Flyer 

Registration is open for the Ausblick Race Team Visit ARST website for registration and details.

Registration will cease at the end of November. The orientation meeting will be held in late October or early November.

Ausblick Race is excited to host the first MWAR race of the year Saturday, January 7th at Ausblick!

Mark you calendar and come out and support your athletes. Food and drink available.