The Wave | September 2019
“Our highest endeavor must be to develop free human beings who are able of themselves to impart purpose and direction to their lives. The need for imagination, a sense of truth, and a feeling of responsibility—these three forces are the very nerve of education.” 

―  Rudolf Steiner

Individual school tours are available just for your family. 
Group tours begin again October 16.
Please email or call 619-287-3054 ext. 205 to book your tour today!


We have an amazing community at WSSD, we're so grateful for every donation we receive. This month we'd like to give special thanks to:

Thank you to Michelle Chambless , EC Parent of Leilani and Kaila for heading up the Volunteer SCRIP Committee this year. You will be seeing her soon at your upcoming parent meetings talking about the Scrip program and how to not only reach your Scrip requirements but also fundraise for those 8th & 11th grade trips. They sure come up fast!

Lower School
The Altadena Gate is Operational!
The gate will be open at drop-off and pick-up each day and will remain closed during the school day.

If you arrive and the gate is closed you will need to get out of your vehicle and enter the access code on the keypad affixed to the post.

The gate code has been sent out via ParentSquare.

If you have questions please call the School Office 618-280-8016 ext. 200
Middle School Flag Football
One of the many exciting things about back-to-school is flag football season! If your student is beginning grade six, welcome to the program and if you are a returning seventh or eighth grade family, welcome back!  

Anthony Thomas, our high school PE teacher and coach, will continue to be our flag football coach for the fourth year in a row. He will instruct the students on fundamentals and skill building in a fun and helpful manner. If you have a specific question or concern or to let him know that your athlete cannot attend practice or a game, please contact him directly either by email, or call/text him at 619-793-9650.

We will be playing through the Copley-Price YMCA. For further information visit their website, Please also read their “Spectator Code of Conduct.”

Our practices will be held at the Colina del Sol Rec Center, on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:30-5. Practices will begin on Monday September 9th.

All necessary paperwork needs to be filled out prior to any student athlete being able to play. Please fill out and return the necessary paperwork and $75 fee made out to WSSD.
Everything must be turned in to Sara Gomes by the end of the month. If you have any difficulty with the fee or anything else, PLEASE contact Sara for help. or call/text her at 760-458-0174.

Looking forward to a great season ~ GO WAVES!  
8th Grade Fundraiser
Hot Lunch Fridays are starting Friday, September 6th! 
Serving Grades 1-8th, sorry no kindergarten or high school. 

The tamale plate is naturally gluten free, there will always be a GF treat option.

You can find the order forms in the front folder of the parent folder box in the hallway. 

Please have your orders in by Thursdays at 3pm. 

You can pay by check, snake and lily or cash. Please make sure your cash is with your order form, check is stapled to your order form, or snake and lily receipt is stapled to order form. 

One order form per student.

Any questions please text Lyann: 858.699.0631
High School
Why a Smart-Phone Free Campus?
When the High School opened cell phones were not as smart as they are now a days. Last year
we realized our policy of leave your phone in your locker and use it only at breaks to make
necessary calls was out of date. We were also very aware of the impacts of social media for our
students and the learning environment. We spent the entire year thoughtfully weighing out
what was the best route for us to take.

As many of you know, we are happy to becoming a phone free campus. Each morning, students will
power off their phone and lock it in a Yondr pouch. At 3 pm, the pouches will be unlocked. If
you need to reach your student, call the main line and dial extension 300. If Ms. Arnold does
not answer, please leave a message. Thanks for your support!
11th Grade Fundraising
You may have heard that in 11th Grade our students take a service trip to Costa Rica. Part of this experience includes a fundraising component. Collectively and individually they are responsible
for helping to raise the funds to pay for the trip. Here are a few of our ongoing year-long
fundraisers and the upcoming events that support our efforts:
  • Farm Fresh to You—get delicious organic fruits and vegetables (as well as many other items) delivered to your doorstep or work place. I have been a customer of this farm since 2009—I even rode my bike from Sacramento out to the main farm in Capay Valley and slept in the apricot orchard when I lived up North! The food is always of high quality and it helps one to eat in rhythm with the seasons. There are lots of options and you can customize your box. When you order a farm box from Farm Fresh to You a portion of the proceeds are donated to our 11th Grade Service trip. There are several coupons to get your first box free. Ms. Arnold has them at the front desk of the High School. If you decide to get boxes delivered just contact me to get the details for signing up to support us.
  • Recycle those cans and glass or plastic bottles-Bring your recyclables to the high school and we will get them sorted and taken in for redemption. A special thank you to Liza Ferraro for continuing to support this program.
  • Wanderer’s Way-Saturday, October 26. Come to the High School for a healthy and soul filling alternative to Halloween. Bring the wee ones of our community and enjoy a fairy tale filled journey.
  • Romeo and Juliet-Wednesday-Friday, November 20-22 Enjoy theater? The high school plays are a must see and do not disappoint. This year’s 10th grade will spend the next 2 and half months preparing by rehearsing and creating their own costumes. Make it a date night and come and enjoy their efforts. Tickets go on sale around November 12th . (A little insider secret:the second night is perhaps the best night to go)
  • Winter Faire-Saturday December 7 Keep your eye out for the Juniors at Winterfaire as they will have crafts for sale.

Thank you for all your support and we look forward to seeing you at one of these great events!

Mrs. Scatena
11th Grade Class Sponsor
Our Class of 2020 in Costa Rica during their 11th Grade Service Trip
Faculty Updates
We're honored to announce that Claire Knauss is joining us as our Pedagogical Director!

Clare has a Bachelors of Arts degree in Waldorf Education from Free University, Stuttgart, Germany. Along with a Diploma in Waldorf Special Education, Eurythmy Diploma, Curative Eurythmy Diploma and a Masters of Science in Counseling Psychology.

She's worked in many different Waldorf Schools all over the world. Including our neighbor; Sanderling Waldorf School as a Master Teacher and Mentor.

We're so excited to have her here as a part of our community!
A big welcome to Ian Cuevas, Lower School Faculty support.

Mr Cuevas has a Bachelors of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of California Santa Cruz. 

He has worked with children and administration in Special Education for 16 years.

During his free time, Ian enjoys spending time with family and catching up on international soccer. He is also an avid photographer.
Two of our treasured faculty members, Sara Gomes, Games Teacher and Coach Thomas, High School Athletics, completed their 5 year Spacial Dynamics training this summer!

"Spacial Dynamics® is a growing body of work, created by Jaimen McMillan (*1950) and the Spacial Dynamics Institute, which is applied worldwide in therapy, pedagogy, performance augmentation, business leadership, and world peace. The moving human being is envisioned here as a fluid continuum of body, space, and awareness...

...As an approach to Movement Education it consists of a developmental progression of age-appropriate games, group activities, and exercises that introduces the pupil, student, and adult to the changing dynamics between the body, the surrounding space, and the world in which he/she moves. Dynamic movement mapping encourages reflex integration, and spatial/social awareness. Spacial Dynamics is one of the keystones of the Movement Education programs for Waldorf Schools. Spacial Dynamics is also used in Curative Educational institutions, and is offered in remedial programs in schools, as well as a source of developmental and therapeutic support for individuals."

Pancake Breakfast!

Please join us for our Annual

Back to School Pancake Breakfast!

Saturday September 7th
9:00am to 11:30am
Altadena Campus

Fun for the whole family- a time to see old friends and welcome new families to the WSSD community. 


If you'd like to volunteer to be one of our "worker bees" contact development at 619-287-3054 ext. 201

Parent & Community Presentation:

“MIND Strengths and the Late Bloomer. A Validation of the Waldorf Approach to Reading and Writing, Dyslexia and Other Learning Differences”

9/13/19 6pm Altadena Campus
Lalla Carini is a Waldorf class teacher and remedial teacher of the past 20 years. She completed her graduate studies in a Waldorf approach to remediation of reading and language difficulties. She holds a private practice working with individual students from elementary to high school with learning differences.
"The San Diego federal court has appointed civil litigator Allison Goddard as its newest magistrate judge. "

San Diego Union Tribune
Allison is not only the WSSD High School Mock Trial Coach, but a beloved member of our community. We are so proud!

Submit Your Business!
Our goal is to create a WSSD Business Directory to encourage support for our local businesses and professionals that are a part of our community.

All businesses listed will have a WSSD family connection. This is an opportunity to expand, increase and grow your business and a great way to support our community. Think of our community any time you shop, use professional services or dine out!

Math Tutoring and SAT Prep for High School Students
I believe that all students can improve their math skills under the right conditions and for many learners this means working in a 1:1 setting. It takes a lot of wisdom to know when you need support and to ask for it! I welcome the opportunity to provide that support.

For SAT prep in math, I help students to understand the test sections, test taking strategies, as well as set and manage a study/prep schedule. Using a readily available prep book, I walk students through a thorough review of the content in small sections. In order to get familiar with the SAT style of math questions, we will do a few practice problems together in each section and the rest are assigned for homework. I can help explain to a student why they missed a problem or help them to understand the worked solutions that are in the back of the book. As it gets closer to test time, we will switch to practice tests and improving speed.

~Michelle Boynton, WSSD Math Teacher

You can now pay for Scrip with a credit card!
For those of you new to the school, make sure you stop by the Development booth at our Pancake Breakfast to ask all your Scrip questions. We will be there to help you get started.

For those that have been using Scrip for a while, you know that paying with PrestoPay, Cash or Check was the only way to pay for Scrip online, well not anymore! You can now pay with your credit card for a small added 2.6% fee on ! For those that like those mileage points, it's a great option. See you at the Pancake Breakfast!
Save the Date!
This Fall WISC is quite excited to share that Adam Blanning, MD and Elizabeth Sustick, RN will be presenting in and for our community. They are busy working out the details of the Friday evening talk and Saturday afternoon workshop and details will be out soon.

They will join us on Friday, Oct 11 in the evening and Saturday, Oct 12 at 1:00 PM

call/text/email || Parvati Scatena ||  || 916.524.1828

News from the Snake & Lily
Hours...Starting September 4, the Snake & Lily will be open Monday- Friday 8-4pm.

Hours are posted on the chalkboard, on ParentSquare and on our voicemail 619-287-3054 (ext. 202).
In the past few months we've shared Film Part 1 and Film Part 2 , now Part 3 is out! "Becoming" is the third film in a series of short films produced on the occasion of the centenary of Waldorf Education, which provide an insight into the inclusive diversity of Waldorf Education under the most diverse cultural, social, religious and economic conditions around the globe.
Waldorf 100 at WSSD
Back in April our students created postcards to be sent all over the world to different Waldorf Schools. In September we will be displaying the postcards we received from other schools in our main hallway at the Altadena campus, with the display making it's way to our Colina campus at a later date.
Waldorf Chronicles!
Last month, we had a wonderful time learning and recording our first interviews for the Waldorf Chronicles!

Are you interested in sharing your Waldorf Story? It's very casual and relaxed and takes about 10-15 minutes. They can even be recorded over the phone!

We would like to record these interviews before school gets back in session, so let us know who's in! 

In Huge Gratitude,
Liza Ferraro & Julie Joinson
619-280-8016 x 205

Take a listen to a couple interviews from our community!

Interview #1 Laura Richwood

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