September 2018
And the Verdict Is...
The United States International Trade Commission has officially determined that 
"...  a U.S. industry is not materially injured or threatened with material injury by reason of imports of uncoated groundwood paper from Canada that the U.S. Department of Commerce  has determined are subsidized and sold in the United States at less than fair value.  
As a result of the USITC's negative determinations, no antidumping or countervailing duty orders will be issued on imports of this product from Canada."
Cutting to the chase...the newsprint paper tariffs have been reversed!
Now we hope to see the paper suppliers return their pricing to levels that are close to those available before the tariffs took place. 
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Coated Paper Price Forecast
Though all of our USA customers have been affected somewhat by the newsprint tariffs the past months, those who purchase coated paper have had their own pains.
The price of coated stock has risen 25% in the last 18 months.   Shortages and price spikes are usually driven by spikes in demand, but the irony of the current paper squeeze is that it was caused by declining demand.
We've placed an article in Worth Reading that forecasts the future of coated stock printing for 2019.  
Aluminum Tariff affecting the cost of Printing Plates
Kodak and Agfa have both appealed to the Department of Commerce to grant exemptions for the imported aluminum used to make printing plates. Kodak hopes to hear by mid to late-September. Agfa applied in April and is still waiting for a reply. Both companies have added a surcharge to their pricing for the time being.
Fujifilm is adding a "tariff tax" line item to their orders. They appear to be riding the coattails of the other companies and has simply said that companies would benefit if an exclusion is granted.
According to Printing Impressions:
In a best-case scenario, the Department of Commerce will grant exemptions on the 10% aluminum import tariffs to all U.S. litho plate manufacturers, and will also issue refunds that can then be rebated back to print customers.

School's Back!  Time to Interest Local Students in the Printing Trades

The Print and Graphics Scholarship Foundation grants $500,000 in scholarship money to students pursuing a future in the printing trades.  The Printing Impressions article that we have stored in the user group explains the scholarship and also outlines creative ways you can interest students in the field of print production.

Read these and other articles in "Worth Reading".  No log-in necessary!
Bald is Beautiful
There has long been a rumor that baldness is inherited through your mother's father.  
But genetics is proving that it can come through either side of the family.  It has more to do with a specific piece of DNA structure than an x or y chromosome.
For some men, "bald" defines who they are (classic examples, Yul Brynner and Steve Harvey).  However, not everyone embraces the "bald is beautiful" mantra. Over the centuries, there are records of "cure attempts" from around the world.  A few:
Egypt (1550 BC):  Fats from a hippopotamus, crocodile, tomcat, snake, and Ibex mixed well together.
Greece (Hippocrates 460 BC):  Opium, horseradish, pigeon poop, beetroot and various spices.  If it doesn't work, at least you don't care any more!
Rome (Cleopatra's formula for Julius Caesar):  Ground up mice, horse teeth and bear grease.
19th century England:  cold India Tea and lemon
1920's: 15 minutes a day under heat and blue lights
1930's:  a suction system that was supposed to encourage the hairs out of the follicles.
How's your memory?
Can you name at least 3 bald (or mostly bald) persons in each of these categories?
Movie Actors
TV Personalities
Sports Figures
Cartoon Characters

Parting Thought
The free access to information is not a privilege, but a necessity for any free society. One of my favorite things to do as a young man was wander through the stacks of my hometown library. I'd just browse until I found something interesting. Libraries have definitely changed my life.

Ed Asner

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