September 2016 Newsletter 
A Note from the Executive Director
As we get ready to publish this newsletter, the New Mexico State Senate prepares to meet in special session to deal with our state's budget shortfall. I would like to hold my breath during this and the next full legislative session in 2017, hoping that the services for children's healthcare are preserved, including school-based health centers. However, none of us have the time to hold our breath. Instead, we have to take a deep breath and get to work! We have to remind our legislators to do their best to hold children harmless, and we have to keep going to work every day to make New Mexico a better and brighter place for all of its residents, particularly its children. I hope you will join me in moving forward with determination, and in contacting your elected officials to remind them that children cannot afford LESS healthcare. Let's make sure that October is scary only in the good way (and have a Happy Halloween)!
In solidarity,

Nancy Rodriguez
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  • SBHC Updates
    • Santa Rosa SBHC Hosts NMASBHC Visit
    • Feature Your Best Practices: 2017 Head to Toe Conference Call for Presenters Open
  • SBHC Sponsor Corner
    • Monthly Feature for SBHC Sponsoring Entity Administrators
      • NMDOH/OSAH Operational Plan Deadline Passes
      • Coming Soon: First Coordinator Call
      • Quality Improvement and CWE Webinar Available Online
      • CMS Announcement Regarding ECP
  • HSD/Medicaid Resources
    • HSD Welcomes New SBHC Program Manager
    • HSD Announces LARC Unbundling
    • NM Medicaid Presumptive Eligibility Determiner Trainings: None in October
  • NMASBHC Updates
    • NMASBHC Contact Update Forms and Technical Needs Assessment Survey First Deadline Passes
    • October SBHC Early Childhood Technical Assistance Call
    • Prepare to Apply: NMASBHC Exemplary SBHC Applications Coming Soon
    • NMASBHC November Paint and Wine Fundraiser
    • Like NMASBHC on Facebook
  • Clinic Resources, Training Opportunities, and Job Postings
    • UNM Pharmacy Program Substance Use/Abuse Tools
    • ACE Leadership Charter School in Albuquerque SBHC Provider Position Opening
    • Region IX REC/Ruidoso High SBHC Position Opening
    • PAX Good Behavior Game Training Available
highlights SBHC Updates
Santa Rosa SBHC Hosts NMASBHC Visit
Kim Stanek, NMASBHC's Program Manager for Constituent Services, visited the Santa Rosa SBHC on September 27th, and we would like to thank the REC IV Team for the warm welcome she received. Molly, Erica, and Cara (seen below, l-r), shared with Kim the successes they are having with consenting and registering students at not only their high school but the nearby middle and elementary schools. Congratulations on your busy and successful school year launch. If you need technical assistance, want to host a NMASBHC visit (which we can help you coordinate with a visit by elected officials!), please contact Kim Stanek at

Feature Your Best Practices: 2017 Head to Toe Conference Call for Presenters Open
Want to show off your school health best practices? Consider submitting to present at the 2017 Head to Toe school health conference. The conference will take place April 19th and 20th with pre-conferences on the 18th (including the SBHC pre-conference). The link to the call for presenters is: , and the deadline is coming up soon - October 18th! Feel free to forward this call to anyone you feel is appropriate. 

cornerSBHC Sponsor Corner
At the suggestion of the NMDOH Office of School and Adolescent Health, NMASBHC has added this monthly feature that includes information critical to SBHC operations that sponsoring entities will want to pay special attention to. If you have ideas or questions for this feature, please let us know! While we encourage you to ALWAYS read this section of the newsletter, we also hope you will check out all resources, especially those related to Medicaid, as you work to make your SBHC financially sustainable.

NMDOH/OSAH Operation Plan Deadline Passes  
If you are a DOH-contracted SBHC, your Operational Plan was due in September. If you have already completed it, congratulations! If not, please submit as soon as possible in order to ensure you meet your first quarter's contract deliverables.

Coming Soon: First SBHC Coordinator Call 
If you are a DOH-contracted SBHC, watch your email for announcement of an upcoming and mandatory coordinator call on Thursday October 13th at 12:00pm. The email will include call-in/log-in instructions and will come from OSAH. NMASBHC will be assisting in the facilitation of this call, which will include announcements about contractual responsibilities, support around Medicaid billing, and time for questions and answers. Please designate an attendee from your team now, and watch for your email. Contact Nancy Rodriguez at NMASBHC or Kristin Oreskovich at OSAH with any questions. 

Quality Improvement and Comprehensive Wellness Exam Webinar Now Available Online
For those unable to attend the QI webinar hosted by Envision New Mexico, the video is now available at: or Thank you to ENM and OSAH staff for this helpful webinar, which also includes tools for incorporating youth engagement opportunities into QI.

National School Based Health Alliance Forwards CMS Announcement Regarding ECP
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is encouraging all providers who do not currently exist on the Essential Community Provider (ECP) list but satisfy inclusion criteria to submit a petition to be included as an Essential Community Provider. We encourage SBHCs to apply! Qualified Health Plans are required to include Essential Community Providers within their network. In addition, ECPs are eligible for the 340B drug pricing benefits.  
SBHA has been working on this issue with Congress since passage of the Affordable Care Act.  SBHCs meet the criteria of being ECPs and were identified as such in 1992 when the 340B program commenced. In addition, the HRSA Office of Pharmacy Affairs continues to list School Based Program (Healthy Schools, Healthy Communities) as an "entity type." In late August, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released a draft list of Essential Community Providers (ECPs) for the 2018 Benefit Year (BY) who qualify as ECPs, providing an opportunity to submit corrections and updates via the online ECP petition by October 13, 2016 for inclusion on the final HHS ECP list for the 2018 BY.

Under that regulation, 
· ECPs are defined as providers who serve predominantly low-income, medically underserved individuals.  
· Providers included on the draft HHS ECP list for the benefit year 2018 reflect those providers who submitted an ECP petition between December 9, 2015 and July 11, 2016 and were approved by CMS for inclusion on the ECP list through the ECP petition review process. 
To view the draft list of Essential Community Providers for the 2018 benefit year, visit: CMS encourages providers who do not appear on the ECP list but believe they satisfy the ECP inclusion criteria, to submit an online ECP petition to CMS by no later than October 13th, 2016, for inclusion on the final HHS ECP list for the benefit year 2016.

The ECP petition is available at 
hsdHSD/Medicaid Resources
HSD Welcomes New SBHC Program Manager 
Please join me in welcoming Carey Lafferty to her new position at HSD/MAD as the SBHC Program Manager ( Carey will be your new contact in issues related to Medicaid contracting, credentialing, billing, reimbursement, and certification. NMASBHC encourages all SBHCs to reach out to us in the coming months if there is any need for support as well, giving Carey a chance to get on her feet in her new position. Welcome Carey!

HSD Announces LARC Unbundling 
For those working in FQHCs, RHCs or Hospital-Based Rural Health Clinics, there is a new Medical Assistance Program Manual Supplement regarding LARC unbundling that may be of great interest. Effective September 1st, NMHSD has unbundled the cost of the Long-Acting Reversible Contraceptives (LARC) from the encounter rate in order to ensure that women electing these methods have access. NMASBHC has posted the supplemental on our website at

NM Medicaid Presumptive Eligibility Determiner Trainings: None in October 
Due to a webinar licensing interruption, there will be no trainings in October. Please check the October newsletter for information about November trainings. If you have any questions regarding entities qualified to participate as PEDs, the PED certification process or for more information on training sessions being scheduled for future months, please e-mail HSD at: or call 505-476-7151. 
nmasbhcNMASBHC Updates
NMASBHC SBHC Directory Update and Technical Assistance Needs Survey Forms First Deadline Passes 
NMASBHC is reaching out to all of the state's SBHCs to get accurate clinic information for our SBHC Directory, which we are responsible for updating for DOH, HSD, and our organization's website. The first deadline was September 28th, and NMASBHC would like to thank the more than 90% who have already submitted their forms! You will soon be receiving your gift cards for your clinics!
If you still need to submit your update forms and technical assistance needs survey, never fear, you can still get a smaller gift card ($20 for both) if you submit your forms by October 14th! You can access the forms using the links below or find them at If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

October SBHC Early Childhood Technical Assistance Call
If you indicated on your SBHC Directory Update form, either this year or last year, that you serve the 0-4 population at your SBHC, you will be receiving an Early Childhood SBHC Toolkit. If you haven't received a toolkit and you serve this population at your SBHC, please let NMASBHC know as soon as possible.
Join NMASBHC and other SBHC staff across the state on October 5, 2016 from 3:30-4:15 for a collaborative early childhood technical assistance call. During the call we will go over the NMASBHC Early Childhood Toolkit and share best practices. We will also be collecting feedback on other health gaps you may have when serving this population and what other tools would be helpful to SBHCs. The conference call number will be (404) 602-9526, with passcode 356589#.

Prepare to Apply: NMASBHC Exemplary SBHC Applications Coming Soon 
Did you have the opportunity to attend the 2016 Exemplary SBHC Awards Luncheon at Head to Toe? Do you want your SBHC to be recognized publically at the 2017 Awards Ceremony? Start talking with your SBHC teams now to decide if you would like to apply! The NMASBHC Committee is preparing now, and they have designed a streamlined and improved application and process. Watch for the application, which will be available in mid-November and due the last day of February. We can't wait to see your applications!

NMASBHC November Paint and Wine Fundraiser 
Join us! If you'll be in Albuquerque November 21st NMASBHC's Board will be hosting a fundraiser at Kelly Jo Designs. Register for this fun evening of painting instruction and refreshments at: (click on the calendar date to register). Twenty-five percent of all registration fees and wine sales go to NMASBHC to support our school-based health care advocacy efforts! Let us know if you have any questions. 

Like NMASBHC on Facebook!
In addition to this monthly newsletter, NMASBHC is now sharing information and resources on our Facebook page: Be sure to check it out, and feel free to suggest information we should post. 
clinicClinic Resources, Training Opportunities, and Postings
UNM Pharmacy Program Substance Use/Abuse Tools The University of New Mexico College of Pharmacy, Poison and Drug Information Center has a wealth of online tools regarding substance use and prevention that may be of use for school-based health centers and others looking for educational materials for students and families. Check their website at for many downloadable tools on everything from vaping to spice. Check out this tool, "Do You Know What Your Kids Are Talking About" for a graphic about the slang terms for prescription drugs that are commonly abused.
Region IX REC/Ruidoso High SBHC Position Opening 
The Region IX REC is seeking a mid-level medical provider for their SBHC program, including Ruidoso High School. Please share the posting with interested parties; it is available at:

ACE Leadership Charter High School in Albuquerque SBHC Provider Position Opening 
The ACE Leadership High School in Albuquerque is seeking a primary care provider for their SBHC. Please submit a cover letter and resume with applicable certification and licensure to Tori Stephens-Shauger, Executive Director, ACE Leadership High School at For the full position description, click here or visit .

PAX Good Behavior Game Training Available 
Coming highly recommended from several school health staff around the state, the PAX Good Behavior Game is focused on teaching the skills of individual and group self-regulation. A training about the game and its use is coming up in Albuquerque on October 12th at the University of New Mexico Domenici Auditorium. Click here or visit for a flyer with more information and registration instructions.