Dance With Your Fear
Jennifer Bewley
in Career
There was a time when Senada Adzem, a successful, self-made real estate executive with Douglas Elliman, didn’t have much by way of career goals or dreams. That’s because, at age 14, she was simply struggling to live another day. Adzem and her family were struggling to survive the war in Bosnia. “You don’t really believe what is going on,” Adzem recalled of the situation. “I was a scared little girl. I was petrified.”

After almost being killed and realizing she didn’t care, that’s when her paradigm shifted. No longer afraid to go outside, Azdem started to work and provide for her family. “My way to contribute was to translate. First for journalists and then for the U.N.,” she said. Through the work, she found her purpose — and a way to channel her anger and frustration — to give voice to everyone who was suffering. Simply stated, Azdem faced adversity with ingenuity, productivity, and — like most truly great people — with courage.

At the end of the war, when she was 18, her first dream came true — a chance for a proper education in Lamoni, Iowa. When her second dream, to be a diplomat, materialize, Azdem worked in venture capital and strategic consulting before finding her real passion in real estate. 

Today, her small team generates annual transaction volume between $70 and $100 million. Azdem said she understands you can lose your money, you can lose your possessions, but as long as you are alive and healthy — everyone internally has what it takes to make his or her life worthwhile. 

“Don’t avoid your fears,” she advised. “We adapt. We do things we never thought were possible. I’ve seen it happen.”

Annual Horseshoe Bay POA Phone Directory Sales
The POA will be continuing to sell the phone directories in the drive at Quail Point Lodge on Wednesday, September 9th from 9:30AM- 10:30AM (weather permitting).

The directories are always available for pickup in the office of Quail Point Lodge.

The directory is now $6.00
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Donations Will Be Accepted Until
 September 30th
An Effort of Gratitude:
A Special Fund for Highland Lakes Volunteer Fire Departments 

On Thursday, August 13, 2020, a fire consumed over 400 acres in the Trails and Blue Lake subdivisions of Horseshoe Bay. Firefighters from more than 17 Volunteer Fire Departments (VFDs) put their lives on the line to save two communities from this devastating fire. Horseshoe Bay Fire Chief Batla states that of the hundred firefighters working together on-site under his leadership, about 70% were from area VFDs and the Texas Forest Service.

Fund purpose: to raise funds for the unsung heroes - the Volunteer Fire Departments (VFDs) who joined Horseshoe Bay firefighters to fight the Trails-Blue Lake fires. This effort is co-chaired by Jan Burrow and Dick Nelson. Jan expresses it best: “We had a bad fire, and good people showed up.”

Why the VFD? VFDs are staffed by volunteers. Their usual fundraising events are limited due to COVID-19. Most VFDs are underfunded this year.

Although this fund is dedicated to VFDs, the community is deeply grateful to the municipal fire departments and other first responders who courageously fought the fires. Their dedication and professionalism are priceless and unequivocally appreciated.

Donations will help VFDs purchase critical fire and safety equipment that they need to protect Highland Lakes communities. They will be able to replace life-saving gear for the firefighters, repair damaged emergency vehicles, purchase fuel, and keep their mission-critical equipment in top condition, ready for the next fire.

VFDs who helped:  In addition to the Cities of Horseshoe Bay, Marble Falls, Granite Shoals and Burnet Fire Departments, our heroes came from the following VFDs: Marble Falls, Buchanan, Sandy Harbor, Spicewood, Bertram, Sunrise Beach, Granite Shoals, Oakalla, East Lake Buchanan, Burnet, Hoover Valley, Round Mountain, Cassie, Kingsland, Johnson City, Llano, and Cottonwood Shores.

Without these heroes, the story of the fire would have ended in more tragedy and more loss. “We are forever grateful. We are raising funds to help provide our local VFDs with the best firefighting and lifesaving equipment possible. A generous donor is offering dollar-for-dollar matching up to $25,000,” says Dick Nelson.

Donations to the fund are tax-deductible. The Burnet County Community Resource Center will contribute staff time to administer this fundraising effort at no cost. All proceeds will go to the VFDs. The fund will be accepting contributions until September 30th, and then will be distributed to the VFDs. To join us in this effort, you can donate in several ways:

  •   For credit card donations, go to to the home page and click the orange button labeled “Give to the Highland Lakes Volunteer Fire Departments.” From the credit card entry page, be sure to put the word “fires” in the comments section.
  •  You can drop off a check (made payable to Community Resource Centers of Texas, with “Trails/Blue Lake fire” in the memo line) to the Horseshoe Bay City Hall at 1 Community Drive.
  •  Checks can be mailed to the Community Resource Center at 1016 Broadway in Marble Falls

Please call the Burnet County Community Resource Center at 830-693-0700 for further information.
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