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Happy Fall and back-to-school!
DTMAC participants are getting ready to head back to school. It won't be long until the weather begins to get chillier and the leaves begin to turn bright, fall colors.
H.O.P.E. Summer program was a HUGE success.  Here are a few highlights: 
Macbeth and McDuff

  • "This summer was good because not only did I have fun, but I also became more prepared for school" student in the class of 2018
  • "Shakespeare week was a lot of fun. Reading, discussing, and watching the movie then reinacting the final scene between MacBeth and McDuff, with the Ring of Steel, really helped me to understand the play." class of 2018
  • "Planning our teen party." class of 2016
  • "Talking on the AM 1700 radio show." class of 2016
  • "Learning how to read faster." class of 2018
  • "Doing our skits to demonstrate what to do when stopped by a law officer at the Black Lives Do Matter" class of 2018
Gearing Up for a Bigger Difference
Dedicated to Make a Change, L3C is committed to serving youth regardless of their ability to pay our activity fees. Our local programs are free and include food and transportation and we are looking to provide more!
A (L3C) is a free stand business with a social purpose; to educate youth which are not being educated through traditional means. We are funded through partnering with local businesses, low interest loans, and people sharing goods and funds. 

We need financial support to continue our work building 
 stronger futures for Ypsilanti youth!

To learn ways you can become a partner, please contact Gail Wolkoff at or 734-358-1402

DTMAC programming begins September 8. 
The Having Opportunities for Positive Education, H.O.P.E. Academic Program meets Tuesday through Saturday. This program offers:
  • Academic Support: Participants receive peer-to-peer homework assistance, tutoring, and hands-on learning. DTMAC's youth advocates work with students to ensure academic success in school.
  •  Importance of Literacy: Reading is vital to academic success, as studies have shown. Participants read daily to improve literacy skills.
  •  SAT Test Prep: Students are given test-taking strategies and opportunities to take practice tests to increase scores.  
  • Exposure to visual and performing arts, field trips, character education, critical thinking skills, foreign languages, service community work, and technology.

Other DTMAC programs offered:
  • Prevent and Prevail: Trained youth lead two sections of our sex education program, which are created by youth, for youth. Themes include HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention, and healthy pregnancy and prevention.
  • Teen Run Activity Planning, aka T.R.A.P: Youth create ideas for activities, and then plan and run them for the Ypsilanti teen community.
  •  High School Ethics Bowl: Youth participate in an Ethics Bowl hosted by A2Ethics. They learn public speaking and research skills, analysis and critical thinking. This program is in conjunction with YCS.
  • Poetry Slam: Teens meet weekly to write and practice poetry, in preparation for Michigan Louder than a Bomb Poetry Slam, in Ann Arbor, and Detroit Youth Poetry Slam. Teens learn the power of their words and voices to speak their truths while discovering that writing can be creative, rewarding, and fun.
  •  Drum Line: Participants will soon begin practicing for their drumline. This new section of percussion instruments will perform in parades.
Have a great September~

DTMAC participants with a horse at Morrell Equine Service

Mayor Amanda and Jasmon
At the Heritage Festival.

Le'Vi,  Jasmon and Tosha
Having a blast horseback riding.

Justin Thomas
Commentating for the Black Lives Do Matter Panel Discussion.
Pins for Progress!
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Gail Wolkoff
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