From Pastor Goetz
Two Services: One God
It must be said of our high school age young people on campus, they have risen (literally) to the invitation of an early worship service on
Sabbath morning. There were skeptics (and those skeptics might have a point as the temperatures drop and the sun
is slower to rise). As we opened the school year with a dedication service, you could feel the energy of the young people, and God was glorified in both the 1st Service (9 am) and 2nd service (11:30 am) service. These two services will continue this fall most weeks, the exceptions being when the students are on home leave. One student caught up with us a week after opening Sabbath, sharing that he told his parents how blessed he felt worshiping at Campion for the first time. Another first-time guest sent us an email that they attended for the first time and “enjoyed every minute” of worship and connecting with the Campion Church Family. 

While our schedules may take some adjusting, God seems very willing to meet with us. He hasn’t forsaken us. 
The Pastors Say Thank You

HMS Teachers:

Not once, even with all that has transpired in 2020, have you asked for a break. While our youth broke for summer, each of you worked tirelessly to make sure that our community had the best Seventh-day Adventist elementary school this side of the Mississippi. So, to all who made that possible: Heidy Marroquin, Meagan Mizner, Kristie Smith, Kari Lange, Alicia Anderson, Paul Bragaw, Carey Jordan and Aubrey Nelson; thanks a gazillion from your pastoral team!
Ministry Team
Lead Pastor
Micheal Goetz

Pastor Nestor Soriano

Pastor Michael Morss

RMC Literature Ministry
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Campion Academy
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Office Administrator/Treasurer
Teresa Johansen

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Dick Stenbakken

Member Care Team
The Pastors
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Campion Academy Principal
Don Reeder

HMS Elementary Principal
Paul Bragaw
Our Mission
The Campion Church is a part of the Seventh-day Adventist movement seeking to

 Jesus as our Friend and Savior

a Caring Community

 Share the Everlasting Gospel

Fulfilling the Mission: Know, Grow, Go
Are You With Us?
Pastor Morss Michael and Fall Grow Groups
I can still remember the morning. It was my sophomore year in academy, and we were headed to Moss-Wright Park for class games. As my friends and I made our way to the field, I remember feeling defeated as I looked over and beheld what appeared to be giants. It was our senior class. Not only did they have more experience, but their smallest person was bigger and stronger than any one of us.

In many regards, this past year has felt much like that cool September morning where a group of young sophomores felt everything but cool. It would be an understatement to say that 2020 has beset our world in ways that we haven’t seen in the recent past, and yet, as followers of Jesus Christ, we can have hope.

Over these past two weeks my devotional journey has found me immersed in the action of
2 Kings; and on one particular morning, while reflecting on the life of Elisha, I was reminded that, “those who are with us are more than those who are with them” (2 Kings 6:16b). Put another way, if our eyes were opened we would see angels from Campion to Longs Peak, and in every direction as far as the eye can see---standing guard over each of our families. Not only that, at Campion, we are surrounded by an incredible church family that circles up into small groups (grow groups) each semester to cheer each other on, and study God’s character.

While we are certainly thankful to have the support of such a close-knit congregation, it hit me this week that, in every spiritual sense, our church has been called to stand for our community just as the angels stood for Elisha and his people when Syria encamped about them---seeking their demise. This fall, more than ever before, you will have the opportunity to not only draw close to Christ and grow spiritually, but by joining a grow group you will have the opportunity to serve your community. Our fall semester launches September 27. Email if you are interested in leading or enrolling in a group. 
Don’t Take Friendship for Granted
Never Underestimate the Power of Friendship
Pastor Nestor Soriano
One of my professors at the seminary, Joseph Kidder, wrote a book entitled The Big Four: Secrets to a Thriving Church Family. He shares an inspiring story of friendship and salvation:

"Judy, a single mom in her mid-20s, came with her 5-year-old daughter to our church as a result of an invitation by one of our members to attend an evangelistic meeting. The young woman was eager to question everything and learn. Although she grew up Baptist, she left the church when she was 18 years old and became involved in some drugs, heavy drinking, and heavy partying. A one-night stand left her pregnant. The pregnancy woke her up. Although she started to work on improving her life, she did not meet with much success, often relapsing into her old ways. 

"When Judy moved to our area, she ended up living next to Donna, an authentic Christian woman from our church. Donna took the time to build a relationship with Judy, often going out of her way to meet her needs. For example, Donna spent hours listening to Judy and doing everything she could to help her escape her bouts of depression. 

"Our church was in the habit of having one evangelistic meeting every winter. That particular winter Judy was going through a very difficult time. Donna invited her to attend, and there she learned for the first time how special she was in the sight of God. She experienced God’s presence and eventually asked for His grace and power. The power of His love transformed her. She asked many questions to learn everything she could about God. Several times after her baptism Judy faced many challenges to her newfound faith, but it was the relationship that she had with Donna and other new friends in the church that kept her strong and growing in the Lord."

It was Donna's love and friendship that helped Judy believe and receive Jesus and be baptized. What would have happened if Donna didn’t compassionately care for Judy? There’s a good chance Judy would not have joined the church if Donna were indifferent. 

Friend, you’ll be hearing stories about friendship evangelism the next few weeks. My prayer is that you would feel God’s call to make a friend for Jesus. If you’d like to learn more how you can make a friend and reach someone for Jesus, please contact me at
All About People
New Member: Patricia Melendez
The Campion Church is happy to welcome Patricia Melendez. She is the proud mother of our member Kathy Tavares and grandmother of our prayer ministry leader Tenisha Tavares and great-grandmother of HMS Richards student Natalie Bryant.
In this time of isolation and physical distancing, bring a little joy to those who have birthdays this month.
Sabbath August 1st was a very meaningful day for our three baptismal candidates and our congregation.

Elin Sorensen is eleven-years-old and a sixth grader at HMS Richards School. Pastor Morss studied with Elin and baptized her. Elin enhances our worship services by playing her violin.

Jonathan Clegg is a ten-year-old who is being home-schooled. He has studied the Bible with his parents and grandmother. He asked Pastor Goetz for baptism because of his desire to grow closer with Jesus.  

Steve Romans asked for rebaptism. His personal testimony is as follows. "Looking back on my life after recently retiring, I can see how much God has been involved in my life, and He was always there when I called upon Him, especially during the difficult times when it seemed I was alone and lost. There was always that little voice saying, 'Be still and know that I am God.' Even in times when I know He was disappointed in the way I was headed, He never left my side, forgave me, told me He still loved me. He has brought me to this point in my life and as I start a new chapter, I want to rededicate my life to Him and try to do His will whatever that may be."

On Sabbath, August 22nd, we were privileged to observe the baptism of two new members of our congregation. Brian and Gabriela Amick studied the Bible with Pastor Michael Goetz this past year and decided to give their lives to Jesus. The Amicks have a little girl, a toddler, who is a wonderful addition to their family. Brian and Gabriela stated that they find the Campion Church members to be very friendly and accepting, which is part of why they decided to become members here.  

Baptism stories by Muriel Indermuehle
Elin Sorensen with Pastor Morss.
Photo by Olivia Jordan.
Jon Clegg with Pastor Goetz.
Photo by Olivia Jordan.
Steve Romans with Pastor Goetz.
Photo by Olivia Jordan.
Brian and Gabriela Amick seal
their commitment in baptism.
Photo by Micheal Morss.
Coming Events
Service Schedule
First Service 9:00 - 10:10
Sabbath School 10:20 - 11:20
Second Church  11:30 - 12:40

Services streamed live from
Ladies! You’re invited to LEMONADE, our Fall Picnic ‘retreat’ outside on the campus of Campion Academy Sabbath, September 26, 2020, 9:00-5:30. Pastor Jenn Woody will be our guest, and it’ll be a day of fun and encouragement from God’s Word. For more info and the link to register (it’s free!) go to Due to COVID restrictions, everyone must pre-register as we are limited in the number who can attend, so sign up today!  Rocky Mountain Adventist Women.
Campion and HMS Richards School News
Campion Academy
Submitted by Jill Harlow
Campion Academy welcomed 142 students back to campus for the new school year on Sunday, August 9. Students and staff are wearing masks and social distancing both during the in-person classes and throughout campus. “I’m glad to be back on campus and see all of my friends again,” commented Sami Hodges, senior. “I’m thankful that the Campion Academy staff has made it possible for us to have in-person classes because having to do school online wasn’t ideal.” 

Students were officially welcomed into the new school year at the not-so-traditional “Handshake” event. The Student Association (SA) officers provided cut-out paper hands on popsicle sticks for staff and students to use to “high-five” each other in the line that stretched out to circle the entire green on center campus. Classes still competed against each other in creative games that allowed for social distancing while building camaraderie. 

During worship, Kylie Wehling, SA Spiritual Vice-President introduced the theme for the year: Rise. The theme was inspired by the verse Micah 7:8, “Do not gloat over me, my enemy! Though I have fallen, I will rise. Though I sit in darkness, the Lord will be my light” (NIV). 

“Our SA team chose this theme because we want students to go to God to be able to rise above the circumstances we have this year,” said Tiffany Dien, senior. 

Principal Don Reeder "shakes hands" with Campion's students.
Photo by Jill Harlow
Student Association Officers welcome students to a new school year.
Photo by Jill Harlow
Campion Academy Principal Don Reeder, Pastor Micheal Goetz and HMS Principal Paul Bragaw introduce their staff to the Campion Church.
Photo by Jill Harlow.
Church Business
Nominating Committee
Nominating Committee was delayed until now because of the Covid-19 situation.

Elected Nominating Committee to be approved September 5:
Tom Cleveland
Gail Madonna
Alex Rodriguez
Dick Stenbakken
Ben Trujillo
Phil Jones
Sandy Eickmann
Wes Williamson – Alternate
Kent Kast - Alternate   
Offerings this Month
September 5, 12, and 19: Local Church Budget
Once again we are fortunate to have three offerings this month for our local church budget. Besides some special needs as we move into the new wing, regular insurance, electrical charges, cleaning, toilet paper, paper towels, and soap all add up. You can think of many more items. Only this offering pays for all our regular expenses.
September 26: Rocky Mountain Conference Advance
Evangelism: There are many forms, some private and some public, some inexpensive, some costly. In October the Campion Church and Academy are planning some public evangelism; there are many ways we can support this reach-out to our community, but one of them is with offerings. The RMC Advance offering helps with evangelism all over our conference.
Building Campaign Status
The Major Improvements Committee is looking over the kitchen plans. The rooms of the west wing are being reconfigured and renamed for new uses.
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