We Haven't Forgotten You!!!

Hello CCDS Members and Friends,

We have not forgotten you! We are hoping everyone is staying well and stress-free as much as possible during these trying times. We hope that here we can share some happy thoughts of 2021 when we will all be able to gather again and enjoy all of the exciting events we are planning.

As September is fast upon us amid the restrictions the pandemic has necessitated, this year's Tub Parade and the rest of our 2020 club meetings will regretfully not be held in person. We are deeply stricken with sadness as this has been the core strength of our group: to gather, socialize, support, and help each other.

Yet, while we are not able to gather in person, nothing prevents us from meeting virtually. Virtual meet-ups (like Zoom) have become the staple of maintaining social interactions these days. I'm sure most of us has either participated in a virtual event or knows someone who has. So with that in mind, we are planning our own virtual event.

Marc Johnson has put together an informative webinar about being a navigator. The event is scheduled for Wednesday, September 23. Time to be announced.

Utilizing the virtual platform, we will be able to, in a safe environment, honor our club mission statement of contributing to driver education and keep the enthusiasm of our challenging sport rolling. Please stay tuned for additional virtual events as opportunities arise. If anyone has any input, suggestions, or can contribute with an educational webinar, please feel free to contact Harvey@ Harveywaller562@aol.com.

Stay well and keep in touch...
Photo credit: picsofyou.com
Photo credit: picsofyou.com
2021 Orleton Driving Show
August 5-8
With the cancellation of the driving show this year, the Wallers have been taking advantage of the extra time available to them to make some fabulous improvements to the already beautiful show grounds they so generously provide for the show. Improvements are ongoing this summer and fall and include: enhancing the obstacles, including a new water obstacle, and the main ring will have a whole new look along with many more improvements.Based upon the increased exhibitor participation the show experienced in 2019, we anticipate the show next year to be even bigger and better. So we all look forward to hearing about more details as the 2021 season gets underway next spring.
Mary Waller driving her pair of British Welsh sport ponies. Photo Credit Picsofyou.com
Mary Waller driving her pair of British/ Welsh sport ponies. Photo credit: Picsofyou.com
Marc Schoefield and Heidi Johnson driving a 4-in-hand team owned by Harvey Waller. Photo Credit Picsofyou.com
Marc Schoefield and Heidi Johnson driving a 4-in-hand team owned by Harvey Waller. Photo credit: Picsofyou.com
Upcoming Regional Driving Events:

September 20-22: GMHA Fall Driving Classic, South Woodstock, VT. www.gmhainc.org/event_detail/fall-driving-classic/
From Carol Frank, Saratoga Driving Association:

As I have posted, Lyn Howard is retiring and I took all of her sleighing equipment to redistribute to the driving community. Much of it will go to the Martin’s auction, but I thought I would share it here first.

  • 2 sets of sleigh bells – the kind that go on the turrets of the harness, while sleighing. 
  • a real Bear skin rug in good condition that she says cost her $400.
  • Sleighing robes
  • a stone that you heat
  • a Zilco Marathon – horse size – used on one 15 h Morgan – very good condition.

You have to forgive me – I know nothing about sleighing and this sport is nothing if it isn’t all about terminology. I haven’t taken photos yet, and I have aprons and hats which I will photograph and post somewhere or just send down to Martin's.
With the sleighing equipment, Lyn’s main interest is to get this stuff in the hands of someone that will use it for sleighing.
Write or Call me if you have any questions. 518 852 5239

We recognize that life has changed and that many of the “measuring parties” planned by competitions and local clubs and other groups have had to be cancelled. Accordingly the ADS will be extending the timeframe for implementing the requirement to have a card before competing to January 1, 2021.
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