SEPTEMBER news & updates
SEPTEMBER 2020 | Issue 46
Double Rainbow!
Thank you to an Ozark Resident, Brittany Mayhew, for sending in this awesome photo of the double rainbow residents got to see in August.
From The Mayor's Corner:
I know everyone is getting weary of hearing about masking and the virus. Yeah, me too. It's a lot like political ads and the national debt. Neither are going away soon. So allow me to lighten up your day a bit with this winner from Springfield's masking video contest winner. I put it in last month's newsletter, but it was a bit difficult to pull up. Do it now and it will give you a good chuckle. Just press the play button , but be sure to insert the word "Ozark" every time you hear "Springfield."
Now you get the idea. There is no new city ordinance mandating the wearing of masks, but I encourage you to "sacrifice your beauty, do your duty, and cover your snooty." It'll do no harm to wear a mask whenever you can. It's just the right thing to do. C'mon Ozark, let's fight this nasty virus and make it cry "uncle." We can do it together.

I look forward to seeing you soon. I'll be the one with a black "Love Your City" mask on or maybe the new stars and stripes one my daughter made and gave me. And if you want a "Love Your City" mask yourself, just stop by City Hall or The OC and ask. We've got one for you.

Thanks for masking up!

P.S.: I want to encourage you, our Ozark residents, to participate in the Mayors' Challenge Blood Drive versus Nixa on Wednesday, September 9 at the First Baptist Church commons area. Blood donation is a cause close to my heart, and the City of Ozark is grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this community blood drive battle which will help local patients in our surrounding communities. So if you're able, please come out and help our community win the challenge by donating.

Rick Gardner,
The City of Ozark votes to not pass a Mask Ordinance
After listening to more than thirty (30) speakers at the Monday, August 10th Board of Aldermen meeting and recording more than six (6) hours of discussion, an ordinance mandating face mask coverings failed at the August 17th Board of Alderman meeting. At the conclusion of the meeting, the vote was three (3) in favor, two (2) against, and one Alderman abstaining with all Aldermen having the opportunity to cast their vote.

Face mask coverings are defined as a device that covers both the nose and mouth and the City of Ozark continues to strongly encourage all residents and visitors in our community to follow Center for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines. These guidelines include wearing a mask, social distancing and washing your hands as well as using hand sanitizer. Due to the decision of the Ozark Board of Aldermen, businesses will be responsible for mandating face coverings in their place of business if they wish to do so.

Mayor Rick Gardner states, “We are a strong community and to remain strong we must stick together to protect each other. Regardless of whether local government passed a mandatory mask order or not we should all wear a mask out of consideration for others. I wear a mask and I suggest you do the same because wearing a mask isn’t too much to ask if it means protecting those that I care about the most which are my friends, my family, my neighbors and the citizens of this community.”
Pick up your yard sign and/or flyers for your hom or business at these locations:

Ozark Chamber of Commerce
1471 W. South Street
Ozark, MO 65721

Ozark City Hall
205 N. 1st St.
Ozark, MO 65721

Ozark Community Center
1530 W. Jackson St.
Ozark, MO 65721
Tag, share, reply to us with a picture of you wearing your mask and feature in our socials!
Christian County Health Department
Public Works
Action shot!
Here is a photo of workers from Kenny Singer Construction. They began working on the water pipe replacements for the Downtown Revitalization Plan on Aug. 17th.
Ozark residents, we are eagerly anticipating the completion of the new Riverside Bridge just like you guys! To help tide us all over, we were able to capture a sneak peek at the Riverside Bridge for you!
View more Riverside Bridge Updates by clicking here.
Ozark Police Department
Congratulations to Lt. Kevin Boyce, Lt. Derek Hill and Sgt. Jared Drye for graduating from the Missouri Police Chiefs Charitable Foundation Command College. The Command College is an 7 week program designed at developing law enforcement leaders within the State of Missouri. Only 25 law enforcement leaders from Missouri are accepted into each session and we are very proud to have three graduates bringing back the knowledge to our community.

Lt. Boyce and Lt. Hill attended and completed the 9th session, from November 2018-May 2019. Their graduation was postponed due to tornado damage in Jefferson City in May 2019.
Sgt. Drye attended and completed the 10th session, from November 2019- May 2020.
Please join the staff of the Ozark Police Department in congratulating these community leaders on their accomplishments.
Please join the Ozark Police Department in welcoming our newest officers, Brandon Marsillo and Jeremy Watson. We are excited for you to join our team.

Parks and Recreation Department
Help us win the Challenge!
Wednesday, Sept. 9
9:30 AM - 4:30 PM
1400 W. Jackson
Ozark, MO