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Property Taxes Reduced

The Township Board reduced the total December winter tax millage rate for Grand Haven Charter Township by 0.2809 mills. (0.22 mills of this decrease is because of the payoff of the water debt.) 

In brief, because the Township’s Taxable Value increased more than the rate of inflation, a so-called “Headlee” roll back of the property tax rates occurred.

Due to this decrease in the Grand Haven Township property tax millage rate, on average, the owner of a $200,000 home in 2016 with a taxable value of $100,000 will pay approximately $23.94 less on their December winter tax bill (this amount includes the 1.009% adjustment to the taxable value for the increase in the 2017 C.P.I.).
The Disney Way

To further advance customer service, the Township hired Bill Capodagli – a management consultant and author of the “The Disney Way”, which was awarded a coveted “Best Business Book of the Year” by Fortune magazine. Bill was also selected because of the work that he has completed with other municipalities – including Ottawa County that implement the Disney Way program in 2012.

A three-day seminar and subsequent follow-up meetings were provided to all full-time staff, elected officials, and certain part-time employees of the Township to stimulate and encourage improvements towards the Township’s ongoing focus on customer service. 

As part of this process, “champions” were selected to re-draft a new “Values Statement” and short list for “Codes of Conduct”. The Value Statement created by the employees and approved by the Township Board is as follows:

We are a team devoted to providing superior customer service while inspiring an atmosphere of integrity, respect and trust. We value open communication, honesty and understanding.

The Codes of Conduct comprised nine (9) expressions of our values, which included:

1. We live the Golden Rule.
2. We act with patience and understanding.
3. We create a culture of service in which every person is valued.
4. We communicate openly and honestly.
5. We lead by example.
6. We are open to new ideas and beliefs.
7. We work together to keep our community safe and clean.
8. We strive to know the answers and seek solutions.
9. We celebrate and enjoy our work.

Township staff are still required to enforce state safety regulations, building code requirements and a myriad of local ordinances designed to protect property values and promote orderly growth. But, both staff and elected officials have a renewed focus on fulfilling these obligations in a manner that better values all 17,000+ residents of the Township.
Fire/Rescue Open House
October 10th, 5:30pm-7:30pm
The Fire/Rescue Department will be holding their annual Fire Prevention Open House at the Fire/Rescue station located at 13250 168th Avenue o n October 10th, between 5:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. The event will offer an up-close overview of Fire/Rescue operations and fire safety education. 

There will be fun activities for all to enjoy throughout the evening along with free food and beverages. The department will also be holding a live fire demonstration regarding the safe use of deep fryers. 
The Regency at Grand Haven
PUD Approved
The Township Board approved a one-story nursing care facility that is about 74,000 square feet. The 120-bed facility will include 38 private rooms, 38 semi-private rooms and 6 private bariatric rooms. ( The development also includes a future wing that will accommodate an additional 20 beds, bringing the total to 140 beds.)

The development will be located on the north side of Comstock Street, between 168th and 172nd Avenue. 

According to the developer, it is estimated that approximately 70% would be rehabilitation patients that stay 30-days or less; with the remaining 30% comprised of long-term patients in need of skilled nursing care.  The facility will employ between 120 and 140 staff after this nursing care facility is fully operational and the resident/patient census has stabilized. Employees will work all three shifts.

Construction on the “Regency” is expected to begin in April of 2018 and will take about one year to complete.

Speedway to Open Early!
The Speedway Service Station project is going extremely well … so much so that the facility expects to open two (2) weeks early. Speedway now anticipates opening on October 5th.

Fire/Rescue Calls Continue to Increase
2017 was a record year in terms of emergency responses for the Fire/Rescue Department. With that thought in mind, Chief Gerencer reports that the emergency call volume continues to increase. 

From January 1st through August 31st, the department call volume has increased by 135 calls (or about 19%) over last year’s totals during the same period. ( Obviously, this level of increase has both budgetary and operational implications.
Partnership with Ottawa County

Work has begun on the 2020 Census. ( The census is critically important for growing communities like Grand Haven Charter Township because many state and federal revenues streams are based on the population – such as the $1.2 million the Township receives annually in State Shared Revenues).

As part of the early preparation process, the Township received registration forms to participate in a voluntary process of reviewing and updating the Township′s residential addresses on file with the Census Bureau. Many local governments choose to opt out of this time intensive process because of insufficient funds and staff. Fortunately, Ottawa County recognizes the importance of this process and has offered the assistance of their GIS Department to complete the review. 

The Township’s paperwork has been returned to the Census Bureau indicating Ottawa County will review and update the Township’s residential address database.  Kudos to Ottawa County for helping on this important piece of preparatory work for the 2020 census.

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