September Newsletter


Like so many businesses today, Jellison CPA is facing a staffing shortage. Unfortunately, after a long candidate search, we are still actively looking for a CPA. We are doing our best to maintain the high standard of workmanship that our clients are accustom to, but we would welcome any referrals for a CPA that you might know of to fill our gap. Feel free to share the link below for the complete job description and to apply.

Job Posting

Please help us welcome Beth De La Cruz to the team!

Beth was born and raised in Michigan, studied at the University of Indiana where she earned a dual degree in Human Resource Management and Entrepreneurship. With a professional background in accounting, human resources, and entrepreneurship, and with her keen attention to detail, and exceptional organizational skills, Beth specializes in helping clients streamline processes and achieve their goals. She has a passion for helping others succeed and is dedicated to making a positive impact in her community. Beth is joining Jellison CPA as a Payroll Specialist and will be starting immediately.

End of Year Tax Implications

As the air gets cooler and the days grow shorter, we at Jellison CPA are preparing for those wintery days that lead us to tax season. This year, we want to encourage you to take time now to begin preparing for any year end tax planning or large last minute purchases that would lead you to call JCPA and ask for some advice. Although the office will be open the week between Christmas and New Years, Carrie is taking a well deserved, no contact vacation. No tax planning or tax consulting will be available for the weeks of December 26-January 5. Carrie will be off grid and will have no way of assisting you. If you are considering, for example, new equipment for your business, or withdrawing a large amount of cash from your 401K and need to know the tax implications, please contact the office prior to December 1st to allow Carrie time to work through calculations. Clients reaching out after December 1st will be politely and graciously turned away.


Update your calendars:


Closed November 23-24 Happy Thanksgiving

Closed December 22-26 Merry Christmas

Closed December 31 Happy New Year


In an effort to keep costs down, we are working hard at eliminating the amount of paper that we are using here in our office. That means taking advantage of more online platforms that allow us to present the same information only in digital form. This past year we introduced an information sharing platform called Safe Send. This platform allowed us to eliminate the problem prone client portal that had been used in past years and made reviewing and paying for your tax return more convenient, as everything was in the same place.

Many of you enjoy stopping into the office, dropping your documents off and getting your cookie. This will remain an option for those that want to do so, however, this year those clients will receive their tax return digitally instead of in paper form. We will be asking you to stop back into the office to pick up your documents after your return is completed, so no worries about getting that 2nd cookie! Documents that are not picked up by the end of tax season will be shredded. For those clients that don't use the internet or want to do things the "old way", paper returns will still be available upon request.

Best Practices:

Best practices are used in both the work-place and at home every day. Here are some Best Practices as it concerns your tax return.

  1. Review it as soon as you can once you have received it. That way if you have questions or concerns about it, our team has it fresh in their minds and will make answering those questions a bit easier.
  2. Once you have signed all your documents, download your return to your computer. Save it in a file for easy reference later. To download the return, simply go into the return, click the download tax return link and follow the prompts.
  3. If you work with a financial planner or other professional advisor that yearly asks for a copy of your return, go ahead and send them a copy of it while you have it open. That way no one has to look for it later. To do so, (you will have to do this before you sign the documents and close the page) on the review tab of the return, you should see on the bottom tool bar a link that says "forward a copy of my tax return documents". Opening this tab and completing the email information will securely send a copy of the return to whomever you need to have it.



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