Newsletter for September 2020
President's Report
Hi Everyone,

We had our August Board meeting on Tuesday August 25 and we set a tentative date for the re-opening of the Center. We are now getting ready for a possible re-opening on Monday, October 5.

The re-opening will be for members only. There will be a greeter at the front entrance to check membership cards, ask standard questions and make a record of phone numbers. Tables in the Dining Room will be spaced 6 feet apart and there will be a maximum seating of 6 at each table. Tables in the Games Room will be spaced 6 feet apart with a maximum seating of 4 at each table. Fabric face masks have been made by our Craft Group and will be available for $3 each. We are looking into the use of plastic restaurant face shields for kitchen volunteers. Plexiglass shields will be installed at the kitchen counter. There's no need for a plexiglass shield at the front desk since social distancing is sufficient there. We will accept debit cards.

Written procedures for each activity will be linked to a new Activities page on our website. We will advise you of the launch date for this page. When the Board accepts the written procedures as sufficient, the activity can start up again. If you or your bubble have an activity that you hope will be re-opened, you can lend a hand in preparing the written procedures.
We need ten volunteer Greeters, two for each week day (10 to 12 and 12 to 2). There are sanitizing requirements - we are considering that the afternoon Greeter would sanitize the tables at 2pm and the morning Greeter would sanitize the washrooms at 12pm. We need five more people to sanitize the washrooms at 2pm. For the front desk we need a Receptionist (10 to 2) every day.

We need more Directors as explained in the Board Opportunities section of the Newsletter.

Please let Maureen Nelson know, at or 250-286-6656, if you want to help with the kitchen. For each weekday we need a Cook (9 to 11) to make soup, a Prep (9 to 11) to make sandwiches, a Server (11 to 1) on the kitchen counter, a Cashier (10 to 1) on the cash register and a Dishwasher (12 to 1:30) on the sink and dish washing machine.

The opening date will be confirmed on October 1st in the October Newsletter.

We cannot do this without you. If we all pull together we can do this.

Hopefully, Linda Tucker
Board Opportunities
These are the Directors who are paddling our canoe:

Linda Tucker, President
Jean Driscoll-Bell, Vice President and Acting Secretary
Maureen Nelson, Treasurer
Doug Vater, Past President

Rick Hine, Bylaws
Bob Bray, Communications
Linda Harris, Membership
Can you help us paddle?
~ Secretary ~

~ Fundraising ~

~ Facilities ~ ~ Actvities ~
Slow paddling is good enough!
Please contact Linda, Jean or Maureen if you care to stick your paddle into our affairs and be part of keeping us afloat.
Our Craft group advises that they have produced cloth masks for sale at $3 each when the Center re-opens.
Book Pickup and Puzzle Pickup
Not available until September 14th.
Plastic Restaurant Face Shields

These plastic restaurant face shields have recently been seen at White Spot.

Something similar is being considered for use by our kitchen volunteers.
Some jokes so bad they're actually hilarious
When I was a kid, my mother told me I could be anyone I wanted to be. Turns out, identity theft is a crime.

What's the difference between a poorly dressed man on a tricycle and a well-dressed man on a bicycle? Attire!

What do you call a factory that sells passable products? A satisfactory!

I was just reminiscing about the beautiful herb garden I had when I was growing up. Good thymes.
Social Distancing - Historical