September 2018
Monthly Update:
Road-trips & Forever Homes
Our mission at Shadow Husky Rescue, Inc., is to rescue huskies that are displaced, unwanted, abused, lost, abandoned or scheduled for euthanasia and provide them with a second chance at life by finding them permanent homes. Gabriella, Hiro, and Nanook were transported to Arizona to their forever homes by Tim McVicker, President of SHR, and George and Bernie, the bonded pair from Fresno, were transported to San Francisco by our volunteer Traci Hoffman and her daughter to meet their forever parents who live in Oregon! It was a big month for rescues and forever homes!!
Arizona Road-trip...
Tim McVicker with Shadow Husky Rescue made a trip to Phoenix, Arizona on September 25th to place Gabriella, Hiro and Nanook in wonderful, loving homes!! This was the most in one day we have adopted out Into loving homes while transporting!! All of these families want to form a network to save California Huskies and be able to place them in great homes and transport too! They all are shocked how many huskies are being killed in our Shelters! Gabriella was adopted to a family in Buckeye, AZ, Hiro in Tuscon, AZ and Nanook in Phoenix, AZ! Thank you to all of the great families who stepped up and saved these beautiful huskies' lives and are giving them forever homes in Arizona!

Bernie & George go to San Francisco...
Bernie and George are a father and son who needed to be re-homed for allegedly killing a Chihuahua in Fresno, CA. Their owners reached out to Shadow Husky Rescue to help place them in a loving forever home that could keep them together. It took a few weeks of looking but finally we found a great adopter from Oregon!! Traci Hoffman and her daughter Brandi, SHR Volunteers, drove Bernie and George all the way up to San Francisco to meet their new family and go HOME! Traci and Brandi are at all of our adoptions and events and help out every week and more, obviously!!!
Mally Update...
Mally had his last surgery to repair his liver shunt on August 27 at UC Davis. He had some complications afterwards that put him in the emergency clinic for a few days but now he is living with his new foster Beth Kramer and doing great! Here is what Beth had to say about Mally:

"He's doing fantastic. He is such a happy puppy!!! Meds are is good... He chows down like it's his job!! Poo is normal ( no blood) little loose...but diet change can cause that. He's completely bonded with Laska. These two are ridiculous...walking them together is so goofy...his 3 legged hop...and her pelvic waddle... But they don't care!!! They together "
-Beth Kramer

Mally really was Against All Odds, but he beat them and is on to living his life! He is getting stronger and bigger everyday!

Mally's medical costs are still not completely paid off, there is still $5,788.12 left to pay for his treatments and surgeries. Thank you everyone that has donated so far towards Mally, he wouldn't have been able to make it this far without you.

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Hiro and Dianne
Ways you can Support Shadow Husky Rescue...
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Events in September
Shadow Husky Rescue at Boys and Girls Club!

Tim McVicker with Shadow Husky Rescue was invited to a Fun Filled Night Out with The Boys and Girls Club Of Menifee Valley last night at their Family Night Event! Joseph, one of our volunteers, and I were so Blessed to have so many kids lined up at the gate for their turn to give Hugs and Kisses to Sylvia, Hagee, Buddy and Mavrick!! What a special time to feel this tremendous love shared by all!! Our Huskies had kids laying on them, kissing them, from 1 years old to 90 years old, absolutely priceless to see! Watch the video below! 
Shadow Husky Rescue Adoption Events
Sundays, 12pm - 3pm PetSmart Menifee

Shadow Husky Rescue is at PetSmart in Menifee, CA from 12pm-3pm every Sunday trying to find forever homes for our rescues and surrender dogs! Come out, say hi, and maybe even bring home a new family member!
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