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We'd like to thank Maegen Lewis, our Extension Assistant Professor of Horticulture & Natural Resources, for her hard work and dedication to Summit and Wasatch Counties. Maegen's last day was September 2nd. If you have any questions about horticulture, natural resources, agriculture, or pests, please contact Elizabeth Cohen at 435-336-3216 or elizabeth.cohen@usu.edu.


Grant Money Available to Improve Small Farm Water Quality

The Small Farm Water Quality Improvement Project is accepting grant applications! This program offers a unique funding avenue for small farms and agricultural operations to improve the state of their surrounding water quality. Farms located in all counties in Utah are eligible to apply. Awarded funding can be used for projects that help with fencing, water pumps, berms, corrals, and other best management practices that improve waste management and promote water quality. Please click the link below to apply. If you have any questions about the grant application or are wondering if your project would qualify, please get in touch with Elizabeth Cohen at 435-336-3216 or elizabeth.cohen@usu.edu.

Apply Here

Potomac Horse Fever Found in Summit County

Recently two horses in Summit County tested have tested positive for Potomac Horse Fever (PHC). PHC is rare in Utah; it is present in parts of western Wyoming, Idaho, and Montanna. PHC is a warm-season illness that affects horses, donkeys, and mules that ingest adult aquatic insects infected with Neorickettsia risticii bacteria. Although horses can consume infected insects directly from streams and ponds, the insects can also fly into watering troughs and feeders. Horses can also eat insects that roost in pasture grasses during the day. Early detection and treatment with antibiotics are critical. Symptoms start one to three weeks after the animals consume the infected adult aquatic insects. Horse owners should be on the lookout for the following signs and seek veterinary care immediately:

·       Depression

·       Fever ranging from 102–107˚F

·       Lack of appetite

·       Watery diarrhea

·       Mild colic

·       Laminitis (founder) symptoms on all hooves

A vaccine for PHF is available, and horse owners can further reduce the risk for their horses by replacing white lights with yellow ones in barns, turning off barn lights at night, and checking water troughs and feeders for dead insects. More information on PHF is available on the Wyoming Extension fact sheet below. 

PHF Fact Sheet


August Yard and Garden Checklist

The heat is on, and yards and gardens are trying to survive the high temperatures and drought conditions. Consider these tips to help your garden succeed. 

More Information

USU Extension "The Pocket Gardener" - A Quick Reference Guide to Planting, Growing, and Harvesting Vegetables

Did you know that USU Extension has an online pocket gardener reference guide? It is formatted for viewing on mobile devices. Basic planting information and tips for each vegetable are front and center, including general planting dates, seedling depth, and tips for transplanting. There are also links to in-depth information, and for those who have specific questions, contact links are provided.


Tomato Troubles? 

Are you having issues with your tomatoes this year? If so, you are not alone! Dr. Melanie Stock, the USU Extension Small Farms Specialist, has some helpful information on the most common issues this year. 

More Information


The Utah Parenting Summit is an annual online event presented by USU Extension designed to turn science-based parenting information into practical tips and strategies for all types of parents and caregivers.

We aim to bring real-world solutions to some of your most common parenting challenges.

The Utah Parenting Summit includes:

  • Six live workshops + keynote
  • 10+ on-demand videos
  • Access after the summit to recordings of live workshops + keynote

Get your tickets on sale for $10 through September 30, 2022. This is a limited-time offer you will not want to miss! The ticket price will increase to $15 on October 1, 2022. One ticket is needed per household.

More Information

Kitchen appliances are available for check out!


Summit County residents can check out/reserve our appliances and sewing machines by calling Brena at 435-336-3217. Check out below what is available. 

Appliances For Rent

Happy Harvesting Season!


Check out USU Extension's canning website for information about safe canning practices and canning courses.

Preserve the Harvest

September 1st marks the new 4-H year, meaning your club data and enrollment info needs to be updated! This data will remain in the system until September 2023, so if you update it now, you will be ready to go once summer activities start.


Additionally, members are encouraged to join a chartered club, and Utah 4-H only recognizes chartered clubs. Chartered clubs, at a minimum, have at least five members from three or more families. Research over the years has proven that youth involved in 4-H programs see the most benefit in the traditional club setting. By chartering your club, you are ensuring that you are providing the quality 4-H experience that kids deserve. Furthermore, to participate in 4-H activities around the state, including State Contests, and State Livestock Shows, youth should be active members in good standing, meaning they are involved in chartered clubs.




  • All youth and adult leaders need to re-enroll on Zsuite. 4h.zsuite.org


  • When you re-enroll: 


  • If you are part of a recognized chartered club, register under the name of your club. 


  • If your club has at least five members from three or more families, contact Sam ASAP so she can add your chartered club to the list. Then wait until the club is added before you register.


  • If you are part of a family club, register as "Summit County Family Club."


  • If you don't have a club but want to be a part of one, register as "I don't know what club I am in," and I will contact you.  


Benefits of Chartered Clubs:


  • Chartered Jr. Livestock Clubs are welcome and encouraged to fulfill their member's required educational events for the Summit County Jr. Livestock Show and Sale.


  • Access to curriculum resources, such as Discover 4-H.


  • Quality Assurance


  • Positive Youth Development


  • Increased social and leadership opportunities


  • Allows 4-H staff a mechanism to know who their active clubs are


  • Meets USDA mandates/laws


  • Grant Money


Please let me know what I can do to help you, your club or members continue to thrive in the 4-H program.

Jr Livestock

**4-H Portfolios are due October 1**


In order to receive your check from the Jr. Livestock Sale, you must submit a 4-H portfolio. If you are a returning 4-H member, the format is the same as last year. Update your resume and cover letter to include this year’s information, and then upload it to Zsuites (4h.zsuite.org). You will need to re-active your membership on Zsuites before you can upload. If the member's name says “in-active” click on the member and click “re-enroll”


If this is your first year, you will need to create both a resume and a cover letter that details your 4-H experience. It is okay if you have little experience, it will grow over the coming years! 


If you need a refresher on how to complete the resume and cover letter, all information can be found here:




Cover Letter Objectives:



Resume Template 



Livestock Project Report Form



Livestock Resume Example:



Additionally, I am available both over zoom and in-person to help your child complete their cover letter and resume. Send me an email to set up an appointment. 


Portfolios MUST be submitted online in order to receive your check!



How to Submit A 4-H Portfolio on Zsuite:


1.      Log into Zsuite (4h.zsuite.org). It should automatically take you to your dashboard. If it does not, locate the dashboard tab on the left side menu. 

2.      Locate and select the “events” tab on the left side menu. 

3.      On the “events” page, locate the event titled “2022 Summit County Junior Livestock Portfolio”

4.      Select “register now”

5.      Upload your resume and cover letter. 

September Events

Shooting Sports



Kamas Valley Gun Club

3:30 PM-5:00 PM

Utah State Fair


State Fair Park, SLC


Teen Council Meeting 


Shooting Sports


.22 Rifle

Kamas Valley Gun Club

3:30 PM- 5:00 PM

State Horse Show


Save the Date

4-H Awards Night

November 9th @ 6:30 PM

South Summit Library 

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