Volume II | September 30, 2019
Why to Invest in Holistic Community Development?
Adopting a holistic approach towards community development is incredibly important in this day and age. Community development is the process by which different members of a particular community come together in order to take collective action and come up with solutions that could help resolve major problems that have been plaguing the community. Community development has long been regarded as one of the most effective methods of improving society as a whole.

Developing Our World is an organization that focused and invests heavily into holistic community development. The organization sponsors children, helps farmers, engages in research and development and nurtures spiritual life and care, etc. We invest heavily in holistic community development as well, and believe in the power of collective action. 

Collective action has been shown to yield much better results as compared to individuals working on different projects. However, what most people don’t understand is that there is a difference between the ways by which community development can occur. Holistic community development, simply put, is one of the best methods. Holistic community development is a collaborative and creative process which cultivates political, cultural, social, and spiritual conditions that are required for an entire community to thrive. Click here to find out a few reasons why invest in holistic community development is essential.
Holistic Approach is the Key
Holistic approach in community development is an essential requirement for communities such as that in Guatemala. Community development is a process of a collaborative effort that the people make towards a common goal that is to improve the living conditions. 

Creating Jobs
One of the major reasons for the poor economy and high crime rates is due to high unemployment rates, which are a result of lack of education and jobs. By creating jobs in a country with a poor economy, can help in creating a healthy community! 

We Invest in Families, which are the Capital of its Communities
Nuclear Family
The world has shifted its focus from the basic building block of community development that re nuclear families. In communities such as Guatemala, nuclear families play an immensely important role in improving the social, cultural, and economic conditions of the country.