Volume III | September 30, 2020
Ending All Sorts of Poverty – What is the Solution?
Poverty of all types is a result of moral and spiritual deprivation. Those who want to eradicate poverty from the world should learn to address the cause of poverty, rather than merely treating its symptoms, which could actually have devastating effects. 

The conventional belief is that poverty is the lack of money and material possessions. However, when you inspect things from a holistic perspective, it becomes clear that the conventional definition of poverty is erroneous because poverty can manifest in various manifestations. These manifestations are ultimately a consequence of leading an ill-advised life that drives a person away from internal peace. To gain contentment, an individual must strengthen their connection with God and His creation. 

This month's Newsletter focuses on how holistic community development can be used to end all types of poverty.
Ending the Poverty of Spiritual Intimacy
The poverty of Spiritual Intimacy is the root of all problems stepping from the denial of God’s existence for many people. God should be the first one in our lives. At Developing Our World, we have been serving regions around the world, where we educate people on how to fight the poverty of Spiritual Intimacy and seek God first. We share God’s Word and equip the saints to enable their societies with active community building.

Ending the Poverty of Being and of Community
From low self-esteem to wealth driven god-complexes, poverty of being impacts individuals and the community as a whole. The poverty of the community plagues lives as society makes it difficult for individuals to get out of the poverty spiral. At Developing Our World, we have been working on eliminating the poverty of being and community in Malawi, working with the Dzaleka Refugee Camp. Join hands and help us spread the love of God across the world. 

How to Alleviate Poverty Without Hurting the Poor... and Yourself.
Ending the Poverty of Stewardship
In a world that is both physically and spiritually poor, poverty of stewardship inflicts us all in the form of workaholism and slothfulness. It disables our creative side and leads us on a path where we start considering work our god instead of just a way to glorify God. It takes away our sense of purpose and leads us to the dark path of materialism. Developing Our World has been working on eliminating the poverty of stewardship in Malawi and many other regions of the world that are in dire need of addressing all forms of poverty. Join hands with us and help us elevate societies through community building and the power of Jesus.