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September 2022

Catch the Last Wave of Summer!

Kick back, cool off, and check out what’s going on at The Abode.


September Spotlight

Featured Artist

Rick Hilton

Rick Hilton’s art proves that great gifts come in small packages. He paints and depicts miniature coastal art on tiny canvases, rocks, and seashells. His seascapes exhibit intricate details and feature color palettes reminiscent of easy flowing blue skies and water with hues of a golden sun. Hilton’s artistic hobby started in 2014 when he discovered his love for painting. Leading with an intuitive approach, Hilton draws on his imagination for inspiration as well as his love of surfing. Be sure to check out his sea-inspired art around the shop and on Instagram @rickhiltonart.

Featured Product

Naturally Med

Invite Mediterranean vibes into your home with these beautiful, hand-crafted kitchen, home, and gift products made from individual pieces of olive wood. Sourced from Tunisia Africa, each long-lasting product displays unique colors and patterns created by the natural grain of the wood. With such a one-of-a-kind look, each piece is unique and like no other. We have cutting boards, wine toppers, coasters, bowls, and much more. Come see for yourself and experience the Mediterranean lifestyle with Naturally Med wood products.

Featured Showroom

The Backyard

Our backyard displays repurposed antique farming tools and our 80-year-old naval orange tree! It’s where you will find an assortment of garden decorations, succulent arrangements, and garden pots. Venture to the back patio to find wind chimes, bird houses, and hanging glass bulbs by Kitras from Canada. And from south of the border, popular Talavera pottery from Mexico also shares the scene here as well. Next time you stop by, step out back and experience our ornate backyard at The Abode!

What's New?

One Part Co.

Up your cocktail party fun with these mixer packets! Simply infuse your spirits or wine with their all-natural, botanical cocktail packet mixers and voilà. One Part Co. offers a variety of easy-to-use flavor packets to add fun without breaking a sweat, making 6+ drinks per packet.

Colors of California

Eye-catching jewelry made with natural stones and crystals! Each unique jewelry piece is made with genuine gemstones, hypoallergenic bronze, and/or sterling silver. We carry a variety of bracelets, earrings, and necklaces to offer you a wide range of selections.

Paperblanks Journals

Embellished with creative artwork and designs, these journals inspire your imagination! Influenced by historical art, these unique journals also make great gifts too. Each journal utilizes traditional book construction for a durable lifetime of memorable entries.

What's Happening?

End of Summer Party on 9/22

Let’s soak up the sun and enjoy the last bit of summer fun! Celebrate with us as we catch the last wave of summer and say “sea you later” to the sunny season. The party begins at 6 p.m. on Thursday, September 22nd. Enjoy giveaways and a 20% discount during the event!


Annie Sloan Workshop on 9/24

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® is a praised and specialized product we proudly carry at The Abode. Join us as we teach some of the basic to advanced techniques of painting furniture using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® on Saturday, September 24th from 1-4 p.m.

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Transition in Life

Soon we will say goodbye to summer and witness the cycle of life, death, and rebirth repeat. We feel the changes and we, too, transform and shed behind our old selves. We cannot change the circumstances of this cycle, resist it, or deny it. We must feel it through the body and soul, and we must honor it. We understand that the only thing we can change is ourselves. The only thing we have power over is how we respond to the transition. So while the leaves fall and the trees become bare, sense this peace and calm in the air. That sense of trust in knowing nature will do what it has always done and we will always be safe through the transition into the next chapter of life.

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Designed by Anne Frohlich. Written by Carly Lake.