Volume 1.2 | September 30, 2019
September 2019 Newsletter
The accounting equation - Assets = Liabilities + Owner's Equity. The first part of this newsletter will be split up into these 3 categories. Enjoy.
Banking Tip
This month a couple of our clients took advantage of setting up a new business checking account with Chase and claiming the $300 sign up bonus.

It has since been downgraded to $200 but still not a bad promotion. Let's see what the new offers are that come out. Wells Fargo is currently my favorite when they come out.

Chase Banking Bonus
Featured Biz Card of Month
Apple Credit card

Benefits of This Card

  • See how much credit they will give you before accepting (without a hard pull)!
  • 2% Cash back if used Apple Pay - deposits into your account daily.
  • 3% on all Apple products

Synopsis - Although there is no sign up bonus, this is a great card for a couple reasons. It is good for people who want to start their credit profile as a first card. It is also good to accumulate credit for yourself and build to your total credit.
Important Business Tax Deadlines

If you have filed an extension:

  • C Corporations: October 15, 2019

Does your business have a CPA or Enrolled Agent that you are confident in? Let BSH Accounting help you.

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Featured Resource
Another day, another breach. Door Dash just got hacked for 4.9 million customers data. LifeLock is IMPERATIVE now. It offers up to $1Million in Identity Theft reimbursements for you. They give you alerts when new accounts are opened under your social and also monitor your credit.

You can lock your credit from being pulled which I highly recommend.

This latest Wall Street Journal article that came out today talks about how these scammers are getting to you the easiest through these breaches now.

(This is a premium contact article. Reply back if you want me to read it full and send to you).

Get a 25% off your 1st Year buy signing up through our link.
Live Event Talk
I give these talks about credit cards and financial literacy every quarter. If you would like to come the next one is this month!
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