It's been two months since I stepped away from the business I helped create. What have I done with my time?
Invested it is myself and real experiences.
Welcome to my first email blast. Some of you have been regular clients for years and some of you are new to The Wild Child Yogi, so let me reintroduce myself. Hey Y’all, my name is Leah. I am a 27 year old massage therapist, yoga instructor and adventure seeker. A lifetime of being immersed in adventure sports and traveling, combined with almost 20 years of yoga experience, has strengthened my intuition and skills as a sports massage therapist. I practice ultimate relaxation through deep tissue manipulation, without the pain of excessive pressure, in every massage. My yoga teacher training gives me the knowledge to incorporate breath work and mobility for maximum results with little effort. I have been an employee, an independent contractor, a business owner and now, I am The Wild Child Yogi. I work with clients in person, in multiple areas and I have expanded my online presence to incorporate my other passions through blogging and my YouTube channel. Whether you are looking for pain management, a Whole Body Rework or the best free campsites in Maine, I’ve got you covered! 
Pop up massage appointments
I have availability at OmBody this Sunday (8/30) starting at 12:30pm.
Sunday appointments are hard to come by and book up quickly.

Check out all that OmBody has to offer
September is for white water boat riding!

Upper Yough week is 9/14-18.
To accommodate a week's worth of fun, I will be offering very early and very late availability. These appointments are limited and will book up quickly. Please refer to the schedule below for exact availability.
To all my boaters hanging around Friendsville; due to Covid, I will not be bringing my massage chair to Water Street Cafe for $1/ minute massages. If your body is screaming after boating all week, contact me and we can make a plan that is convenient for both of us.  
To book an appointment, call or text 443-605-2655 or book online by clicking the link, scroll past specialty and location options to find the request forum.
For everyone craving an in person yoga class, I feel ya!

To be honest, I am hesitant to commit to an indoor class so soon after kids go back to school. Who knows what the rules will be in a few weeks! So, I tentatively plan to teach one, possibly two classes, at OmBody on September 22. Closer to the date, this will be confirmed on my website and through social media. 

Did you know that I started a YouTube channel?

It’s been a real learning experience and I am grateful for the opportunity. This channel allows me to continue teaching and connecting with clients from all over. Every class is suitable for all levels and recorded in a different spot in nature.

Check out this class I recorded in Maine a few weeks ago.
Growing up, I was taught that yoga was not created to be monetized, but an instructor's time should always be valued. This is why I am steadfast in my belief that all yoga classes should be “by donation”. Pre pandemic, in person classes were profitable and the time spent teaching was sustainable. Online classes seem to have the opposite effect. My workload and time invested has doubled but donations are rare. While I will continue to teach because it makes me happy, I gently remind my viewers that if you enjoy the online classes, please contribute to the flow. Thank you. 
Introducing the Whole Body Rework program
This is an intensive two week program combining 5 1/2 hours of massage, focused on the three major areas responsible for pain in the body, with 3 personalized and prerecorded yoga classes for strength training, muscle recovery and every day maintenance. The goal is to reset muscle memory, lower your stress level & give you the tools to maintain your wellness long term. This program was created for clients who want to eliminate an ongoing pain cycle, kickstart a healthier lifestyle or improve their training. 

Want to take the first steps towards a consultation or learn how you can win this program for FREE? 
Traveling in a Pandemic: Maine

Packing enough gear and food into a Rav4 for two people for 9 days, plus room to sleep is one helluva tetris game. Here's what we did: Water- one 6 gallon jug (stowed away for the end of the trip), one 3 gallon jug (easily accessible for...

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Look for my next post about traveling around the Great Lakes, coming soon. 

That wraps up all the announcements I have for September. I look forward to connecting with you further. If you have any questions, feel free to respond to this email.  

I hope you are inspired to treat your body with kindness & plan an adventure of your own.

Lots of love,
Leah Staley