We made it!  The air is finally turning cooler and we're ready to get moving.
Want to move with your dog, and get rewarded?  Check out the new AKC Fit Dog program below. 
And get ready for Halloween--the Redfern Annual Halloween Party is on November 3rd. 
Come train with us!
AKC Fit Dog

   One of the biggest health challenges facing dogs and humans alike today is being overweight! If you can't feel your dog's ribs easily, he needs to lose a pound or three. If your dog's belly doesn't 'tuck' up, it is time to look at some weight control. If your pup has a 'fatty pad' at the base of her tail, time for a doggy diet! 

   Fortunately, there are many resources to help with weight control! Two of my

favorites are Fitness Unleashed by Drs. Marty Becker and Robert Kushner and the newly announced AKC Fit Dog program.

   Fitness Unleashed, written by a veterinarian and a medical doctor, offers concrete suggestions for exercising with your pup with the goal of weight loss for both of you.

   AKC's Fit Dog program, which has just been announced, encourages and recognizes dog/human teams who have completed a 3 month period in which they have walked together for 5 times per week for at least 30 minutes each time. Qualifying is simple (just keep a walking log) and free!

   So, do yourself and your dog a favor--get out and walk!              


Mark Your Calendars:
Redfern Canines 2018 Annual Halloween Bash!

Bring your dogs to celebrate the season and have a howling good time.

Costumes for everyone are greatly appreciated, and light refreshments will be provided for all.

Where:  Redfern Canines
              7540 Allentown Blvd.
              Harrisburg, PA 17112

When:   Saturday, November 3
              4:00 pm

Please RSVP to Betsy@redferncanines.com

And the Award Goes To... 
Our Students!

Congratulations to the Redfern teams that have worked so hard together.  We recognize the work and effort that goes into working together.  Nicely done! 
Alliance of Therapy Dogs
       Karen Mojecki has been named a Tester/Observer for therapy dog        
Canine Good Citizen
       Barbara Allerton & Jack                     Julie Cha & Teddy
       Michelle Ditch & Finley                       Suzanne & Scott Hile & Barkley
       Melita McCully & Belle                       Sharon Muzio & Mary Bokeko & Bronx
       Kathi Simpson & Tracer
STAR Puppy
       Cathy Betz & Lexie                            Steffi Devine & Lola
       Jean Edwards & Bear                        Jenn Lucas & Cooper
       John Neely & Kaleigh                        Christina O'Donnell & Eleanor
       Tina Orndorff & Rosie                        Cynthia Seiders & Moose
       Galina Zharichenko & Keto
Portia's Piece

AKC Scent Work: Putting Our Noses in the Thick of It


Hi Everyone!

   This issue, I wanted to let you know about Scent Work, the newest doggy sport title available from the American Kennel Club.

   Open to both mixed breed and pure bred dogs, Scent Work uses the natural talents of every dog in searching for one of five odors (birch, anise, clove, cyprus, and the owner's scent) in one of four settings--containers, interiors, exteriors, and buried under earth. Competitions are done on sequential levels of difficulty, beginning with Novice.

   Scent Work is NOT just for dogs and handlers who want to compete, though! Scent Work is both FUN (for dogs AND handlers) and really great at building self-confidence in dogs who are 'worriers' about new places, things, and events.

   If you would like to see what Scent Work is all about, we would love to have you (humans only, please!) visit a NoseWork/Scent Work class and see the fun! Just email Betsy (betsy@redferncanines.com) and we will find a time for you to visit!

   Hope to see you watching me sniffing soon!                      Love, Portia


Class Title Beginning Date/Time # Class Sessions
   Introduction to Training Seminar
9/16 (Sun) 4:00 pm
Beginners Class
9/24 (Mon) 5:15 pm
Rally I
9/24 (Mon) 7:45 pm
Beginners Class
9/29 (Sat) 10:15 am
Puppy Class
9/29 (Sat) 11:30 am
   Introduction to Training Seminar
10/2 (Tues) 7:00 pm
NoseWork - Exteriors
10/8 (Mon) 6:30 pm
Beginners Class
10/9 (Tues) 6:30 pm
Puppy Class
10/11 (Thur) 7:45 pm
Advanced Manners Class
10/13 (Sat) 12:45 pm
4(10/13, 10/20, 10/27, 11/3) 
Canine Good Citizen/Therapy Dog
10/17 (Wed) 7:45 pm
    Introduction to Training Seminar
10/21 (Sun) 3:00 pm
Beginners Class
10/31 (Wed) 6:30 pm
Beginners Class
11/1 (Thur) 6:30 pm
Intro to NoseWork I
11/3 (Sat) 9:00 am
Outdoor Adventures
11/4 (Sun) 1:00 pm
Puppy Class
11/4 (Sun) 2:45 pm
Puppy/Beginners Class 
11/5 (Mon) 10:30 am 
    Introduction to Training Seminar
11/10 (Sat) 1:00 pm 1*
Advanced Manners Class
11/12 (Mon) 11:45 am
4(11/12, 11/19, 11/26, 12/3)  
Puppy Class
11/12 (Mon) 6:30 pm 
Rally I
11/12 (Mon) 7:45 pm 
    Introduction to Training Seminar
11/21 (Wed) 7:00 pm
Beginners Class
11/24 (Sat) 10:15 am
K-9 Sampler
11/24 (Sat) 11:30 am
Advanced Manners
11/24 (Sat) 12:45 pm
 4(11/24, 12/1, 12/8, 12/15)
Puppy Class
11/28 (Wed) 7:45 pm
All training classes denoted with an asterisk have a prerequisite of the
Introduction to Training Seminar.  This seminar is designed for trainers only, no dogs are permitted. For additional class information, visit www.redferncanines.com

Need a Great Party Space?  Look No Further.

Our Redfern Canine Center is available for party and meeting rentals.  We have a perfect open space for musical chairs and games of tag.  We also have an ADA restroom, lots of tables and chairs, and free parking.  The center is conveniently located at 7540 Allentown Boulevard, with easy access to Route 81, and just minutes from Hershey, PA.  Rentals start at $50 for two hours. For further information, contact Betsy@redferncanines.com.
Tis the Season, Mark Your Calendar!

        Redfern Canines presents Annual Pictures with Santa
November 17th                               RSVP to Betsy@redferncanines.com

Redfern Canines