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September/October 2019
Hello ,
I am delighted to have the opportunity to update you on the lifesaving results achieved by our NorCal TRN ® (Trauma Recovery Network), invite you to our EMDRIA conference meet-up if you are attending, share volunteer welcomes and tributes to valued members of our Trauma Recovery/Humanitarian Assistance Programs community.
In this letter, you will learn about:
  • Over 500 Camp Fire survivors seen by our NorCal TRN, and results in their own words,
  • The fun, recognition and networking we have planned for EMDRIA 2019, next week, and how you can join in,
  • Facilitator Training and our newest Cohort,
  • Other volunteer news and Trauma Recovery activities.
We appreciate your dedication to trauma healing through EMDR therapy and your relationship with Trauma Recovery/HAP. We want to hear your stories, challenges and outcomes, so please connect with us. We plan to share more community news, our initiatives and progress, and your success stories in the future.
All the best,
Carol R. Martin
Executive Director
Update: Norcal TRN® Brings Trauma Recovery To The Camp Fire Victims
The NorCal TRN (Trauma Recovery Network) has begun to wind up its emergency response to treat Camp Fire victims.  The results of their heroic and selfless efforts are amazing.  The TRN served over 500 Camp Fire survivors.  Sixty-four percent noted a reduction of symptoms thirty days after the session, and more results are still coming in.  
EMDRIA 2019 Conference
Trauma Treatment Meet-Up - Orange County, CA

You're invited to meet skilled mental health clinicians at one of the many events Trauma Recovery Humanitarian Assistance Programs will be hosting at EMDRIA Conference 2019. Join us at our:
  • Booth 406 - 9/12 -15
  • Faculty Volunteer Meeting - 9/12
  • TRN Breakfast - 9/13
  • Annual Dance - 9/13
Meet our staff and the many Trauma Recovery trained therapists who've participated in a training in response to a disaster or community need, and often joined a Trauma Recovery Network (TRN®). They are all ready to share stories and experiences, and eager to learn new ideas to improve outcomes....

Facilitator's Training Day and New Trainer Cohort
Announcing the second Facilitator Training Day, September 10, at the Embassy Suites in Anaheim, CA. At this event, invitees will learn in-depth information about project assignments and training operations. Aspiring facilitators will learn the details and responsibilities of the position as well as practical facilitator experience.
In addition, we will be pleased to recognize our new 2018/2019 Trainer Cohort:

William Brislin
Rebecca Kase
April Minjarez
Lori Pereira
Jill Strunk
James Randy Webb

Welcome and thank you for your service!

Welcoming Our Newest Board Member
Trauma Recovery Humanitarian Assistance Programs is pleased to announce and welcome our newest board member, Kenneth Miller.  Ken joined the EMDR HAP Board in the spring of this year.   He had recently retired from many years serving as Senior Associate General Counsel for Yale University, when his friend and colleague Cynthia Carr introduced him to Trauma Recovery Humanitarian Assistance Programs.  

In Remembrance - Dr. Shapiro, Capt. Raposa
Francine Shapiro, Ph.D. 
We mourn the loss of Francine Shapiro, in August. Dr. Shapiro is the originator and developer of EMDR therapy, and the inspiration for all of our work. She was also the head of the EMDR Institute and the Founder and President Emeritus of this organization, Trauma Recovery, EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Programs. She will be greatly missed.   Francine Shapiro played many roles in her work - Visionary, Philanthropist, Teacher, Mentor, Thought Leader, and Researcher...

 Faculty Academy 
Volunteer Acknowledgment:
Thank you to all our volunteers for everything you do to help us achieve our mission!
Below is a list of those who generously donated their time and expertise
during the months of May, June, July, and August.

Stephen Beck
Jenny Bridges
William Brislin
Leslie Brown
Marion Brown
Jenna Burton
Lori Cao
Jennifer Cecil
Peg Correia
Anastasia Doulis
Stephanie Drieze
Stacy Eggsware
Rachel Erwin
Donna Fleming
Holly Forman-Patel
Shelly Foster
Jonna Fries
Laurie Furman
Cocoy Garcia
Veronika Gold
Andrea Goldberg
Deborah Goodwin
Ryan Grant
Marina Hewlett
Pennisue Hignell
Marcia Holland
Kyle Hood
Kelly Hurley
Amy Kahn
Rebecca Kase
Cheryl Kenn
Rhonda Kildea
Paula Kentzel
Gretchen Leu
Tabatha Maiorano
Neriluz Maldonado
Isaac Manis
Kyndel Marcroft
Susan Marcus
Priscilla Marquis
Mary Jo McHaney
Reginald McRae
Kathleen Miller
April Minjarez
Linda Mixon
Elaine Nelson
Mark Odland
David Ogren
Ted Olejnik
Elaine Ortman
John Paradiso
Lori Pereira
Lynn Persson
Merrill Powers
Deborah Price
Betsy Prince
Connie Pyburn
Jesse Rappaport
Cherilyn Rowland-Petrie
Dorinna Ruh
Julia Russomanno
Jan Schaad
Elisabeth Slatt
Sadie Smith
Jill Strunk
Melinda Sullivan
Bernadette Talia
Jorge Torres-Saenz
Timothy Vermillion
James Randy Webb
Cindy White
Crystal Wildes
Frazier Wilson
Janet Wilson
Monica Wisco

Congratulations to our new facilitators...

Jenna Burton
Margaret "Peg" Correia
Kyndel Marcroft
Elaine Nelson
Jorge Torres-Saenz
Janet Wilson

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