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September/October ENewsletter 

Dear all,


Fall always seems to be a good time for reflection.  As I prepare to start my new Men's Group in Menlo Park, as well as continuing to meet individuals for participation in existing groups, I am pleased to share this month's theme: the six main surprises for group therapy participants. Since these are broad based, not every client has all of these experiences, but the potential is certainly there.  


1)  A greater sense of connection than anticipated.  Group members are looking for connection, validation, understanding and acceptance, as well as progress with their issues and goals. What surprises many is the degree of profound connection that develops in group over time.  


2)  A more compelling sense of community.  Group regularity, consistency and commitment can evoke a powerful sense of community. It is not unusual for participants to feel other group members are the people in their lives who know them best. Feelings of warmth, closeness, humor, intimacy and sadness (amongst many others) are shared. A sense of being in this together is a hallmark of a well functioning group.  


3)  I see myself in this other group member, but I resist and don't like it. Strong reactions, judgments and harshness can lead to distancing oneself from another group member. When clients allow themselves to "join" the person they feel conflicted with through acknowledging the similarities, there is room to heal those parts while also connecting more deeply with the group member/s.


4)  Strong feelings and intensity can actually be okay, if not functional.  Anger, conflict, judgment, competition, jealousy, embarrassment and the like can be dealt with in a healthy manner. A healthy group experience can both "repair" and surprise members by modeling acceptance and processing these issues. The alternative is to feel alienated, silent, reprimanded and thus play out the elephant in the room.  


5)  Others have also struggled in significant ways, not just me.  Issues that are long standing or have festered for years, when discussed in group, can suddenly feel intimate and connected. It can also bring great relief. Often a disclosure that is intimate and difficult is followed by disclosures from other members of a similar nature. Because many intimate struggles on a core level are often hidden or downplayed, the experience of seeing others' struggles can be immensely helpful and reparative.     


6)  I wish I had joined a group sooner!  Clients familiar with individual therapy who are referred to group, and sometimes reluctantly enter group, can be in for a big, positive surprise. I have had several clients comment that the "fit" for group was really what they were looking for, but they didn't know that until they experienced it.  


* * *


Thanks all for your thoughts and time in reading this newsletter. Below you'll find my ongoing group schedule and what to expect at November's free workshop on groups: Common Countertransference Issues for the Group Leader.  


Best wishes,

Jamie Moran, LCSW, CGP


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  Group Schedule


Monday 6:15-7:45pm  Gay & Bisexual Men's Psychotherapy Group | FULL

Monday 8:00-9:30pm  Group for Men of All Sexual Orientations | OPENINGS

New Group, anticipate Nov/Dec start date.

SAN FRANCISCO | Gay Men's Psychotherapy Groups
*All Hayes Valley unless stated otherwise
Tuesday 5:50-7:20pm FULL
Tuesday 7:30-9:00pm OPENINGS
Wednesday 5:45-7:15pm OPENINGS
Wednesday 7:25-8:55pm FULL
Thursday 6:30-8:00pm FULL*
*Co-facilitated with 
Greg Millard, Ph.D., in the Financial District


All groups involve a interview and screening process. To begin please contact Jamie Moran at jammoran@aol.com or call 415.552.9408.


   Everything You Want To Know About Groups But Are Afraid To Ask!

Workshop: Common Countertransference Issues for the Group Leader 

Date: Saturday, November 2nd
Time: 1:30pm to 3:30pm
Location: Redwood Shores Library

399 Marine Pkwy, Redwood City, 94065

Please RSVP by 10/31 to jammoran@aol.com


Group leaders face a variety of challenges in an interpersonally focused group, some of which may have an impact on a personal level. This workshop will address countertransference themes that may be common for group leaders, including: 

  • Reactions to certain group members or personality types.
  • Avoidance of client drives such as anger or attraction.
  • Having a desire to control the group.
  • Wanting to have a "nice" group.

Workshop participants will learn that they are not alone with these struggles. Perspectives will be offered on differing approaches to address these issues. Time permitting, additional countertransference issues brought by workshop participants will be discussed. Note that some of these themes may vary in their relevance to support groups or other group spaces. 


* * * 


This workshop is part of the series, Everything You Want To Know About Groups But Are Afraid To Ask, monthly seminars geared toward facilitators on various topics pertaining to groups. Location alternates between San Francisco and the Peninsula. Workshops are freely offered to therapists, students and other health care providers. Course meets the qualifications for 1.5 or 2 hours of CEUs (number of CEUs is equal to the length of the workshop) for MFTs, LPCCs, LEPs and LCSWs as required by the BBS, Provider number 5346. There is a $10 fee for those seeking course credit.



Upcoming Workshops: 


Group FAQs for Facilitators

12.7.13 | SF  

SF LGBT Center 3:30pm-5:00pm.

Link to map: 1800 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94102


For questions or to RSVP for future workshops, please contact me.

About the facilitator:

Jamie Moran, LCSW, CGP, has worked in the field of Mental Health and Healthcare since 1984. Jamie offers individual and couples counseling, long-term psychotherapy groups for men and various workshops and trainings within the community. 

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