September/October Newsletter
NABCEP's Recertification Requirements Are Changing!
Our Board of Directors recently approved changes to NABCEP's recertification requirements to align with changes in the industry. The new recertification requirements for NABCEP's Board Certifications can be seen below.

  • CE requirements for all certifications, except for PV Technical Sales and our Associate credentials, will increase to 30 HOURS. For a breakdown of the new CEU requirements for each of NABCEP's programs, please click the link below.

To be eligible for recertification, NABCEP Board Certified Professionals must submit a letter on letterhead, signed by an employer stating the applicant is still actively involved in the renewable energy industry and describing the industry activity of the applicant.
  1. Industry activity must meet one of the minimum requirements as described below.
  2. Alternative activities may be submitted for review and acceptance by NABCEP. 
  3. Letter must include specific details as described below


  1. Applicant had a decision-making role in the installation(s) of at least 3 completed installs within the applicant's three (3) year certification period
  2. Teacher/trainer/instructor who teaches at least 120 hours of an advanced PV* course(s) or a Registered NABCEP PV Associate course within the applicant's three (3) year certification period
  3. Leadership role for at least one (1) year in a business or organization that trains students  customers, or clientele to design, install, commission, maintain, inspect or carry out other activities in the PV* market within the applicant's three (3) year certification period
  4. Leadership role for at least one (1) year in a business that designs, installs, sells, commissions, maintains, inspects, or finances PV* systems, or manufactures solar industry equipment within the applicant's three (3) year certification period
  5. Leadership role relating to PV* within the renewable energy industry for at least 36 hours within the applicant's three (3) year certification period (e.g. committee or board member in a renewable energy association or company)

PV* to be replaced by Solar Heating for SHI recertification

Transition Period:
January 1, 2019- December 31, 2019

Current and former NABCEP Board Certified Professionals will be able to choose to recertify under the current recertification requirements (18 CEUs and experience requirements)  OR  the new recertification requirements (30 CEUs and industry involvement) for one (1) year after January 1st, 2019. Starting on January 1st, 2020, all current and former NABCEP Board Certified Professionals will need to meet the new recertification requirements in order to recertify.
The Scheduling Deadline to take the next Paper & Pencil Exam is coming up soon!
There's still time to schedule for the October 20, 2018 NABCEP Certification Exam! The application submission deadline to take one of NABCEP's paper-and-pencil (P&P) Board Certification exams is quickly approaching. If you want to take your exam in the standard paper-and-pencil format, you'll need to submit your application by midnight on Friday, September 7th, 2018.
NABCEP's Board Certifications Become the
Global Standard
NABCEP recently announced that our Photovoltaic Installation Professional (PVIP) Certification exam is now available internationally. The international exam is the same as the one offered in the United States and Canada, using a computerized format, and it is available in English in over 370 cities in 97 countries across the globe. The international expansion of the PVIP Certification exam positions NABCEP as the global standard for renewable energy industry certifications.

“Global deployment of residential, C&I, and utility-scale PV systems is growing at an incredible rate,” said Shawn O’Brien, NABCEP’s Executive Director. “From the Middle East to Asia to our own rooftops, solar power is quickly becoming a dominant source of energy. The importance of having uniform standards of practice within the industry as it grows comes into keener focus in the age of globalization, and NABCEP will continue to update and maintain uniform standards of practice as NABCEP’s Board Certifications become the global standard for professionals in the renewable energy industry.”

NABCEP’s PV Installation Professional Certification exam will be offered in countries like China, India, Jordan, and many others. For a full list of test sites, please click here . International test-takers will be required to pay an additional $75 exam fee.

Current Registered NABCEP Training Providers will be able to offer their training courses internationally to individuals interested in earning one of NABCEP’s Board Certifications. Registered NABCEP Training Providers are also able to list their course on NABCEP’s Course Catalog . For organizations interested in becoming a Registered NABCEP Training Provider, please review the NABCEP’s Registered Training Providers Guidelines and Application
Requesting Subject Matter Experts!
Are you interested in joining one of our committees as a subject matter expert? Do you want to travel to fun places like Daytona Beach, Chicago, or Raleigh, NC? Well there's good news: NABCEP is looking for some talented folks to join some of our PV and Technical Sales committees!

If you're interested in being a part of our growing community of volunteers, please email Dan Pickel, Program Manager at NABCEP.
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