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Having a Little Hope: Why I Foster

   It's not as though I can't fill my days. Or nights. Or weekends.  It's not because the house is empty; it most certainly is not thanks to Edie, Echo, Hannah, Portia and Blanche. It's because I know I can help Hope to a forever home by having her live and learn temporarily in mine.
   Hope came to me in mid-July as a VERY scared 3 year old pup who was terrified of all new people, sounds, places, and experiences. When I put her on the grass the night she came, she collapsed to her belly, shaking uncontrollably. She lasted 2 whole days before she gave up and went to the potty. She did not eat while I was in the room for 2 weeks. The first time she stepped on a dead leaf that crackled, she bolted away looking for a safe place.
   Over the next several weeks, I worked to give Hope lots of new experiences to build her trust and confidence. She went to church with me. She went to visit at a local nursing home. She learned to take treats from my hand. She learned that it is okay to go through a doorway. She learned to walk on a leash. She actually started to enjoy a car ride. Most importantly, she learned that people can be her friends.
   Hope left me on Sept 21 to go to her new home. When she saw her new family come through the door, her first reaction was to hide behind a chair--or look for her safe crate. But after a few minutes, when her new 'dad' sat down on the floor, she went over to him and snuggled up as close to him as she could!
   THIS is why I foster pups for a local rescue. Because if I can make the world a better place for ONE pup, I will! It is my way of saying thank you to all of the wonderful dogs I have had over the past 32
      Have a great life, little Hope--I will miss you. 

Redfern Canines Training: Hurry! Fall classes are filling fast!

We offer training classes ranging from brand-new puppy to canine tricks to beginner/advanced obedience, and so much more.  We have classes for dogs that have never had any formal training, and dogs that could teach us a thing or two. 

Click the link below for detailed class descriptions,                                                  training dates and registration.

See our complete training schedule and register right here at redferncanines.com

Here are just a few of our classes:

  • Puppy
  • Advanced Manners
  • Rally
  • Agility
  • Reactive Rover
  • Canine Good Citizen
  • Tricks
  • K9 Sampler
  • Nosework
  • Therapy Dog Preparation
Portia's Piece

What is a Breed Championship?
And why should anyone care?

Getting a Breed (or 'Conformation') title is lots of work--and LOTS of baths and primping!
I asked my mom, Betsy, why we needed to go through all of that and she said that it is important to make sure that people who want a dog like me (or like Lassie or RinTinTin or Toto or.....) are able to find a "mini-me". In a Conformation show, dogs are compared to the image of the PERFECT example of their breed. Then, those dogs that come closest to that image can be bred to reproduce the looks and personality of that breed. (Of course, it is also very, very important to do health checks on any dog before making the choice to breed them.)
I guess everyone has a picture in their head of what they want a dog to look like--small/large, black/white, long/short hair, floppy/stand-up ears, long/short nose, tall/short, etc. So, even people who choose to rescue a pup look for 'breed characteristics.                                                            
                                         Love, Portia
By the way, I am now officially CH Dreamvale Diverse Portfolio RN, CGC, CGC-A, CGC-U, THDN, THD, THDA, THDX, TKN.
Class Spotlight:  Reactive Rover

Most dogs do well in our standard-size group training classes, starting with beginner or puppy classes, then picking and choosing additional classes based on interest.  But some dogs struggle, and our larger group classes only increase their reactivity.  That's where Reactive Rover and our expert trainer, Lee Livingood, come in.  

Lee explains the nuts and bolts of Reactive Rover as  "a class is for dogs who bark and lunge at other dogs when on leash. The class will help you develop appropriate training and management skills in a controlled setting and will help you teach your dog to respond appropriately in the presence of other


Reactive Rover is not for dogs who are reactive to people, have a bite history, or are aggressive to other dogs in your home.
Pick a Class.
Click to Register.
Easy Peasy.

Unsure what to do next with your dog? Can't tell if Fido is cut out for Rally? 
No worries.  
New features on the website have consolidated class descriptions and registrations so you can get started, and finished, quickly and easily.   
Visit our new, improved website!
And the Award Goes To... 
Our Final Summer School Teams!

Congratulations to the Redfern teams that have worked so hard together.  We recognize the work and effort that goes into training and working together.  Well done! 


Canine Good Citizen--
    Alycia Anspach & Nero              Kimberly Doerr & Snoopy
   Ilse Heine & Morgan                   Jessi McClure & Monroe
   Adrienne/Patrick Miller & Mully John Neely & Kaleigh
   Lucille Wakefield & Masey
   Debra Farrington & Gracie
   Debra Farrington & Gracie         Karen Hess & Gabbie
   Cindy Johnstonbaugh & Ozzie  Karen Kangas & Yuki
   Kaitlyn Widdowson & Lily
STAR Puppies--
   George Chicoine & Brady          Amy Damdin & Ollie
   Will/April Fegley & Riley            Robert/Kathy Martin & Dobby
   Leslie/Allen Moyer & Charlie     Fran Munzenrider & Tamsy
   Kaley Renn & Logan                  Mike/Wendy Royer & Ellie
   Richard/Lorraine Sandt & Jethro
   Courtney Schwalm/Alison Carney & Jude
   Miranda Snyder & Tillie             Chris/Karin Topping & Lucy
   Juel Vasil & Max                         Kasey Wadron & Zara
   Paul/Karen/Christina/Michael Yarish & Rusty     
Conformation/Breed Championship--
   Betsy Howell/Karen Sage & Portia
October is National Animal Safety & Protection Month

Keep your pup happy and healthy, with a little help from a new app developed in conjunction with the American Red Cross that can provide guidance when your dog is a little under the weather.  Take a look at the new free pet first aid app right here.

The ASCPA is also offering a free pet protection pack featuring a window decal for your home in the event of fire, and a fridge magnet for the ASPCA Pet Poison Control line.  Read more about it here.
Blessing of the Animals

Join us at St. Andrews in the Valley at  4620 Linglestown Rd, Harrisburg, PA for a Blessing of the Animals on Sunday, October 6th at 2:00 pm.  Following a short service, each animal will receive a blessing.  For questions, contact St. Andrews at 717-657-8583.
Redfern Canines