September/October 2020
disAbility Connections Celebrates Disability Awareness Month (October) with
Comedy Event Chuckles For Charity
Historically in October we have held our Disability Awareness Dinner, and much like everything else in 2020, we have had to make some changes to our normal plans. This year we can all probably simply enjoy a night of relaxation and laughter. Friday, October 16th, at 7PM our friend Scott Clow will host the 2nd annual Chuckles for Charity LIVE ON FACEBOOK with comedians Nina G, Mean Dave, and Michael Beers. For any that do not have Facebook, the show will also be shown on YouTube at the same time as well. The link will be on the dC website.

Not only do we have three great comedians that are sure to keep you entertained, we have transformed our traditional silent auction into raffles! Feeling lucky, or at least charitable? All funds raised go towards programs that help our communities.

There is something for everybody and tickets range from just $2 up to $25 with no limit on the number of entries one person can buy. Raffle entries are available now to purchase. The raffle baskets are filled with items to pamper, eat, and entertain while there are also big items like the Bushel of Booze or Adirondack chairs with a cooler in the middle that are sure to help sit back and relax.
a mainly purple flyer is used to promote an upcoming event.  the text is white and a bright blue color.  disability connections presents CHUCKLES FOR CHARITY COMEDY NIGHT. Hosted by Scott Clow featuring Nina G Mean Dave Michael Beers.  Live on FaceBook.

Among all of the other changes that have occurred in 2020, we have added a couple of new employees to the disAbility Connections (dC) team. We are very happy to have Shelby Dalton and Richard Bowser join us on the dC staff.

Shelby has embraced and taken on the role as our new Customer Relations/Front Desk specialist. She has been very busy and helpful since joining, doing all the new employee orientation and keeping the loan closet up and running as we continue only operating that on Tuesdays by appointment only.

The other addition to the staff is Richard. He has joined and immersed himself within the role as our Employment Navigator. He comes to us with years of experience in the social service fields and a passion for helping people as he has already begun talking and helping consumers.

Please take a moment and send out some good vibes in the air to welcome our latest additions to the dC team!
white writing on a blue background that says changing signs changing minds and below that shows the old static logo of disability with an arrow pointing towards the new logo with added motion for disability
New Logo's
A recently resurfaced parking lot is shown with accessible parking spaces marked by the new design for the international disability sign. they are in light blue paint and show the person in a wheelchair leaning forward to push
Earlier this month we had some facility maintenance done with the Fix-dis and main dC Parking lots. We brought in a sealcoating business to re-surface the parking lots and re-line them for parking spaces as well. One of the exciting parts -if parking lots can be exciting- was having the lots re-done and being able to lay down the new accessible logo.

If you have been following our newsletters for a while, you may already know that this was something we were proud to be a part of and advocate for on the State level for change. Take a look back and read the article written by our late friend Perry in May 2019.
Election Year 2020
YOUR VOTE COUNTS is spelled out on a button meant for jackets and clothing to support voting.  it i divided into 3 even colors red up top white in middle and blue on the bottom
It is an election year again. Election Day is Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020. For anyone concerned about voting in person, you can go and request your absentee ballot in person at your local election office, complete it, and cast your vote right there at that time to vote early or take it home and research issues and candidates, then return to submit your ballot if you do not want to mail it. If you do use the mail-in ballot please read the directions carefully and follow all the steps.

For more information and resources regarding voting, view our voting resources.
Loan Closet & Fix-dis
As a reminder, the Loan Closet and now Fix-dis are back running on limited capacity. The Loan Closet is still operating under an appointment only and touch-free policy on Tuesdays. Stay in your vehicle and call the office when you arrive, the equipment and paperwork will be brought out to you.

Fix-dis is back to fixing Durable Medical Equipment on Wednesday. If you have something that you want to know if it can be fixed, call our office and find out, then get on the schedule with an appointment. 517-782-6054