Parent Contact Update
-September 2019-
September is Emergency Preparedness month. A little advance planning can make sure you and your family are ready should the unthinkable happen. For more information on ways to keep your family safe please click here.
Did you know...

one of the easiest ways to keep your little loved ones safe in a car is by making sure they are in the correct type of car seat or booster? The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has great resources on  choosing the best option for your child. Once you have the perfect seat for your child's needs, stop by a  car seat inspection site  to put your mind at ease and know it has been installed and adjusted properly. 

Did you know...

that if a child has a chronic medical condition, it can have an impact on their care in an emergency?  This form , from the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP), can be filled out by your child's pediatrician or specialist in advance, and brought with you if your child need emergency care. Pro tip: put a copy in your child's diaper bag or backpack, and give copies to any caregivers. The people who know your child's medical history best, aren't always there in an emergency. 
Did you know...

the  American Red Cross  and the American Heart Association  offer  adult and  pediatric  First Aid/CPR/AED classes?  Knowing how to to safely help while you wait for first responders can save a life. Check out their websites for details on training dates and availability in your area.
Did you know...
Functional Outcomes 
are behaviors that we see reflect a child's participation in meaningful everyday activities. This could be at home, the grocery store, playground, or any other place in their community.

We love that you are here!

Parent Contacts are an important part of the Massachusetts Early Intervention System. Parent Contacts are parents and guardians of children currently receiving EI services who volunteer to receive information from the EIPLP and share it with other families. If your child is no longer receiving services, or you no longer wish to be the Parent Contact for your EI program, please let us know by calling 
1-877-353-4757 or emailing so that we can identify another family from your program.