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Tip of the Month
"To Do" List:  Get Ready for  
Hearing Screening   

At this time of year, many early care and educ ation providers across the country are gearing up for an other round o f screeni ng.
As you prepare for hearing screening, here is a
list of the main items you'll want to take car e of in advance:  

Check equipment to ensure it is working properly. If using OAE screening equipment, screen yourself or another adult who is known to pass. If using Pure Tone screening equipment, complete a self-listening check. (Alternately, this could be done on another adult known to have normal hearing)  If you have concerns, consult with your partner audiologist, equipment distributor or equipment manufacturer.  If your equipment uses batteries, be sure they are fully charged (or that fresh batteries are installed) prior to screening.
Obtain supplies
  • Probe covers for OAE equipment (a variety of infant/child sizes totaling at least 150% of the total number of children to be screened as well as adult-size covers for testing the equipment on a regular basis)
  • Toys or distractors
  • Stickers or other appropriate rewards
  • Documentation forms
  • Sanitary wipes or other supplies needed to comply with your infection control or universal precautions guidelines
Review online resources at to support hearing screening and follow-up activities. Organize the specific tools that your program will use, including:
  • Scripts and referral letters/forms to communicate results to parents, health care providers and audiologists;
  • Screening documentation forms; 
  • Tracking system to ensure timely followup for children not passing the initial screening.
Train or refresh screeners on effective screening and follow-up practices (see for instructional videos and additional training options).
Train or refresh other support staff who need to know about the screening and follow-up process.
Schedule screening activities and locations (if equipment is being shared, arrange a system for accessing equipment and supplies).
Inform parents, teachers and other staff about the screening process and schedule.
Check for ongoing opportunities to access training and technical assistance. Watch your email for monthly Probes & Tips newsletters.
Probe of the Month
Do you need further assistance in preparation for hearing screening?   

Let us know at:    
And, as always, share with anyone you think would benefit from our resources.     

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