Our September Solo Event
NNJR Autocross
Event #6 - Lot L

2022 Walter Huber Scholarship Award
The Walter Huber Scholarship is designed to provide financial support for 1st time entrances to either the Solo Nationals, National Runoffs, United States Road Rally Challenge or like events in the other Specialties.

Congratulations to Mike Kobialka.

Mike is a member of the NNJR SCCA since 2009 and has been autoxing with us ever since. Mike is part of our core staff as an equipment manager and helps set up T&S. He is there first thing in the morning and is basically the last to leave as he drives the truck back to storage. Mike runs a NA Miata in STS for many years now, and the car has earned him a few National level trophies. Mike will be attending the Solo Nationals for the first time ever and we wish him the best of luck.
New Jersey National RoadRally Weekend
October 8/9, 2022
Two all-day Time-Speed-Distance events - enter one or enter both!
Special reduced entry fee ($35) for teams who do not wish to compete for National points is available and free entries will be provided to any all women teams in which at least one individual is a regular SCCA member. Contact Peter Schneider for the discount code.

The first event is ‘Roads of Home’ on Saturday Oct. 8th, this is a straight forward car rally, using written route instructions with mileage and car zero perfect time to every turn.

The second is the ‘New Jersey Monte’ on Sunday Oct 9th, this is an ‘old school’ map car rally. All you have to do is to correctly follow the rally route listed on the master map and arrive on-time at each checkpoint control to get a good score. All timing controls will be listed on the map and have official mileage and car zero perfect time. What could be easier? The New Jersey Monte will be held in honor of NNJR's member Dave Panas who was one of the original organizers of the NJ Monte back in the early '60s.
Both events start at the Hampton Inn in Clinton, NJ. All teams will be required to utilize the free Richta GPS Competitor Smartphone App which will provide immediate feedback as you pass each Control location.

Additional details and to register for the event can be found on Motorsportreg event page - Here.
Remembering Joe and Linda
September 11, 2001
Our region mourns the loss of two of our most active members in the tragic terrorist actions on September 11th. Linda Gronlund and Joseph DeLuca were traveling to San Francisco on United Airlines flight 93 when it was hijacked and subsequently crashed in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, killing all on board. Read More
October 23, 2022
As the country’s iron capital between the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, the Highlands region of New Jersey was an early entry into the Industrial Age. Although the Highlands region—host to the largest, intact forest (320 square miles) in the northern half of the State and the source of clean water to 70% of New Jersey’s population—is better known today as an eco-region. For further information and to register for the event follow this LINK.
SJR September Time-Speed-Distance RoadRally
September 25, 2022
SJR Logo
There is still time to sign-up for a Sunday TSD rally hosted by South Jersey Region SCCA. A great local event and a perfect opportunity to 'tune' your skills for the New Jersey National RoadRally Weekend on October 8/9th. Registration Link
How I raced in SCCA Runoffs on a college budget
By Austin Bradshaw
In today’s era of motorsports, the consensus is that youngsters can’t go racing unless they have tremendous financial support from their families (even at the amateur club racing level). I’ve never been intimidated by that reality. Instead, I’ve embraced the challenge of being able to fund my racing efforts personally, while also paying my way through Portland State, where I’m currently a senior studying business management and leadership. To accrue the necessary funds, I have multiple part-time jobs and I’m also operating a motorsports-focused media company, which provides services to drivers, teams, and businesses nationwide. Read More
2022 RoadRally Schedule
March 27    Sunday       Highland Spring Trek
April 24       Sunday       Second Hand Roads – TSD
July 24       Sunday      Back to School – GTA
Oct 8/9      Sat/Sun       NJ National RoadRally Weekend* Oct 23         Sunday       Fall Highland Trek
Dec 4          Sunday       32nd Teddy Bear Rally - GTA
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