September 2021
We're bringing back the magic!

In 2019, we took 50 technicians and their families on a magical trip to Orlando, Fla., for five days of fun. The trip was such a hit that we're going back! Win a spot on the trip of a lifetime to Orlando in June 2022, or win a chunk of the $45,000 cash pot! Get started next month by purchasing from MyPlace4Parts.
Now Available: GFX Catalog on MP4P

  • Part diagrams available by category group
  • Look up any part type from the diagram with just a click
  • Click the part in a diagram to look up and order those parts
  • Hide/Show as needed
  • Icon indicators showcasing which parts have available graphics

Contact your parts supplier for more information today!
How to Handle Customers When Your Shop is Slammed

Your bays are full, the techs are busy and repairs keep pouring in. Do you have a strategy on handling customers when the shop is slammed? Repair Shop Websites offers a few tidbits on how you can maximize your customer retention and shop efficiency during peak times.

Sneak Peek:
  1. Be Kind
  2. Prioritize Your Best Customers
  3. Choose the Work You Want
In the News

Brandify - your locator service, SEO, reputation management, and GMB partner was recently acquired by SOCi,

100% of the Brandify team have signed on with SOCi along with all of the technology and service solutions, so everything you have today remains the same plus all the additional capabilities SOCi brings with their award winning platform as well.
Thermal Imaging Misfire Inspection

Misfires in a vehicle’s engine is a sign that it isn’t performing correctly. Locating where the misfire is occurring is the first step to fixing the problem. Follow along as Master Technician Ryan Payne of Garage Gurus shows how using a thermal imager allows you to locate the misfire without using a scan tool in the newest Garage Gurus video.
ASE summer registration

Summer registration will remain open through September 30, with more than 50 ASE certification tests available.
Those registered will have 90 days to schedule an appointment to take selected ASE tests at nearly 450 secured, proctored test centers.
What do Consumers Want?

Survey Says...
"the average repair shop experience leaves room for improvement." According to a recent project on the Consumer's Mind by Ratchet+Wrench, Here are some areas where a shop can capitalize and better earn consumers' business.

Noting that only 73% of consumers said their shop greeted them with a "hello" when walking into the shop. How can you use this data to raise the bar?
Valvoline: From Trained to Retained

Effective training and development are critical in ensuring new hires are set up for success. Tune into this recent webinar from Valvoline to learn how to:
  • Pick the Right People: Attitude versus Aptitude, which is more important? 
  • Start Strong: You’ve found the right people, now what? 
  • Maintain Momentum: How do you build a program to grow and keep existing employees?
POP QUIZ: A vehicle with a front disc, rear drum brake system skids, and nosedives when the brakes are first applied. Which of the following is causing this condition?
A.) The pressure differential switch
B.) The metering valve
C.) The proportioning valve
D.) Aerated brake fluid