September 2019 | Issue Twelve
An Interview With Sherry Beamer
SEEC's New Community Employment Network Director

SEEC welcomed our new CEN Director in early September to lead the recently expanded department. Ms. Beamer comes to us with over 30 years experience working to support people with disabilities to lead quality, empowered lives in a variety of direct service, case management and leadership positions throughout the country. Some of the organizations Ms. Beamer worked for include the California Regional Centers, Relias Learning, and Easterseals, along with her consulting company for sixteen years. Ms. Beamer was also a leader in the California APSE (Association of People Supporting EmploymentFirst) chapter for over a decade. She holds a Masters Degree in Social Work Administration from the University of Illinois Chicago. 

We asked Ms. Beamer a few questions to help us get to know her as a new member of the SEEC family. Make sure you stop by and say hello!

Question: Could you provide a few sentences on your personal background?
I am returning to the other side of the country after living in California for 30 years and before that relocating from Ohio and Chicago. My 24 year old son is soon returning to the U.S. from England after receiving his Masters in Psychology and playing volleyball internationally. I love the arts, nature and travel. I once climbed Half Dome at Yosemite National Park and was a synchronized swimmer.

Question: What are you most excited about when starting at SEEC?
I am excited to join a solid team constantly improving supports for people with disabilities to work, belong, and thrive.

Question: What has been your most favorite place to visit and why?
China. I traveled there in 1993 on a choral singing tour. The smells, sights and lifestyle were very different and intriguing.

Question: What is the best gift you have ever received?
Anything from my son which always includes a heartfelt, well written card of appreciation! Some of the highlights from elementary school are a Chia pet he was very serious about selecting and giving, and a book "We're Very Good Friends, My Mother and I." 

Question: What motivates you to work hard?
People we support and their families depending on me and my co-workers to provide good assistance to meet their life goals.

Please join us in welcoming Sherry to the team!
Inside This Issue
  • An Interview With Sherry Beamer, CEN Director
  • DSP And Rising Star Of The Year
  • Strategic Pillar Highlight: Reciprocal Partnerships
SEEC DSP of the Year
SEEC Congratulates Marie Bonnett

Marie Bonnett was honored as SEEC's Direct Support Professional of the Year under the “Supporting Health and Wellness Competency” for her incredible ability to support the medical, physical, and emotional well-being of the people she supports. Following a medical emergency for one person in particular, she dedicated her time to learning and participating in their physical therapy, facilitating communication between the person and the medical staff, and finding innovative ways to support the person as she prepared to transition back to full community life. Marie continuously goes out of her way to improve the well-being of the people she supports, and build strong relationships with their family members. In addition, she consistently exhibits kindness, compassion and devotion in her work. A whole hearted congratulations to Marie Bonnett!

Nardos Woldeselassie was also recognized as a runner up and rising star for the year under the Participant Empowerment competency for her exemplary skills in identifying creative, person centered approaches to assist the people she supports to lead a self-determined life and become active in their community. Nardos consistently exhibits positive energy that enriches the lives of everyone she works with. She sees the potential in the people she supports, encourages their growth and works diligently to develop lasting, meaningful relationships. Nardos is a natural problem-solver, team player, and is truly dedicated to her work. Nardos was recognized as a rising star and we congratulate her on being first runner up for DSP of the year.

We thank all our Direct Support Professionals for the work they do each and every day! You carry out SEEC's mission and we are grateful!
Strategic Pillar Highlight
Reciprocal Partnership s
by Steve Blanks

Collaboration and partnership seem to be the new buzzwords at SEEC and across the business world. But these concepts, which form a core pillar of our newest strategic plan, go much deeper than buzzwords. You see partnership all the time in the for-profit world-- Starbucks partners with Safeway to provide in-store coffee shop convenience--Taylor Swift with Capital One to launch each other's new products. Businesses do it to expand markets, reach more customers, provide new services in ways that hopefully create a "win-win". Reciprocity is the key to any good, sustainable partnership where all parties have a common goal, and mutually benefit from the arrangement......So why is this important for SEEC?
Partnerships can help us maximize funding and make our work go further. To this end, SEEC is embarking more intentionally into creating joint, reciprocal partnerships with community organizations, for profit-businesses and beyond to help us expand what we do, reach new people needing support, and provide diverse services and resources to the community. The ways in which SEEC is making this a reality will vary across the agency; from active engagement of local businesses through our Business Advisory Council, to providing landscaping assistance for Lincoln Park Community Center in Rockville providing both community experiences for the people we support and giving back to a loyal community partner.

We also know that the disability community can be a far reaching market segment. People with disabilities are the largest minority group in the United States and their power should not be underestimated. SEEC actively showcases our partners and makes sure that at every opportunity we market their services and resources to our audience as a way of giving back. A true win-win!
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