South East Education Cooperative Newsletter - September 2018
Welcome Back!

We hope you've settled into your classrooms, enjoyed meeting your new students, and have been able to lay a great foundation for the year to come. If there are some pieces you still want to focus on - we're here to help! 

Please remember to keep us in mind for professional learning, technical assistance, resources, connections... we're just one phone call or email away! Plus, we'd love to get out and visit you to help understand the unique needs and goals of your schools and districts, just ask! We have staff eager to help find solutions that meet your needs.
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- NDMTSS Statewide training available

- SEEC Summer Learning Recaps

FREE ND standards resources available! 
ELA and Mathematics Prioritized Standards, Proficiency Scales & Assessments available for you to use today.

Over 250 ND educators were involved in the creation of nearly 700+ resources related to ND ELA and Math standards that you can now take back to your classroom and use today.  They put the work in to prioritize all the ELA and Mathematics standards, but they didn't stop there... they also created proficiency scales and aligned assessment items to go with. 

Explore them now at under Statewide Initiatives. All resources are available for download. Prioritized standards are available in both PDF and Word while the scales and assessments are put together into user-friendly Word documents that you can customize to fit the needs and wants of your school and district.  These materials will also be uploaded into the NDDPI Open Education Resources Commons.

This work was done through a collaborative Standards Professional Learning Grant with South Education Cooperative, Northeast Education Services Cooperative, Mid-Dakota Education Cooperative and Missouri River Education Cooperative via NDDPI. Access the SPL Grant Evaluation Report here.

Engagement, Management, Assessment 
Principal, Teacher Evaluation System Support Grant provides professional learning statewide in these areas.

A collaborative Principal Teacher Evaluation System Support (PTESS) grant with SEEC, Mid-Dakota Education Cooperative (Minot), Northeast Services Cooperative (NESC) and Missouri River Education Cooperative (MREC) is support principals and teachers throughout the state. Four strands have been developed: Leadership, Assessment, Student Engagement and Classroom Management/Behavior. Below we've outlined what training is currently available through this grant. Additional leadership opportunities are being offered in conjunction with upcoming leadership conferences and REA meetings across the state.

  • Engaging Students for High-Quality Learning (3-part series)
    • Kevin Feldman
    • One of our most important roles as educators is to create an environment where ALL  students can learn and be successful. Engaging Students for High-Quality Learning provides  an opportunity to utilize the practice of microteaching and public practice as a vehicle to  enhance teaching and learning by exploring the implementation of student engagement  strategies to create a classroom culture of "Everyone Does Everything!"
  • Engaging Students in Academic Vocabulary (3-part series)
    • Prerequisite: Engaging Students in High-Quality Learning
    • Kevin Feldman
    • Engaging Students in Academic Vocabulary provides educators practical strategies for assisting students with connecting and using prioritized academic vocabulary. Microteaching and public practice are used as a vehicle to enhance teaching and learning by exploring implementation of strategies related to explicit instruction of academic vocabulary in a classroom culture of "Everyone Does Everything!"
  • Classroom Management Academy (2-part series)
    • Tricia McKale Skyles, Safe & Civil Schools (CHAMPS/ACHIEVE)
    • Every teacher works to provide a safe and enjoyable learning environment. This course will  focus on how we can reduce barriers to learning and increase motivation to  achieve by creating clear expectations, managing disruptive students, and creating  positive relationships.
  • Building Better Behaviors (3-part series)
    • Tricia McKale Skyles, Safe & Civil Schools (Tough Kids)
    • Managing challenging student behaviors requires an understanding of behavior, its  function, and its influences. This course is designed to explore practical, evidence-based,  educator-centric strategies that pair with specific functions and behavior influence  principles.
  • Formative Instructional Practices  - more info to come!
    • Batelle for Kids 
    • Formative instructional practices are the formal and informal ways that teachers and students gather and respond to evidence of student learning. Teacher and students use sound assessment as an integral part of the instructional process to determine what students know, identify possible gaps in understanding, modify instructions, provide effective feedback, and actively engage students in their own learning. This blended learning solution allows educators to personalize their professional learning with a comprehensive suite of online learning modules and face-to-face facilitation resources.
NDMTSS Statewide Training Opportunities
2018-2019 NDMTSS Training Calendar Available!

A training calendar is available with currently scheduled NDMTSS training opportunities across the state. This will change as registration numbers come in and new needs/requests arise. If you know there is a need in another area of the state for one of our trainings, please reach out to one of the two NEW NDMTSS Coordinators:
  • Cheryl Hoggarth (SEEC) - - 701-446-3179
  • Lisa Klabunde (MREC) - - 701-751-4041 ext. 115

Our website is currently being redone so we have a TENTATIVE WEBSITE up and available to meet our current needs. Again, please reach out to the NDMTSS Coordinators listed above if you have questions, concerns, needs, etc.

SEEC Summer Learning Recaps    

ND/SD English Learners Colony & Multi-Grade Conference
June 1 | Brookings, SD
  • 25 in attendance (7 ND, 18 SD)
  • 4 out of 6 SEEC Colony Schools represented
  • Participants engaged in this one-day, mini-conference to do a data dig on EL Norms and ACCESS Scores. EL staff were assisted in making decisions for EL students based on other EL student academic achievement data plus did a Make & Take session to help build classroom engagement and grow students' academic language skills.
8th Annual NDMTSS Conference
June 11-13 | Holiday Inn, Fargo
  • 309 in attendance with representation from 7 of 8 ND Regional Education Associations
  • 140 SEEC educators  |  53 SEEC Schools  |  21 SEEC Districts
  • 25 individuals representing other entities including ND Dept. of Public Instruction, Minnesota Schools, Higher Ed, Special Education Units, CTE centers
  • Click here for Keynote Speakers, Breakout Presenters and Session Topics
Math Science Partnership Community of Practice
June 18-22 & Sept. 10-11 | NDSCS Skills & Technology Center, Fargo
  • 32 educators trained
  • 9 SEEC Districts  |  1 Non-SEEC District
  • Participants engaged in effective classroom instructional strategies that foster the 4C's in their students as they learn and develop their own projects using the Gold Standard in Project-Based-Learning from Buck Institute. They also explored the ND-College and Career Ready Rubrics from ND-CTE providing the lens for teachers to observe the 4C's in their students.
ND Out-of-School Time Conference
July 31 - Aug. 1 | Holiday Inn, Fargo
  • 100 attendees
  • 6 SEEC Districts | 6 SEEC 21CCLC Subgrantees (YMCA of Cass-Clay, CHARISM, Wahpeton Youth Club, Boys & Girls Club RRV, West Fargo Public Schools) 
  • 16 Non SEEC Districts  |  Other entities including other REAs, Boys & Girls Club, YMCAs, Public Libraries, Child Care Centers, Parks and Rec, U of MN Extension
  • Click here for Keynote Speakers, Breakout Presenters and Session Topics
Direct Instruction Training - Reading Mastery & Corrective Reading
Aug. 7-8 | Hiliner Activity Center, Valley City
  • 104 participants (80 unique participants)
    • 56 - Reading Mastery
      • 10 SEEC Districts | 4 Non-REA Districts | 2 Special Education Units
    • 48 - Corrective Reading
      • 11 SEEC Districts | 3 Non-REA Districts | 2 Special Education Units 
  • Instructor: Joyce Nace
  • New participants will gain knowledge on the key components of direct instruction and how to implement the programs effectively. Experienced instructors will improve their fidelity of implementation with these programs and engage in active problem-solving. 
SPL: Standards, Scales, and Assessment How-To Workshops
Aug. 8-9 | The Loft at Agassiz, Fargo |  Read the SPL Grant Final Evaluation Here
  • 30 attendees (109 total individuals received training with Bismarck & Devils Lake sites)
  • Looking at the growth in participants' knowledge for prioritized standards from before to after the training, across the three locations 33.8% of the 74 participants who responded to the SPL Standards, Scales, & Assessments Workshop Feedback Survey indicated being at least "mostly understanding" (Figure 2). After the workshop, this percentage increased to 98.6% of participants surveyed, with over half (52.7%) indicating having a "complete understanding" of what prioritized standards are.
  • Similar findings were shown for participants' understanding of proficiency scales in which 28.4% of respondents reported being at least "mostly understanding" prior to the workshop, whereas 93.2% indicated being at least "mostly understanding" after the workshop
  • After the workshop participants were asked regarding their likelihood of using these resources in their practice in the future. Of the 71 respondents to this question on the post-workshop survey, over 50% (57.7%) indicated that there is a "100% chance I will be using these" deliverables. Additionally, 38.0% of respondents indicated that they are "likely going to use these" in their practice. It is important to note that there were no respondents who indicated that they will not be using these resources or are unlikely to do so.

BTNBack to top

Beginning Teacher Network  
First-year, NEW to the professional teachers...
this is for YOU!

The Beginning Teacher Network (BTN) sessions create a face-to-face forum for discussing topics that arise from the teachers' day-to-day practices. It provides professional growth, collegial dialogue, support and guidance. Key ideas include classroom management, state standards, assessment and responding to student needs. 

Fall Session:
  • Elementary (Fargo) : September 18, 2018
  • Secondary (Fargo) : September 19, 2018
  • Elementary & Secondary (Jamestown) : September 20, 2018
Online & Check-In Sessions:
  • September 24, 2018 - March 23, 2019 Online
  • Check-in sessions TBD
Spring Session:
  • Elementary & Secondary (Jamestown) : March 26, 2019
  • Secondary (Fargo) : March 27, 2019
  • Elementary (Fargo) : March 28, 2019
Inclusive PE Training
Including students with disabilities in general PE

Join SPARK Trainer BJ Williston  as she provides strategies on how to create an inclusive environment, modify lesson plans, adapt activities and equipment, and how to accommodate students during skill-based instruction. 

Sept. 25 - Jamestown 
Sept. 26 - Fargo

Training Outcomes: 
  • Implement strategies for successful engagement of all students
  • Utilize the SPARK Inclusive PE Guidebook resource
  • Participate in activities to learn ways to modify for specific disabilities
  • Identify needs of various exceptionalities and how they affect participation in PE
  • Explore a variety of options for modifications to increase engagement
How to fit desserts into menus

Support the standards of the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act by adding whole grains, fruits, vegetables and desserts! Rather than restricting choices, support students' dietary habits while training their taste buds to enjoy healthy options.

Sept. 19 - Fargo

Participants will:
  • View chef demos
  • Practice scratch-cooking skills while preparing, sampling
  • Create a recipe impelementation plan
  • Evaluating multiple prepared dessert recipes
SEEC Upcoming Events
Click an event title below to view more information and/or register.

Event Title, Location

Sept. 17 - Minot
Sept. 19 - Devils Lake

Oct. 10 - Minot
Oct. 17 - Jamestown

Nov. 1 or 15
8-10am or 2-4pm online
Part 1: Intro & Making Learning Visible with Kevin Feldman

Part 2: Strategies for Making Learning Visible

Part 3: Online eWalks

Sept. 18
SEEC Principals Meeting - Valley City
Sept. 18, 19, 20
Beginning Teacher Network Session 1 - Fargo & Jamestown
Sept. 18 - Oct. 19
After School Quality Coaching Program - Online Book Study
Sept. 19, 20, 24, 25
Culinary Skills Training - Fargo ,  Jamestown, Minot, Bismarck
Sept. 25, 26
Inclusive PE Training - Jamestown & Fargo
Sept. 26
Oct. 8, Dec. 11 & Feb. 6
Oct. 10
Oct. 11

Nov. 6 - Minot
Nov. 7 - Bismarck
Nov. 8 - Fargo

Dec. 4 - Bismarck
Dec. 10 - Minot
Dec. 12 - Fargo

Jan. 18, Feb. 1, 5, or 13
8-10am or 2-4pm online

Part 1: Tough Kids: Responding to Challenging Behaviors with Tricia McKale SKyles, Safe & Civil Schools

Part 2: Case Study Development & Implementation Plan Development

Part 3: Data Review & Problem Solving

Jan. 21 - Devils Lake
Jan. 22 - Jamestown
Jan. 23 - Minot
Jan. 25 - Bismarck

Feb. 21 - Stanley
Feb. 25 - Richland
Feb. 26 - Jamestown
March 5 - Minot

March 13 or 27
8-10am or 2-4pm online

Part 1: Academic Vocabulary with Kevin Feldman + Reflection & Review

Part 2: Strategies for Explicit Vocabulary Instruction

Part 3: Online eWalks

Outside Opportunities
Conferences, REA statewide opportunities, and more

  • Sept. 18 - Mindfulness (K-12)
  • Sept. 20 - Digital Reflections: Blogging, Vlogging, Podcasting (K-12)
  • Sept. 25 - Wild Kratts Creepy Creatures & Fall Holiday Fun (K-5)
  • Oct. 2 - Kindness, Empathy & Resilience (PK-3)
  • Oct. 4 - Coding in the Classroom: Getting Started (K-12)
  • Oct. 9 - Math Resources (K-5)
  • Oct. 11 - Coding in the Classroom: Coding & Storytelling with PBS Scratch Jr (K-5)
  • Oct. 16 - Native America (K-12)
Cutting Ed Podcasts We'll add new podcasts as they are released. 

Doosan Discovery Grant Grade 5-8 STEM Teachers. Deadline Oct. 13
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North Dakota Reading Corps 2018 Institute brings in all our tutors and coaches for the 2018-2019 school year for training, networking and engagement to ensure we are fulfilling our AmeriCorps duties to serve children. This group does amazing work to help struggling students close the reading gap with a goal to reach proficiency by the end of 3rd grade! Learn more at #NDReadingCorps
South East Education Cooperative staff out supporting the Wiggles & Giggles Lemonade stand today raising money for United Way of Cass-Clay!
ND Department of Public Instruction Baesler Announces 'Striving Reader' Grants  BISMARCK, N.D., Aug. 13, 2018 - State Superintendent Kirsten Baesler said Wednesday that 15 North Dakota communities have been awarded up to $27.3 million in grants to help students improve their reading skills.
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