South East Education Cooperative Newsletter - September 2019
Welcome Back!

We hope you've settled into your classrooms, enjoyed meeting your new students, and have been able to lay a great foundation for the year to come. If there are some pieces you still want to focus on - we're here to help! 

Please remember to keep us in mind for professional learning, technical assistance, resources, connections... we're just one phone call or email away! Plus, we'd love to get out and visit you to help understand the unique needs and goals of your schools and districts, just ask! We have staff eager to help find solutions that meet your needs. 

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 - NDMTSS Update: Systemwide, Academic & Behavior training opportunities

- Health & Wellness Update: Trauma Informed Practices (TIPS) Needs Assessment, Culinary Skills, OPEN PE

- Beginning Teacher Network: Starts Oct. 1

SEEC Summer Learning Recaps    

Tough Kids & CHAMPS
Provided via the Principal Teacher Evaluation System Support collaboration grant with CREA and NESC through ND. Dept. of Public Instruction
  • June 4: Tough Kids, Jamestown
    • 68 engaged educators 
    • 10 SEEC Districts | 4 Non-SEEC Districts
    • Safe & Civil Schools Tricia McKale Skyles worked with attendees on managing challenging student behaviors and understanding the behavior, its function, and its influences. They explored practical, evidence-based, educator-centric strategies that pair with specific functions and behavior influence principles.
  • June 5: CHAMPS, Devils Lake
    • 66 engaged educators
    • 3 SEEC Districts | 11 Non-SEEC Districts
    • Safe & Civil Schools Tricia McKale Skyles engaged educators in reducing barriers to learning and increasing motivation to achieve by creating clear expectations, managing disruptive students, and creating positive relationships.
Standards-Based Grading, Using Proficiency Scales in the Classroom
Provided via the Standards Professional Learning collaboration grant with CREA and NESC through ND Dept. of Public Instruction
  • Using Proficiency Scales in the Classroom
    • June 4, Bismarck  |  July 15, Jamestown  |  July 24, Webinar | Aug. 2, Fargo
    • 130 engaged educators across all three sites
    • 11 SEEC Districts | 20 Non-SEEC Districts | 2 Students
    • Participants gained an enhanced understanding of the power of using scales to plan instruction; as a framework for high-quality classroom assessment; and to offer meaningful feedback about learning to students and parents.
  • Standards-Based Grading Workshop
    • June 14, Mandan  |  June 20, Fargo
    • 79 engaged educators across both sites
    • 9 SEEC Districts | 14 Non-SEEC Districts | 3 Students | 1 DPI
    • Participants learned research-based practices for using quality formative assessments aligned with solid grading practices.
NDMTSS Conference: Student Centered Support Systems
June 10, 11, 12 - Fargo  
  • 418 educators registered
  • 129 ND Schools | 63 ND Districts (all 7 REAs represented)  |  2 SPED Units
  • 2 MN Districts | Organizations: ND Governors Office, Minnesota State University, Lake Area CTC, Pathfinder Parent Center, Northwest Regional Interdistrict Council of MN, ND DPI, ND Bureau of Indian Education, Valley City State University
  • Keynotes: Practical Strategies for Reducing Anxiet & Defiant Behavior in the Classroom; What Research-Based Instruction Looks Like; and Simle Middle School (Bismarck): MTSS - It Works!
  • Click here to see the full list of session topics & materials.
ND Out-of-School Time Conference
July 30 - 31 | Bismarck Career Academy
  • 108 engaged out-of-school time staff and educators
  • 5 SEEC Districts | 6 SEEC 21CCLC Subgrantees (YMCA of Cass-Clay, CHARISM, Wahpeton Youth Club, Boys & Girls Club RRV, West Fargo Public Schools) 
  • 19 Non SEEC Districts  |  Other entities including other REAs, ND DPI, Bismarck State Capitol, Public Libraries, Special Education Units, YMCAs, Boys & Girls Clubs, Bismarck Technical Center
  • Click here for Keynote Speakers, Breakout Presenters and Session Topics
Direct Instruction Training - Reading Mastery & Corrective Reading
July 30-31 | Jamestown
  • 73 participants (55 unique participants)
    • 42 - Reading Mastery
      • 10 SEEC Districts | 6 Non-REA Districts | 2 Special Education Units
    • 31 - Corrective Reading
      • 10 SEEC Districts | 2 Non-REA Districts | 2 Special Education Units 
  • Instructor: Joyce Nace
  • Interactive workshop for NEW users. Models to effectively place students in appropriate instructional groups and the unique organization, management, routines, and strategies.
NEW Framework for College & Career Readiness


This new guide emerged from the REAs work together in the Succeed 2020 grant. It now includes 11 lesson plans on various elements from the college & career readiness section (middle column) of the CCR framework.

  • Interactive digital guide highlighting what navigators can do to nurture the critical connections young people must make between college and career readiness. It is organized into three interconnected parts: College Readiness, Career Readiness, and College and Career Readiness
  • Access key resources including College and Career Readiness: A Guide for Navigators. This downloadable version of the guide features all the content of the digital guide in a printable format. 
  • Download a printable version of the Education and Career Plan, a simple, written form to help students identify the specific steps needed to achieve their education and career goals. 
ND SEL Network Launches! 
Application submission is open now - Nov. 13

The North Dakota Social Emotional Learning Network is intended to provide an   opportunity for  collaboration and information sharing between ND School Districts!

With three levels of involvement to choose from you can find the support you need ranging from Summits, SEL recommendations, Targeted assistance, Workgroups, Resource creation, access to external experts and more!

Click here for a more in-depth flyer!
ND Reading Corps Impact Study! 
2nd-3rd grade RC students outperformed their peers by 68 points on STAR Reading!

In 2018-19, the program was evaluated in
West Fargo Public Schools to gauge how students receiving Reading Corps perform relative to their peers in the district and nationally. 

This new evaluation is especially notable as it offered the first opportunity to examine broad-based outcomes such as performance on a standardized reading achievement measure (STAR Reading).

Second and third grade students assigned to Reading Corps outperformed their peers by 68 points on STAR Reading-a remarkable feat equivalent to roughly 18 additional weeks of
typical instruction.

The full report will be out soon. Watch to grab it!

Tutor spots still remain in West Fargo (Horace, Osgood), Jamestown (Louis L'Amour, Washington, Gussner), Tappen (Kidder Co Schools).  If you are interested or know someone who would be a good fit, APPLY HERE!  
NDMTSS Statewide Training Opportunities

NDMTSS is ready to roll with a handful of BRAND NEW training opportunities for you. This is in additional to our existing trainings for academics and behavior.

Just this month the following opportunities were released:
  • School-wide Behavior Expectations (F2F - Devils Lake)
  • Intensifying Instruction (Virtual & F2F - Minot)
  • Data Review Days (F2F - Jamestown)
  • PTR Foundations Learning Series (Virtual & F2F - Fargo)
  • PTR Master Coaching Series (Virtual & F2F - Minot)
  • TATE / FBA & BIP (Fargo, Minot, Bismarck)


Click here to view the latest NDMTSS email with detailed information on all professional learning opportunities along with registration links!

Health & Wellness Update
OPEN PE, Culinary Skills, TIPS Needs Assessment

Click here for the most recent newsletter update AND make sure to watch the website for more information, updates, and resources.
Beginning Teacher Network  
First-year, NEW to the professional teachers...
this is for YOU!

The Beginning Teacher Network (BTN) sessions create a face-to-face forum for discussing topics that arise from the teachers' day-to-day practices. It provides professional growth, collegial dialogue, support and guidance. Key ideas include classroom management, state standards, assessment and responding to student needs. 

Session 1:
  • Jamestown - Oct. 1, 2019
  • Fargo - Oct. 3, 2019
Session 2:
  • Fargo (elementary) - Dec. 10
  • Fargo (secondary) - Dec. 11
  • Jamestown (elementary & secondary) - Dec. 12
Session 3:
  • Fargo (elementary) - March 31
  • Jamestown (elementary & secondary) - April 1
  • Fargo (secondary) - April 2
Watch for these billboards across our state.
ND Afterschool Network
Statewide Mapping, Coaching, Funding
  • STEM2D Grab 'n Go Kits for your school! Looking for a way to engage industry or community partners? These kits are FREE to your classrooms or afterschool programs. Hands-on  activities range from 15 min. to 4 hr. and target one or more of the STEM2D subjects: science, technology, engineering, math, manufacturing, design.
  • ND Afterschool Database will help families, schools, communities and elected officials locate afterschool and summer learning programs and identify assets and gaps in out-of-school time in ND.
  • Afterschool Quality Coaching Book Study
    • Developed for program supervisors who support staff working directly with students in out-of-school time settings. Learn the coaching process to improve support for staff in lesson delivery, classroom management, behavior management and student engagement.
      Contact today to join!

See the Afterschool Network newsletter for a full list of opportunities!

English Learners 

EL Bootcamp
EL Bootcamp addresses multiple topics that are relevant to the outside-of-the-classroom duties for which schools are responsible. Mainstream teachers and administrators can get the chance to increase their expertise in developing instruction and programmings for ELs as they are frequently responsible in their schools, with little to no training.

SEEC Upcoming Events
Click an event title below to view more information and/or register.

Event Title, Location
Sept. 26-27
Family Engagement That Works - Fargo, Devils Lake, Williston, Dickinson, Minot
Sept. 27
OPEN PE - West Fargo
Oct. 1, 3
Beginning Teacher Network Session 1 - Fargo & Jamestown
Oct. 3-4
English Learner (EL) Bootcamp
Oct. 7, Dec. 16, March 9
Cohort 1 (Year 3): 
Oct. 15, Jan. 9
March 4, April 22

Cohort 2 (Year 2):
Oct. 8, Jan. 8
March 3, April 23

Cohort 3 (Year 1):
Oct. 9, Jan. 7
March 5, April 21
Building Compassionate Schools - Fargo
Oct. 16, 23, 30
Nov. 6, 13, 20
Oct. 17 EdCamp ND (Free Unconference) - Fargo
Oct. 22, Dec. 12, Feb. 18

Dec. 13, Feb. 13, March 17
Oct. 23, Jan. 14, Feb. 19

Oct. 25, Jan. 16, Feb. 21
NDMTSS: Evaluating Your System - Fargo, Bismarck
Oct. 24 Lights on Afterschool - Highlight your program!
Oct. 24 or Feb. 20
Nov. 4
  TATE / FBA & BIP - Fargo (registration opening soon)
Nov. 5-6 Prevent-Teach-Reinforce (PTR) Foundations - Fargo (registration opening soon)
Nov. 12
Trauma Informed Practices in Schools (TIPS) Needs Assessment - Jamestown (registration opening soon)
Nov. 20
Dec. 9-11 SEEDS of Relationship-Based Infant-Toddler Caregiving - Fargo

Outside Opportunities
Conferences, REA statewide opportunities, and more

CREA School ReTool: Registration extended - starts Oct. 23 - Bismarck
NCEC Educational Hub - Now Available online!

EduTech - 
ND United 

  • SLDS 101: Intro to district and school-level reporting
    • Sept. 26, Dickinson | Sept. 27, Bismarck | Oct. 2 Valley City
  • SLDS 102: Intro to student level reporting and more
    • Oct. 15, West Fargo | Oct. 22, Dickinson | Oct. 23, Bismarck
  • SLDS 201: Putting Action into Practice - Data-Driven Decision Making
    • Oct. 20, Bismarck | Nov. 5, Valley City
  • SLDS 301: Deeper Dive into Reports - SLDS for School Improvement
    • TBD
  • Develop Your Data Mindset : ONLINE
Prairie Public

Cutting Ed Podcasts We'll add new podcasts as they are released. 

Doosan Discovery Grant Grade 5-8 STEM Teachers. Deadline Oct. 15, 2019
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#NDMTSS Conference is in Day 2 and filling the house with 400+ educators listening to Nancy Marchand-Marcella's keynote on effective instruction and Teaching like Kevin Bacon! Central Regional Education Association - CREA
 Trauma Informed Practices for Schools - Needs Assessment sessions available in November! Registration to open soon. Grab the flyer today and mark your calendars.
On June 4, we had nearly 70 educators attend Tough Kids training with Safe and Civil Trish and WOW what a great day. Feedback showed that 96% of respondents indicated learning new strategies for reducing problematic behavior AND 94% for replacing problematic behavior! Plus 98% learned strategies for integrating behavior influence principles and 93% learned strategies for implementing positive reinforcement delivery systems. "We all love having Tricia McKale-Skyles in our region!" "Excellent training. Good examples, very easy to relate to, explained very well and a great presenter who had the ability to get her point across while still bringing a lot of fun and humor into her material."  "I would take ANY training offered by Tricia! Amazing presenter and very knowledgeable."  "Tricia was great. I was engaged and interested in what she had to say all day."
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