South East Education Cooperative Newsletter - September 2017
Welcome Back!
We hope you've settled in, met all your new students and have had a fabulous first few days. We're ready to help get you the high-quality professional learning you need for a successful  school year. 

Now, let's not forget all the things accomplished over the summer. We all hear how teachers don't work in the summer and have so much time to relax... well we know what you REALLY DO! We had a fantastic summer of conferences, trainings and events and we appreciate all of those who came out to learn, grow and support the great work happening in ND education.
In this issue:
- Summer Recaps

Over a course of three months, we spent time capturing the AWESOMENESS of our members in action while participating and engaging in SEEC professional learning, programs and services. 
A big thank you to Succeed 2020 and Ron Rouse Productions.

Now, we're excited to share these fantastic films with you...
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SEEC Summer Recaps

SummerRecapND/SD Colony Conference
June 1-2 | Watertown Event Center, SD
  • 58 in attendance (13 ND, 45 SD)
  • 5 out of 6 SEEC Colony Schools represented  
  • Keynote: Jill Jackson 
  • Topics: Deconstructed Approach to Teaching Informational Writing to PreK-12 Students: Understanding the Big Picture; Teaching Non or Growing Readers to Write Informational Text; Three Ways to Differentiate Writing Instruction; Academic Writing Workshop; Ech & Apps for ELs; Go To Strategies Sampler; Putting It All Together: What the Deconstructed Approach to Teaching Writing Looks Like for Students
7th Annual NDMTSS Conference
June 5-7 | Holiday Inn, Fargo
  • 373 in attendance with representation from ALL 8  ND Regional Education Associations
  • 162 SEEC educators  |  50 SEEC Schools  |  20 SEEC Districts
  • 17 individuals representing other entities including ND Dept. of Public Instruction, Minnesota Schools, Higher Ed
  • Keynotes: Mike Booher, Shannon Harken, Tricia McKale-Skyles, Sarah Brown Wessling 
  • Breakout Presenters: Brittany Upton, Lynn Mitzel, Britney Bachmeier, Chelsea Evenstad, Kerri Whipple, Chris Thompson, Beth Randklev, Sara Streeter, Minot Public Central Campus Team, Luke Schaefer, Jenny Linker, Kristen Ford, Nathan Anderson, Lyndsi Engstrom, Grafton Public Schools Team
  • Topics: CHAMPS, Tough Kids, Intensifying Instruction, Engagement, Math Strategies, Productive Group Work, Classroom Culture, Tier 1 Behavior Interventions, Productive Mindsets, Power of Questions as Coaches and Leaders, Teacher Leadership Elevates Learning, Diagnosing Needs of Struggling Readers, Scheduling Doesn't have to be a Nightmare, Behavioral Interventions Tiers 1-3, MTSS Considerations for English Learners, When you BELIEVE it, You'll See It, Increasing Quality Instruction through Learning Walks, New to NDMTSS: Moving from RtI to MTSS, ND+MTSS: Alignment of Multiple ND Initiatives, SchoolsAlive! Active Schools, Develop Your Data Mindset, Evaluating Our System, Gradual Release of Responsibility Model, MTSS Journey of Social/Emotional Behavior Pathways; Lessons Learned in Behavior Triage, Consensus Building & Reinvigorating Your School's Climate. PLUS Elementary & Secondary School Panels along with Team Action Planning.
Math Science Partnership Community of Practice
June 14-16 & Aug. 7-9 | NDSCS Skills & Technology Center, Fargo
  • 45 educators trained
  • 7 SEEC Districts  |  1 Non-SEEC District
  • Topics: Learning & Sharing of STEAM Project-Based Learning; In-depth learning of ND College & Career Ready Practice Rubrics; Insight in the ND Skills Modules: Mindsets, Collaborative Grouping, Questioning and Feedback: Understanding of the Gold Standard for PBL from the Busk Institute; and Create, refine and share own PBLs with community of practice.
Just in Time Math Conference
June 19-23 | The Loft at Agassiz, Fargo
  • 17 participants (14 SEEC)
  • 5 SEEC Districts  |  3  Non-SEEC Districts
  • Instructor: Lynn Mitzel
  • Topics: Best practices for teaching math: Formative Assessment in the Math Classroom, Place Value and Multiplication Strategies, Probability and Statistics; Math Literacy, Rich Tasks & Questioning; Mathematical Discourse & Mindset; Collaborative Grouping; Reflection of how this will impact individual classrooms.
Direct Instruction Training
June 20-21 |  Jon L. Wanzek Center for Scouting, Fargo
  • 27 participants (15 SEEC, 12 South Valley SPED Unit)
  • 6 SEEC Districts
  • Instructor: Joyce Nace
  • Topics: Reading Mastery, Corrective Reading and Connecting Math Concepts
ND Out-of-School-Time Conference
Aug. 1-2 | Avalon Event Center, Fargo
  • 108 attendees
  • 4 SEEC Districts | 3 SEEC 21CCLC Subgrantees (YMCA of Cass-Clay, CHARISM, Wahpeton Youth Club) |  15 Non SEEC Districts
  • 10 outside entities including Boys & Girls Club, YMCAs, Dept. of Health, Public Libraries, Child Care Centers, Parks and Rec
  • Keynote: Matt Emerzian, Every Monday Matters 
  • Breakout Presenters: LA Unified School District Beyond the Bell, Cheryl Brown, Alysia Budd, PErrin Chick, Clint Darr, Kathy Grotta, Michelle Hillier, Keely Ihry, Patrick Kirby, Lisa Klabunde, Brad Lademann, Carrie Leopold, Nicole North, Kari Robideau, Karyn Santl, Meagan Scott, Laura Sokolofsky, Mary Soucie, Alexis Steines, Monique Stelzer, Tom Stokke, Rich Stuart, Jess WAdleigh, Tracie Welk
  • Topics: You Gotta Laugh - LOL for You &  Your Program; What If?, Beyond the Bell - Effective Afterschool Programming, Exploring Ages & Stages of Youth Development, Advocacy in Action, Creating Healthy Afterschool Environments, Book Club Skyping, Trauma Sensitive Strategies, Preventing Child Sexual Abuse in your Organization, ESSA Implementation, Building Work of Art & Color Your World, VISIONIZERS: Mentors for Positive Change, SHould I Stay or Should I Go?, Simply the Best - What Are You Bringing to Your Program?, Everyone Has a Story, Quality is Not an Act. It is a Habit., Sustainability, You're Hired! A Day-Long PBL Experience, Developing Social & Emotional Skills in Youth, Positive Approach to Youth Work, What on Earth?, STEM Activities & the Need to Give Youth more Voice & CHoice, Garbage Art, Laws of Motion: Integrating STEM & Physical Activity, LEGO WeDo Robotics: Build. Learn. Code., Best PRactices in Policy for Sexual Abuse, Fun Activities Math & Reading Essentials, Make Fundraising Great Again, STEM Camp, Moving from Transactional to Transformative Gifts.
Social Thinking Training
Aug. 3-4 & Aug. 10-11 | Jon L. Wanzek Center for Scouting, Fargo
  • 214 participants (168 SEEC, 46 other REAs/entities)
  • 26 SEEC Schools  |  11 SEEC Districts
  • Trainers: Kari Zweber Palmer, Beckham Linton
  • Topics: 1) Ages 4-7: Blend of Teaching Social Thinking to Early Learners through Stories and Play-Based Activities; What Does Play Have to Do with Classroom Learning 2) Ages 5-14: Social Detective, Superflex and Friends Take On Social Emotional Learning 3) Middle/High School: "I'm going to be a video game designer!" and Helping Teens Prepare for the REAL Adult World 4) Elementary/Secondary: Implementing Social Thinking Concepts and Vocabulary: A Day to Develop Team Creativity
ND Reading Corps Institute
Aug. 8-10 | Holiday Inn, Fargo
  • 53 Reading Corps Tutors (AmeriCorps members)
  • 37 Internal Coaches
  • 34 SEEC Schools | 11 Non-SEEC Schools
  • 5 SEEC Districts  |  4 Non-SEEC Districts
  • These tutors and coaches will help serve 900+ children in our state during the 2017-2018 school year.
  • United Way of Cass-Clay's Community Impact Director Thomas Hill shared the impact of Reading Corps on students in Cass-Clay
  • Governor Burgum's Policy Advisor Levi Bachmeier shared his personal AmeriCorps experience as well as led all tutors in the AmeriCorps oath.
  • Find photos of these amazing tutors and coaches on Facebook... RegionalForums
Regional Forums on ND Education

Superintendent of Public Instruction Kirsten Baesler  has launched a strategic visioning process to strengthen public education in North Dakota. This shared strategic vision will allow state education agencies to align and coordinate efforts, and will guide the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction in developing an internal strategic plan for improving student achievement.
Through four regional forums, parents, students, community members, teachers and administrators are invited to provide input into this strategic vision.  Health
Monday, September 18, 2017 
Fargo South High School
4:00 - 5:30pm | School Personnel
6:00 - 7:30pm | All Regional Community Members 
Health Education and 
Physical Education Online Network!

This Physical Education and Health Education Statewide Swap Shop Learning Network allows all PHYSICAL AND HEALTH EDUCATORS engage in new or reinforcement learning from featured professionals.  All meetups will be RECORDED and SHARED to ensure everyone has access!

Modeling the Message & Projecting Positive Student Health
John Skretta
Superintendent of Norris School District, Nebraska
Classroom Management
Strategy Revamp
Maria Corte
Physical Educator 
Mesa, Arizona
Strategies for Addressing Walk Through Look for Physical Education
Lori Dunn
Physical Educator
Seattle Public Schools

Beginning Teacher Network Program Logo
Beginning Teacher Network

First-year, NEW to the profession teachers... this is for you!

BTN hosts 3 sessions throughout the school year to meet you with the info you need WHEN you need it. Session 1 starts next week, but there is still time to get registered!  Find out more info on the topics covered in these sessions by clicking here.

Session 1: Sept, 19, 20 or 21
Session 2: Oct. 21, Nov.1 or 2
Session 3: Dec. 12, 13 or 14

Plus, we even help you in preparing for a SUB while you're at our sessions! 

Fundamental Digital Skills Infographic
Living in a Digital World

In 1984, Madonna coined the phrase "we are living in a material world" with her hit song Material Girl.  Fast-forward 30+ years and it appears that all we need to do is replace "material" with "digital".  Indeed, we are in the midst of the digital age.  

At the speed in which these technological advances are occurring, you may be wondering to yourself "How can I keep up with all of this?"  If this is you, the good thing is you're not alone.  The bad thing is technology won't be going away any time soon.  Fortunately, there are people out in the world and in our local educational communities with a wide variety of expertise who are willing to share what they know.   
Data Champion Series

Last year's Data Champion articles shared tips I, Chris Thompson, SEEC Data Specialist,  learned to enable you to be an effective user of data. I enjoyed it so much, I wanted to keep sharing! 

I recognize that data might not be the most glamorous topic, and using it may be confusing, boring, or even scary for some people. However, I am here to help dispel these negative data dispositions because it is my goal to ensure that these articles are:
  1. written in plain, easy to understand language
  2. relevant to educators
  3. easily integrated into practice  
I am open to hearing what is on your mind in hopes we can learn together and increase our data skills! The goal is to get these articles personalized to the needs of our members and I would love to hear about your burning questions regarding data use in education. So... please take a moment and fill out this short 4-question survey and share your personal or your district's data questions with me! 
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