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Bemer popped up with a great September sale - Deluxe set for $4990

I'm setting up a link in my Kartra for you to use it with your people if you are interested. Lisa Diamond is working on putting the month long drip campaign together. By logging in as my distributor in this link: https://horseplaygrounds.kartra.com/page/ibd You will get access to the great training for Distributor training and I'll invite you to a Zoom call where I teach you how to put people into your own personal drip.  The information sent to your people with be customized to you.  Send yourself the first invite so you see what they get.  AS always - talk to your person first and ask if you can send them information to look at.  The link they get requires it to have their permission to send it...  Then I'll keep you informed once a week how things are going and who is looking at the site.  Which informs you how to follow up.  My aim is to help you get a few sales in September.  And possibly decide you like Kartra as a sales tool.

Click on link to sign up for access to the site:


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