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Founder and Artistic Director Aloysia Friedmann hosted each concert from her deck in Olga, WA
The Miró Quartet (Daniel Ching, Josh Gindele, John Largess, Will Fedkenheuer) performing live from the lovely Gindele Residence in Austin, Texas
A Wonderfully Different
23rd Season!

The 23rd Season of the Orcas Island Chamber Music Festival was an amazing, different, very happy success! Hosted online from Orcas Island by Aloysia Friedmann (with tech wizard Jackie Parker behind the scenes and the camera), we enjoyed 12 nights of brilliantly-mic’d, multi-camera virtuosity as the Miró Quartet brought the entire Beethoven String Quartet Cycle to our homes!

A stunning pre-concert slideshow, created by Festival photographer Barry Carlton with luscious Beethoven piano pieces performed by Jon Kimura Parker set the stage. We were then greeted by Aloysia, who launched our evening from her island home. Soon we were off to Austin, Texas, with informative and entertaining introductions by members of the Miró, followed by the most amazing live performance of the quartets. We enjoyed “Intermezzo Speakers” – a panoply of folks connected to the Festival, from Artists to Board and Staff Members to friends and associates of every imaginable ilk. Each evening ended with an interactive session between Aloysia and Daniel, Will, John, and Josh with their usual humor and panache, fielding questions as they came in real time.

Then came Closing Night, the Encore Evening – 11 OICMF Artists in various combinations, coming to us live and recorded from nine different locations!

Behind the scenes, the nationwide technical team worked magic to bring all these events together. They were in Vermont, California, and Chicago while the performers were in Washington and Texas (and, for closing night, far beyond!) Viewers tuned in from up and down the west coast and much of Texas, as well as Tennessee, South Carolina, Massachusetts, Toronto, and Japan (and these were just the people who joined in the “virtual lobby” chat).

While we all missed the camaraderie of in-person concerts (not to mention the applause, the receptions, and the parties…), everyone had the best seats in the house, able to see flying fingers and concentrating faces up close. All that, while kicked back on the couch, beverage and snacks of choice in hand, dressed in…well…whatever! Ahhh….

We are so grateful to everyone who made this possible, from the performers (and their tolerant and helpful families) and visual artists and designers to the technical wizards at OurConcerts.live and Deer Point Studios, from our amazing sponsors to all who watched this truly unique, different, very special Classical Music with a View.
Aloysia came to us from various locations around Orcas Island....
...thanks to her Video Technician, Jackie Parker.
Daniel Ching and Josh Gindele, in one of the many alternate camera angles, just one aspect that made the concerts so enthralling.
The Festival attracted many fans, including some who are not normally able to enjoy in a more traditional concert setting...
Aloysia hosted with a smile, no matter the weather!
Our Web Site has a new look!
If you haven’t visited www.oicmf.org in a while, check it out! We’re thrilled to have a fresh new look! You can keep up with what’s coming and what’s happened, learn more about the organization and everyone who is a part of it (and how YOU can be a part), and, of course, do a little shopping – our online store is fully stocked (including limited edition 23rd Season caps, mugs, and artist-autographed posters!) - the holidays are right around the corner! https://oicmf.org/merchandise/
We look forward to sharing more OICMF news and events with you - keep your eyes peeled for next month's Scherzo!
All the best,
Anita Orne
Executive Director
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