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Goliath Grouper
"Tammy & Goliath"
Tammy Cook & Goliath Grouper, Palancar Reef, Cozumel, Mexico, Paul Mila Photo
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This issue of Sea-gram is packed with interesting stories! 

Diving in Cozumel last month, dive buddies Fulvio Cuccurrulo, Phil Cooper and I experienced some amazing adventures, such as meeting up with a goliath grouper. See Story Behind the Photo article.
Fulvio, Paul, & Phil
Photo by Alison Dennis

Turtle nest update: the loggerhead turtle nest in front of our Residencias Reef Condos finally hatched!

I missed the big event by two days, but condo owners Laura Bishard & Kathy Heinz captured the action.
Laura photographed the baby loggerheads digging their way out of their underground nest . . .

 . . . while Kathy caught their journey over the sand . . .

 . . . and finally into the sea.


This month's Story Behind the Photo article features our encounter with a rare Goliath Grouper.

Our C onservation Corner article this month is Summer of the Sea Turtles. 
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 Story Behind the Photo . . .
                "Tammy & Goliath"   
                                                           By Paul Mila

 Our group, Fulvio, Phil, Tammy, and her husband Dick, was near the end of our dive on Cozumel's Palancar Bricks Reef, at about 70 feet down. We saw dive master Alison Dennis frantically pointing ahead. 
We swam toward where Alison was pointing and saw a huge fish, about 5-feet long, and husky. It resembled a grouper, but it was brownish-green, not the usual gray and black coloring of most groupers you normally see. Plus, this fish featured a spiny dorsal fin. 

   I got closer and took a photo . . .

 . . . and then diver Tammy Cook moved in next to the fish, providing a good size perspective.

After the dive, Alison informed us we had encountered a very rare goliath grouper -- so rare that she had not seen one in Cozumel for over 15 years!

These slow-moving, curious fish have been hunted to near extinction in most of the Caribbean.

Photo Equipment:
SeaLife DC 1400 with digital strobe and wide angle lens.
 Conservation Corner . . .
           Summer of the Sea Turtles
                                                        by Paul Mila        
During the summer months, Cozumel island provides sea turtle lovers with two unique opportunities to view their life cycles.
First is the chance to watch loggerhead and green sea turtles nesting, actually laying their eggs.

In this short video, a mother green turtle is bathed in the eerie red light that we had to use because white light startles the turtles. She has already laid over 100 eggs and now covers the nest. Then she slowly lumbers back to the sea.

Second is watching loggerhead turtle hatchlings climb out of their nests after two months underground, and struggle to reach the sea.

Waiting for the turtles to make their appearance, v olunteer Patrick Crane shows us an unhatched egg, along with a survivor, a green sea turtle rescued from another nest. Then, volunteer Edgar helps clear the way for the hatchlings to make their perilous march to the sea.
It was amazing to see the tiny turtles emerge from their underground nest and then make their way toward the sea.
According to Patrick, female loggerheads from this nest will not return to this beach to lay their own eggs for about 25 years. Male turtles will remain at sea for their entire lives, never to touch land again.

If you'd like information on how you can help Cozumel's turtle nesting & release program, contact Ecologia Cozumel on Facebook.

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Story Behind the Photo:

"Tammy & Goliath"  



Conservation Corner:

"Summer of the Sea Turtles"

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