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"Hawksbill Rising," Columbia Deep, Cozumel Mexico. Paul Mila Photo.
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I just returned from Cozumel, diving with Alison and FOTD (Fulvio of the Deep). This was the end of the sea turtle hatching season, so that's our focus this month.
Fulvio of the Deep (FOTD) and Paul, Cozumel


In this month's Conservation Corner we discuss the importance of keeping our beaches free of man-made garbage, for the sake of baby turtles trying to reach the sea, like this little one.
The odds against them making it to adulthood are almost 1000 to 1. We shouldn't make it more difficult.


Check out diver Amy Pitotti's photo shoot with the elusive Spotted Drum fish in Story Behind the Photo.

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Conservation Corner . . . 
                   . . . The Garbage Gauntlet!
Keep your beach clean for the turtles
                                                        By Paul Mila, Carle Place, NY
I recently attended a sea turtle nest release on Cozumel's Chen Rio Beach.  In addition to evading natural predators, the baby turtles must navigate many other obstacles on their way to the sea, such as holes in the sand, drift wood, and sea grass.

One of the volunteers here, clears out man-made garbage from the sea-grass.

Imagine what the turtles must do to navigate this gauntlet of garbage.
Watch the baby sea turtles struggle through sand and sea grass to reach the sea.
Baby Turtles Run the Gauntlet
Baby Turtles Run the Gauntlet

So the next time you visit your beach -- don't litter, and if you see any plastic on the beach, please do your part to help the sea turtles and remove it. 
They will thank you!
Story Behind the Photo . . .
                   Drumming Along                                      By Amy Pitotti;  Wildomar, California
Here is Amy's story behind the photo:

"We set off for our first dive of our vacation in beautiful Cozumel, Mexico with Alison, on her boat Maximus. She picked Palancar Bricks as our first dive site.

"Visibility was good, around 80', but the water was slightly murky due to the increased current.  As soon as I hit 65', I searched the overhangs and ledges that often house amazing sea life. On a covered ledge under a beautiful coral outcropping, I saw a single Juvenile Spotted Drum "pacing" back and forth.
 "In my past experience, these fish while jealous of their territory, are very shy and skittish making a good shot almost impossible. This time, however, I was able to gently settle to the sea floor on my knees and begin my photo shoot."
"As I was taking the pictures, I was approximately 1.5' from the Drum. I leaned in for a closer shot, but I didn't want to scare it away.
 It was almost like having my own personal photo shoot, and I was thrilled! The photo I am sharing with you is my favorite. I love the brilliance and clarity of the drum combined with the bold colors of the surrounding coral. That's all I could do without being left behind, so I said my thank you's and enjoyed the rest of my adventure!"

Camera Equipment:
SeaLife DC 1400 with Digital Flash & Strobe.

 Thanks for sharing your photo, Amy!
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Conservation Corner:

              Baby Turtles Run The Garbage Gauntlet            

Story Behind the Photo:

                  Drum Fish Photo Shoot

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Local Diving for a Worthy Cause

Saturday, September 16th was
International Beach Cleanup Day.
My local dive club, Long Island Network Divers, participated by helping clean up Prybil Beach in Glen Cove, NY.

By the end of the day our divers had brought up plenty of garbage from the water, just off the beach.

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Saving Sea Turtles !

Sea-gram reader Tish Dace sent us this petition from Oceana Conservation organization.
The federal government currently allows half of the shrimp trawls to operate without Turtle Excluder Devices (TEDs). These boats kill thousands of sea turtles in the United States each year. 

Diver removing dead sea turtles from net

A proposed rule would require the use of TEDs in more trawl nets, saving more sea turtles, but the Trump administration is stalling this life-saving effort.

Tell Secretary Ross to save thousands of endangered sea turtles each year by finalizing the proposed TEDs rule immediately >> 

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Count Turtles Instead of Sheep
All bathed & ready for bed, I know my grandson Luke will be dreaming about turtles tonight.

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Exciting New Book!

Ex NYPD Officer, author, and diver, Mike Monahan just published this new adult thriller. 

Centuries ago, Captain Kidd hid his treasure on Hart Island. When Rikers Island convicts stumble on the location, they find themselves in a dangerous race for the gold. The prison guards aren't exempt from the lure of the fortune. When start competing for the gold, even more death, danger, and mayhem comes to the cursed island.

Mike Monahan's adventure blends historical intrigue with present-day action to create a pulse-pounding thriller about the true price of greed. 

Click on the cover to order your copy.

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