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debuts and mountains @ The Crossing

September Songs

With the 2017-18 season rolling directly into the 2018-19, we've become a new-music choir of all seasons! No break, and with good reasons; we're making our debuts at two venues we've long admired for their risk-taking and vision.  

First, we return September 16 to  The Philadelphia Fringe Festival  where our concert two years ago sold out. This program includes a world premiere by Ted Hearne , co-commissioned by The Crossing and Park Avenue Armory, with additional works of Lang, Jackson, Shapiro, Giraud, Andriessen, and Currier. 

We then take that program to the  Park Avenue Armory  in New York City for our Armory debut; two nights,  September 19 and 20 The Fringe and Armory programs are fashioned as recitals - journeys through our relationship with war, conflict, life, money, and, in particular, rage.  Rage from without and within - culminating in Gabriel Jackson's Rigwreck, written for The Crossing in 2011 - a tour de force of virtuosic singing and contrasting emotions.

Then it's off to  Peak Performances at Montclair State  where we will take THE NATIONAL ANTHEMS program, reuniting with the strings of ICE for this amazing show.  Anchored by David Lang's thought-provoking, moving the national anthems, we look at ways in which we engage words to capture our desires, fears, and needs - not just in describing our homelands, but also in the relationships between men and women, parent and child, homeless and homed.

* * *
Zealot Canticles - our 15th CD! - will be available on 
all digital platforms starting September 28th.

Based on Wole Soyinka's "Twelve Canticles for the Zealot", this oratorio by Lansing McLoskey is a strangely beautiful and terrifying look into the minds of fanatics.

An extra special touch, the album artwork was drawn by Steven Bradshaw, a multitalented visual artist and singer in the tenor section.

Pre-order on Amazon at the link below!

Big Sky 2018 Recap

We had our most incredible residency yet at the Warren Miller Performing Arts Center, hanging with our friends Michael Gordon, Bill Morrison, and John Zirkle, and assembling a seamless 70 minute new work from Michael with film by Bill.  But that's just one aspect of our work and art there - we joined Montana's fantastic professional choir, Aoide on a concert of works in Bozeman; we sang at the currently-abandoned Story Mill (that may very well become a major arts center in just a few years); and we held our annual Community Sing. And, we played hard, jumping in the Gallatin River, hiking Lone Peak, and drinking in the cool mountain air and accompanying beer!

A Visit to Story Mill: Performing Caroline Shaw's "Her beacon-hand beckons" at the Story Mill, an abandoned 19th-century grain mill in Bozeman, Montana.

Breakfast at 9000 feet! Just a quick ride up the ski-lift and into views of mountains as far as the eye can see. On our last morning, we met for breakfast on Lone Mountain at a much-loved overlook of the Spanish Peaks.

Post-concert Talk: Bill, Michael, and Donald at a Q&A following the premiere of "a bit of MontaƱa," onstage at the Warren Miller Performing Arts Center.

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A Work in Progress: in rehearsal, with archival film edited and compiled by filmmaker Bill Morrison from sources like the Yellowstone National Park Bear Management Office and the Montana Historical Society.

Love Montana Day! An annual tradition where members of The Crossing get out and explore. This year a crew climbed up Storm Castle Peak along the Gallatin River to catch some wicked views. 

Montana photos by Kevin Vondrak