What's on Kevin Pate's Plate: Caring about family

He's a mountain of a man with an imposing demeanor, but really he's a gentle giant - sometimes affectionately referred to as "Hoss" 
by his coworkers. Have you met Kevin Pate?



Danny Dunn: New ReStore manager
Passionate to the core and knee deep into zany, Danny Dunn is something to behold in a hardhat or a grass skirt. (Yes, he's donned both--not necessarily, but possibly, at the same time.) His dedication to the ReStore cause officially began in 2011 as a part time Beaverton ReStore assistant. He's been assistant manager of the Clark County Habitat Store since February 2014, and has now accepted the position of Portland ReStore manager. When he takes over the reins later this month, Danny will have held every possible in-store position.  Congratulations, Danny Dunn!
Thanks, Reed!

During their fall week of service, Reed College students cut and labeled over 650 square yards of carpet, then loaded a full truck of cabinets for delivery to our Clark County Habitat Store. Their energy, great attitude and team work were a testament to their character and service-oriented spirit. Thanks, guys. Have a great year at Reed!
Demarcus, take a bow!

Demarcus Stephens has been beaming!  A little over a year ago,   Demarcus  became a ReStore volunteer through the Steps to Success program. 

Impressed by his efforts, managers offered him a job only two weeks later. Now, he's moving up again. He has taken on the job of warehouse supervisor at our Beaverton ReStore.Well done,  Demarcus!

Mixing it up at The ReStore staff pow-wow

Once a year staff from all three ReStores get together for our annual retreat. This year we honed our customer service skills, engaged in diversity training exercises, learned about new marketing initiatives, and marked with great attention Joe Connell's State of the ReStore update. But no team-building exercise would be complete without a little R&R in or on the water. It was a terrific day at Beacon Rock State Park.

You've got what it takes to be a terrific ReStore volunteer.

Learn more at pdxrestore.org/volunteer!
We can't wait to meet you!

Donation pickup driver's assistant needed.
Opening for AmeriCorps Deconstruction Coordinator
Applications are being accepted now through September 9 for an
AmeriCorps deconstruction coordinator for The ReStore. If you like taking things apart, this could be a perfect fit for you. 

Find a full job description and information about how to apply at  pdxrestore.org
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