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September Morn Mix

I named this after the Neil Diamond Song. It has the green of summer (mung bean); the golden hues of both summer flowers and autumn leaves (alfalfa) and the dark browns of late fall (broccoli).

Power Cleanser

If you have gluten issues and cannot tolerate wheat grass juice, this mix is for you. High in Chlorophyll, Zero Gluten and you don't need a special juicer. Actually, eating them is okay, too.

Speckled Peas for Shoots

From a recent review:

"Love them! They sprout quickly in the square sprouters. Before they get too big, I separate the sprouts from their peas and roots and refrigerate them. They keep well. I can add them to a bowl of soup, too, and they do just fine."

Red Cabbage and Broccoli

Both of these are from the same family of Brassica's so you get double the nutritional value.

Delaware County Mix

A review says it best:

For me, there is no better sprout than a 50-50 clover alfalfa: perfect blend of snap and sweet. My first sprouting efforts were for an economical method of having more "true sprouts" with every meal. These have especially high yield and are almost impossible to mess up. Buy them by the pound and always have a big bowl handy.

Whole Buckwheat for Greens

Many people say these sprouts taste like lettuce and use them as a basis for salads. High in chlorophyll, they are mild.

Baby Black Sunflower

Yes, you will often need to remove the hulls (shells) by hand. Put your favorite music on and make it a meditation. The time and effort are well worth the prize at the end.

Jill's Sprout Salad

Great friend of The Sprout House, Jill Nussinow "The Veggie Queen" came up with this mix. She sprouts it and serves it with her favorite dressing. I eat it right from the sprouter. Delish!


This is my most reviewed seed for sprouting and for good reason, we sell a lot of Broccoli!  This reviewer wrote:

The product is excellent. Sprouting them is easy and I feel much more energetic since starting the process 6 months ago. Recommended!

With the upcoming school year, be ready for projects and papers. You can do a search on your favorite search engine for school activities

involving sprouts. They are good for at home experiments on seed germination and how plants need water, light, and nutrients to succeed.

If you know what you are doing, or not doing, you can even grow moldy sprouts on purpose! Wouldn't that make a fascinating science experiment?

Part of a healthy diet filled with dark leafy green vegetables, sprouts make an interesting topic for a research paper when studying nutrition, diet and health.

Sprouts are excellent snacks during those endless hours in front of the computer. Check out the recipes in our blog like this one for Salsa and Sprouts for ideas on how to keep it interesting.

Have a college student at home learning remotely and clearing out the refrigerator daily? Let them produce their own snacks and side dishes by putting them in charge of the sprouting.

Need an art project? We have lots of fun craft ideas using sprout seeds for at home art projects like this one on how to make sunflower collage.

I wrote a blog post about using sprouts as part of a good diet and healthy nutrition for dogs. That statement carries over to other pets. Cats love wheat grass ready to cut and juice. I don't know how they know, but they do. Photographic evidence of Margaret's cat proves it. A lot of my clients are furry and feathery, but reptiles enjoy them, too.

The Sprout House Blog.

September is my favorite month to sprout, well one of my favorite months to sprout because I like to sprout all year. We usually get many fresh veggies and greens from our local farms and I don't need to sprout as much during the summer. September's sprouting is a time to ramp up our production.

It is a great month to sprout because of its lower humidity and generally cooler temperatures. Need some help with getting your sprouting started or want to ramp up your harvest? Check out our PDF's for guidance and answers to many sprouting questions.

We also have Sprout Chart for quick info at a glance.

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