"See you in September” has taken on new meaning as so many of our families have returned to in-person instruction. We appreciate, however, that the back-to-school transition may present some challenges and we are here to guide your family through the process.  We also recognize that some students will continue to attend school remotely. Whatever may be your personal situation, we wish you a successful school year ahead.
With more families this year going back to school via the bus to have the benefit of in person instruction, there has been a noticeable uptick in the number of families who are reporting busing-related issues.
If you are encountering transportation issues, you must let your attorney know in “real-time.”  If you are calling OPT and your bus company to document your issue, please be sure to write down the name(s) of the person(s) with whom you speak and any complaint number(s) associated with your call. We need this information.
Transportation is often part of a child's entitlement to a FAPE. This is especially true in the case where public transportation is needed to provide the student with access to an educational program. This process should not be as challenging as it is.
We will continue to work with each client family on these issues and do everything we can to ensure that appropriate transportation is being provided to your child.
We have significantly augmented our financial team and reallocated staff and related resources to support our clients’ reimbursement and funding needs and to address the DOE's gross delays. If you are currently waiting for reimbursement and/or your child’s school/providers are waiting for funding, please know that our office is in communication with the DOE regularly about your case - in many instances on a weekly basis. If you are having issues with the implementation of any of your child’s pendency services, please contact our office immediately.
Most schools are currently fully in-person (and some schools require in-person attendance). Some afterschool providers, however, are offering the option between in-person and remote therapy/instruction. If your child will be receiving any remote programming, therapy and/or services, please speak to your attorney ASAP about how this might affect your case.
  • If you receive ANY documentation from the DOE, please let your team know immediately.
  • If your child is 16 or 17 years old and may need guardianship, please consider getting that process underway. If you receive guardianship for your child, please send us copies of all related paperwork for your child’s file.
  • If your family temporarily relocated due to COVID and you have not yet returned to your NYC residence, please contact your attorney immediately to discuss next steps.