September, 2016
What's happening at the Center for Developing Minds...

Note from Dr. Korb
CDM Clinic Director
Member of the Board of Directors, Society of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics
I recently returned from Savannah, Georgia, where I joined more than 500 child behaviorists and developmentalists to discuss the challenges and exciting possibilities for our interdisciplinary specialty. I always return from these meetings eager to implement what I have learned, and with even greater compassion for families that struggle.

The major lesson I took away from this conference is that we must teach people to use their common sense. There are so many things in life that we know to be good for us, but we don't do them. Like eating healthy and appropriate portions of food; you know it's important, but do you do it? At the conference, the presentations about autism emphasized things that most parents already know, like the importance of teaching your child how to learn by being response, attentive, and playful. We believe that 80-90% of children with autism can be spared of intellectual disability by appropriately playing and interacting with them as babies and toddlers. Yet, for a variety of reasons this does not always happen.

We also talked about mindfulness. The core premise of mindfulness is to be present in the moment. Studies demonstrate that practicing mindfulness can make positive structural changes to the brain. But, very few of us slow down enough to respond appropriately to our family and colleagues, think about what we are eating, or enjoy the moment. Being mindful is even more important for the person with ADHD, because he or she has a natural tendency to jump from one thought to the next. Learning to be mindful is a critical treatment for the child with ADHD, and it is also valuable for the rest of us. Our clinic will feature fall retreats and a chat next week about mindfulness -- please be sure to check out the details below.

Fortunately, most of us use common sense and try to be aware of our current situation much of the time, but there is no reason that with practice we can't do it more of the time. The theme for this note is to slow down, listen to your instincts, and be present. If you need it, we have a team of experts at the Center for Developing Minds who are ready to help.
Child Development Chat  ~ Next Week    
Mindfulness Techniques for Students   

Please join us for a new interactive session that will help parents learn simple, yet effective, mindfulness practices for your child to use at home and at school. The chat is free-of-charge and will be held at the clinic on Wednesday, September 28, from 7:00 - 8:00pm

Please click this link for the complete 2016 Child Development Chat calendar:

Welcome Desire'!  
This summer, a new receptionist  joined the front-office staff at the CDM, Desire' Allhands. Desire' helps to greet patients and their families, answer phones, and schedule appointments. Prior to joining the CDM, she worked for sixteen years in medical insurance administration at United Administrative Services. Desire' is currently studying at De Anza/Foothill College to obtain her Registered Nursing degree.  
Fall Classes - Now Enrolling!     

One-Day Mindfulness Retreats

This fall, join other teens in a unique program at the CDM: Mindfulness for Teens Morning Retreats. In this new half-day retreat format, teens will learn how to better manage their emotions, focus their attention and respond versus react. Two Saturday offerings are available, October 8 or December 10. Registration is limited, so sign-up today! Please see the link for more details: 

Check it out: New Patient Orientation Days  
The Center for Developing Minds hosts informal "CDM Orientation" days once a month at the clinic.  The short sessions are designed to give prospective clients a chance to see the facility and meet with some of our staff. Each orientation will be hosted by one of our behavioral and developmental pediatricians, and will give your family the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about our multi-disciplinary team of expert clinicians and the services they provide. 

The next CDM orientation will be on Thursday, October 13, at 9:00am.
  If you know a family that has been considering working with the CDM, please feel free to pass along this information!

Join the CDM team! 
The Center for Developing Minds currently has positions available for:
* Educational Specialist
* Occupational Therapist
Full or part-time opportunities are available in a comfortable and flexible work environment. For more information about these opportunities, please see our website.