Dalia is from the town of San Pedro La Laguna on the south side of Lake Atitlan. She is currently studying for university degrees in Political Science and Secondary Education.
Dalia started with Amigos in 2019 after previously working with women’s shelters to educate victims of gender-based violence. In her role, Dalia delivers workshops and provides information on sexual & reproductive health to youth across Santa Cruz. She loves her work because it ultimately “empowers everyone from boys, girls, adolescents, youth, teachers, community leaders, parents, and mothers to lead healthy, safe and productive lives.”

Outside of work, Dalia is an active member of the church where she leads youth activities and participates in the church’s live broadcast program, “Entre Amigos de Casa”. She enjoys spending time with her family and her cat, trying out new restaurants with friends, watching movies, and exploring nearby towns.
“When I think of my dreams, there are many things I would like to achieve during my youth. But more than any dreams or goals, I want to be a good person; I want to be known for being a positive activist and leader; a great Political Scientist and defender of Human Rights.” - Dalia Vasquez Gonzales