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SpotlightLethabo - Open House on October 19th, 
SE Rotary Auction, Plus More
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September Update
Reporting what God has Done

Feeding Center
Shoes & Eye Screenings Provided

Lighthouse Church

Mission Teams

147,000 meals provided  through the month of September throughout South Africa

The first team of September of 2 people gave away 68 shoes 
and screened 60 people for glasses.

Children's Ministry
Sept 1st,  77 children
Sept 8th,  96 children
Sept 15th,  140 children
Sept 22nd,  130 Children
Sept 28th,  491 Children

934 Children Taught About Christ and the Bible!

2 Participants for the 1st Team
48 children fed Monday-Friday at Del Cramer Campus

TO DATE: The second team of September of 12 people gave away 
317 shoes with one more week of outreaches to go!


"We had our first communion service after 2 years of being a church. Most moving communion service in my life for me. We will now start having communion once each month." - Doc
10 Team Members from US, Canada, & Switzerland

Conveying Eternal Hope

42 individuals have given there lives to Christ this month
PLUS 53 Children on Saturday received eternal Salvation!

"Then Jesus declared, "I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty." -John 6:35

Prayer Requests
  • Reliable Internet service and the opening of The Bridge, Computer Lab
  • Transition for Ambassadors Mark & Jenn Bettinger & Dustin & Ren´┐Ż Blessman
  • Safe traveling for Doc & Beth, team members, and Ambassadors
  • Favor in the village of Sekgakgapeng, Mokopane, and Tribal leadership
  • That the new Christian's take hold of the Word and commit to discipleship
If you wish to be part of our emergency prayer requests,
 please email Office@BlessmanMinistires.org and request to be added.
Orphan Highlight
Read about a child we serve.

Jacqueline Kgohloane is 14 years and she is a part of the feeding center at Del Cramer.  Her birthday is December 12th, 1999. She lives with her mother, Constance and 3 siblings, Aplheus, Judith, and Sophie in Mokopane. Jacqueline is a very bright student at Nkakabidi and she loves Math and English. When she is old enough, Jacqueline wants to go to college and study to become a doctor.


One of Jacqueline's favorite things to do with her friends is play netball.  Food makes her smile - especially ice cream! Jacqueline really likes living in this area because of all of the animals.  She loves the "Big 5."


When asked how Blessman Ministries has helped her in the past, she answered by saying that BMI provided her with food, shoes and even some scarves and hats.  Jacqueline comes to the Feeding Center at Del Cramer 7 days a week and receives a meal.  She especially loves coming on Sunday to attend church.


She said that she loves to worship Jesus and her favorite song is 

                                                                     "Jesus you died upon the cross." 


To Watch A Video of the Children Worshipping on a Sunday Service Click here


Please pray for Jacqueline and her family. Consider supporting
our feeding programs to help orphans and vulnerable children like
her to be fed, taught scripture, and given hope for their futures.

**The South African Government gives "orphan" status to any South African child who has only one parent.

Uniquely Africa
African Life for the new Ambassadors

Life in Africa holds different types of nuisances. In the States, we might be annoyed by waking from a nap to a phone call from a tele-marketer or maybe a dog down the street barking. However, our new Ambassadors Mark and Jenn have been finding a new type of neighborly nuisance, that only few can truly appreciate.  A recent post by Mark on Facebook explains all.
"I was reading this morning and fell asleep on the couch. I woke to a little bump on the window and I thought to myself, "Ah, Jenn must be home." When I sat up, I looked out the window and to my dismay, 2 monkeys were running away with a sack of bread that they had grabbed off of our counter. I ran out the door and yelled "hey, those are my buns!" It didn't stop them in their tracks like I had hoped."

Team Member Testimony
By Peggi Szuba of St. Charles, MO

"Doc and Mama Beth, I want to thank you for a most amazing experience.  I know I cannot adequately express my feelings about the trip and especially how I feel about the both of you.  You are truly amazing, giving and compassionate people and you have been a blessing to so many in Africa and around the world.  Doc, as I watched you interact with everyone and listened to you speak, I know you are listening not only with your ears but with your heart.  Mama Beth, that is a no brainer.  Your love just wraps around these people.


I see why you fell in love with the people of South Africa.  Their joy is so awesome.  I keep trying to explain this when I am asked about the trip, but it is hard to believe without seeing it with your own eyes.


As I mentioned I am the 'silent prayer'.  I'm not used to sharing my faith, even though it is a very strong faith, with others so vocally.  Although I have a ways to go, I do feel more comfortable after my trip and I will pray for continued guidance to let my light shine.  I enjoyed reading your book and loved one phrase in particular.  "When we work, we work: When we pray, God works."

Meet the Staff
Employee: Doris Mazawisi
Role: Lodge Manager
Location: South Africa
Length of Service: 6 Months

"Hi all! I am the Lodge Manager for Leroy Blessman Lodge of Dreams and I have been working for Blessman Ministries for about six months now. When you visit the lodge, you will have the experience of a lifetime and plenty of chances to experience South Africa. In order for this to happen though, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes. This is where my role at the lodge comes in! If you need any help with reservations, accommodations, or activities, please contact me. I would love to help! 


"I have been working in the service industry for almost ten years (worked for a city hotel, plaza, resort, game reserve) with an Economics background from The University of Cape Town and a Diploma in Hospitality Management from The International Hotel School. I feel as though the Blessman Staff is just an expansion of the family that God has laid before me. When you visit the Lodge you will certainly be a part of this family. I feel as though God has called me to be a mother to every child who visits, lives, and works with Blessman Ministries. I love the work that I do for the Blessman's because I know that as I work for BMI, I am truly working for the house of the Lord. All that we do points to The Lord and it is definitely the most valuable part of my job for me. I love that I am so blessed to have been allowed the opportunity to pour out the very love that Christ has poured on me. I can't wait to meet each and every one of you when you take the journey with Christ to South Africa whether for missionary work or leisure.
Be good...stay good!" -Doris


Did you know that we have 5 staff assisting in Administration in the US  (3 full fime and 2 part time) & 10 staff involved in programing in South Africa. Plus, we have many temporary and seasonal  employees that support our SA staff.


God is up to great things and we are all grateful stewards of the call!

LCMC Conference
Sunday October 6th-9th // Louisville, KY
Blessman Ministries will be exhibiting at the annual LCMC gathering in Michigan. If you are joining the conference, make sure to stop by and see us. Learn More 

Sunday October 6th-9th
at Adoba Hotel & Suites
Click above for directions

Iowa Hunger Summit
Tuesday, October 15th // Des Moines, IA
Dr. Blessman will be speaking at 11:10 AM along with One Health partners from Des Moines University, Iowa State University, and University of Pretoria, South Africa at the Iowa Hunger Summit on October 15th in Des Moines. Learn More

Tuesday October 15th
at Des Moines Marriott Downtown
Click above for directions
Lethabo Open House
Saturday October 19th // Urbandale, IA

We invite you to experience a rare opportunity to purchase beautifully sewn items from our Lethabo Sewing and Training Center in Mokopane, South Africa. Come see these unique pieces and learn more about this exciting micro-enterprise. 
Saturday, October 19th 
from 2:00-6:00PM
at Blessman Ministries Offices
Click above for directions

SE Polk Rotary Auction
Thursday October 10th // Altoona, IA

On October 10, 2013 there will be a SE Polk Rotary Auction at 6:00 pm at the Za-Ga-Zig Shrine.   Blessman Ministries will have a trip certificate for a 5-night African Safari for two up for auction.  Also up for auction will be a copy of Dr. Blessman's book, Passion with Purpose. Order tickets by emailing Office@BlessmanMinistries.org or call 515-343-5920.


October 10th, 

Dinner at 6:00 PM

At Za-Ga-Sig Shrine

Cost per ticket $25


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