Volunteer Update
September 26, 2019
Dear CRC Volunteer,

September is one of my favorite months. I got married many years ago in September, my second son was born in September, my kids all go back to school in September (hooray!). I am also a big fan of the late summer produce and the change in seasons. Summer squashes make way for butternut squash, strawberries make way for figs and apples, and heirloom tomatoes show up in basketfuls.  

On September 10th, CRC celebrated a “harvest” of our own as we gathered for a VIP event, “Wine in the Vines.” Donors, partners and volunteers were there as Executive Director John Van Cleef shared how our hard work now yields incredible results and makes a difference in the lives of many. Our hundreds of volunteers, from our weekly volunteers, to our special event volunteers, to our interns and on-call volunteers all contribute to the work we do. 

Thank you for all you do!

Sara Rosenbaum
Volunteer Manager
Volunteer Spotlight
VIP Volunteers

Thank you to Tricia, Carol, Patti, Eileen and Karen for volunteering at our VIP event! They all did a wonderful job and made sure our guests felt welcomed and appreciated. We couldn't have done it without you! 
Holiday Baskets Registration Team Hard at Work
Our Registration Team has been volunteering all month to ensure that families in need will receive holiday food and gifts this season. They have registered over 380 families so far here at CRC. Thank you! 
Congratulations to our September Volunteer of the Month: Karin Kloehn

Food? Check!
Audio-visual? Check!
Fun decor? Check!

If it's related to CRC's upcoming 40th Birthday Bash on October 5, Karin is supervising and guiding the committee to make it happen. Karin is the Chair of our 2019 40th Birthday Bash Committee. She has provided great insight from past CRC events and helped shape this year's celebration, from food to AV to decor to entertainment. The committee has done an amazing amount of work with Karin at the helm ... we couldn't do this without Karin and the committee team!

There's still time to get tickets to our 40th Birthday Bash ...
Join us at our 40th Birthday Bash

Come boogie for a cause on Saturday, October 5th at the Del Mar Fairgrounds! Ticket sales end on Monday, September 30th - get your tickets today!
Volunteer Opportunities
If you would like to sign up for any of these opportunities, please email Volunteer Manager, Sara Rosenbaum at srosenbaum@crcncc.org .  
CRC Ambassador Training

Friday, October 11 at 3:00 pm

Are you a current volunteer with CRC? Would you like to have more in depth opportunities to represent CRC in the community? Ambassadors speak with schools, business organizations, make calls on our behalf, work booths at community events, attend Chamber of Commerce mixers, and more! We will be providing Ambassador training on Friday, October 10th at 3 pm.  

To sign up, contact Sara at srosenbaum@crcncc.org
First Light Food Distribution

Substitute volunteer needed for 3 months

Join our First Light team! We are looking for a volunteer to help with our early morning food distribution on Mondays from 8:30-10:30. You will be working alongside an experienced volunteer to provide a light meal (fruit, drink, sandwich, etc) to those in need. 

To sign up, contact Sara at srosenbaum@crcncc.org
Food Pantry Deep Clean

We are looking for 2-10 people willing to come in to wipe down our Food Pantry shelves and do some deep cleaning for the Food & Nutrition Center. This is a one-time, or once-a-month need and would take place from 3:00 - 5:00 pm on a weekday. Keep our Food Pantry clean and bright for our participants! 

To sign up, contact Sara at srosenbaum@crcncc.org
Holiday Baskets Volunteer Opportunities

Get involved in our largest volunteer event of the year, Holiday Baskets! Holiday Baskets provides food, coats, blankets, toys and more to over 6,000 people in need in our community in December.
Group Volunteering
  • Groups of 5 or more can fill out an application now to volunteer at this link.
  • To help ensure that we can provide holiday gifts to hundreds of families in need, we are currently giving priority scheduling to our Holiday Baskets sponsors until October 15. Learn more about sponsorships

Individual Volunteering at Holiday Baskets
  • Applications (groups of 4 or fewer must have each individual fill out an individual application) will be available on November 1 for self-scheduling.

Holiday Baskets On-Call Operations & Prep Support
  • Be on call to help with last-minute requests as we prepare for Holiday Baskets!
  • Opportunities could include: organizing donations, loading and unloading trucks, moving in and out of the Del Mar Fairground location.
  • Volunteers will report to the Holiday Baskets Program Manager and Operations Department at CRC. 

If you would like to be part of this on-call team, please contact Sara at srosenbaum@crcncc.org
Holiday Baskets Leadership Team - help prepare for Holiday Baskets

  • Drives Captains: Help coordinate donation drives at local schools or businesses.
  • Greeters/Volunteer check-in Captains: Check people in during Holiday Baskets, accept donations and more.
  • Cart-Runner Captain: Oversee the rotating cart-runner shifts during Holiday Baskets.
View full descriptions of the positions on our website . Please email Sara Rosenbaum at srosenbaum@crcncc.org if you are interested in any of these opportunities.
If you have a story you'd like to share about your experience volunteering at CRC, please share it with me at srosenbaum@crcncc.org . I can include those stories in future newsletters as an encouragement to our team.  
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