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September 2014  

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Build your own Annuity


After a Barron's Interview where I show  how to build your own annuity made Yahoo finance, colorful comments from producers followed. 

Richest person in the graveyard 


Vanguard published an interview with me that captured my investment philosophy - even the non-Vanguard solutions
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Check out what the press is saying.


Don't know if I'm ready for prime time but CSPAN Book TV ran a presentation nationally.  Here's a ten minute clip on what a second grader thinks of the way adults invest.  
Earn thousands of dollars for an hour of your time.   

I never understand why more people don't spend an hour or two to make thousands of dollars more a year, without risk.  Here are some recent high paying money markets and CDs with easy penalties where you can stash your cash.

Brokerage firms are in a war to hold your money.  You can stay out of the fray by just transferring your assets without buying anything.  Make sure you don't buy their products though.

Lazy Portfolios are simple, low cost portfolios that just keep trouncing the sophisticated portfolios.  Paul Farrell of MarketWatch tracks eight Lazy Portfolios and, not to brag, but my son's second grader portfolio is in first place.  Is a Lazy Portfolio right for you?

Vanguard interviews Jonathan Clements

The brilliance of boring high quality bonds

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