What a great picture day! Thank you for following our schedule and working with the current restrictions. I saw a peek of a few pictures and they looked so cute! We do not have a date when they will be ready yet, but you will receive them as soon as we do.

Crawling, walking, climbing, painting, writing, patterning and cutting are just some of the skills that we have been building this month. Find out more below.

Order a Grab-N-Go family meal

Our Covenant kitchen staff prepares delicious meals available for pick-up on Wednesday evenings for you to re-heat in the oven at home. 

Please order and pay online by the preceding Friday. A volunteer will bring the food to your car in the church parking lot any time between 4:30 and 6 p.m.! Here's a look at upcoming menus:

October 7: Pot roast with gravy, onions, carrots, and potatoes, green bean casserole, rolls, garden vegetable soup, banana pudding

October 14: Chicken salad, pasta salad, fruit salad, croissants, tomato bisque soup, oversized chocolate chip cookies

October 21: Shepherd's pie, brussels sprouts, rolls, cream of potato soup with bacon, bread pudding

October 28: Broccoli chicken casserole, roasted potatoes, rolls, minestrone soup, rice krispy treats

Angelfish - Walking

Many of the children in the Angelfish room are beginning to walk! Here is Tommy cruising, which is practicing walking while holding on to objects. Cruising is an important step infants use when learning to walk on their own. Cruising allows them to practice shifting their weight and practice balancing while taking steps. 

Once children are 13 months old and walking well on their own, we can transition them up to the toddler classrooms!

Great practicing Tommy, keep cruising!

Seahorse - Crawling

Here is Henry having some tummy time and practicing his crawling! Children begin crawling in different ways. In the Seahorse classroom we have children bottom scooting, army crawling, rolling and cruising. 

Tummy time helps children build the muscles and find the balance needed to crawl. We give supervised tummy time to each children under 12 months old daily. 
Jellyfish - Climbing
Here is Eleanor climbing on our outdoor steps. This class has been exploring environments by climbing, running and developing their gross motor muscles. 

Climbing is part of exploring for toddlers, they do it because they are able to! It may be curiosity about what is up high, how they can get there or an urge to be up high. 

Whatever the reason, climbing helps build motor muscles, sharpens visual perception and problem solving / decision making abilities. 
Starfish - Painting

Here is Connor and friends painting with hands and brushes. Getting messy is a way to give children the freedom to explore and be creative. It gives a kinetic, tactile learning experience and builds their sensory development. Check out those colors mixing!

Stingrays- 2's Class- Writing

Libby, Jack and Zelda can be seen practicing their emergent writing skills. Drawing, scribbling and wavy scribbles are the classic first stages of emergent writing. Check out this article on Promoting Preschoolers Emergent Writing from the National Association of the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).
Dolphins - 3's Class Patterning

Mia patterning with blocks copying a pattern card. Patterning is an important mathematical skill. 
Recognizing and copying patterns helps children recognize patterns in other areas and make predictions based on their observations. 

Seals - 4's Class- Cutting

The Seals classroom practices their cutting. Building fine motor skills and hand muscles will aid them in writing, properly holding a pencil and self care (buttons, zippers). 
Mr. Norman's last day with Covenant will be Friday Oct. 9. He has been a huge blessing at the center and a wonderful teacher for our 4's classroom. 

Norman will be transitioning to be a stay at home dad while his wife takes on a new position. We wish them both the best of luck and we are excited for Norman and his new opportunity. Thank you for all you have done Norman, you will be dearly missed. 
Thank you all for diligently checking temperatures and washing or sanitizing hands before drop-off each morning. Please remember to record you and your child's temperatures on the record sheet next to the thermometers. 

Make-up pictures are set for Friday, October 9. If you missed picture day, please contact me to set up a time for our make-up day. 

Fall is already here and the temperatures are dropping. Please make sure to bring a jacket for your child's cubby and exchange the extra clothing for warmer versions as needed. 

Chris Callaway 
Managing Director