Vol. 3, No. 9
It's time to get moving.
SpringTM is here.
What We're Doing
Our customer service team rocks! Sometimes there
will be a burst of phone calls; for example, last week
we had a rush of people asking for help in returning a
competitor’s product! Of course, we can’t do that, but
we hope that once those people are back in the market
for a new walker they will come to Spring.
Product Feature of the Month:
It's Sturdy
SpringTM looks light, but it is a sturdy 22.9 pounds.
It offers plenty of support and has been extensively tested
in simulations of everyday challenges to balance.
SpringTM is designed to help you stay upright.
What We're Reading
We worry about the decline in health-giving physical
activity during the pandemic, but decisions are not easy:
many people with limited mobility are at high risk for complications
of Covid. As we adapt our group health habits to minimize contact with infected people, we hope you can find ways to increase physical activity.
This article from the University of Michigan summarized it well:    
The data on the inverse correlation between physical activity
and the risk of dementia continues to build.
Here is an abstract from the academic journal Neurology,
reporting a strong association between a healthy lifestyle, including
physical activity, on lower rate of Alzheimer dementia:
As we turn our eyes to the development of a Covid vaccine,
New York Times columnist Gretchen Reynolds reports an
intriguing association between exercise and vaccine efficacy:
The mobility-limited person can adapt all this information to his or her needs and abilities. SpringTM can provide the bridge to increased activity.
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